• 4 minutes England Running Out of Water?
  • 7 minutes Trump to Make Allies Pay More to Host US Bases
  • 10 minutes U.S. Shale Output may Start Dropping Next Year
  • 14 minutes Washington Eyes Crackdown On OPEC
  • 1 hour One Last Warning For The U.S. Shale Patch
  • 8 hours Russian Effect: U.S. May Soon Pause Preparations For Delivering F-35s To Turkey
  • 5 hours Chile Tests Floating Solar Farm
  • 3 mins China's Expansion: Italy Leads Europe Into China’s Embrace
  • 15 hours Poll: Will Renewables Save the World?
  • 15 hours New Rebate For EVs in Canada
  • 7 hours Trump Tariffs On China Working
  • 9 hours Trump sells out his base to please Wallstreet and Oil industry
  • 6 hours Biomass, Ethanol No Longer Green
  • 24 hours Boeing Faces Safety Questions After Second 737 Crash In Five Months
  • 1 day Oil-sands recovery by solvents has started on a trial basis; first loads now shipped.
  • 13 hours 3 Pipes: EPIC 900K, CACTUS II 670K, GREY OAKS 800K
  • 18 hours The Political Debacle: Brexit delayed
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