• 4 minutes Why Trump Is Right to Re-Open the Economy
  • 7 minutes Did Trump start the oil price war?
  • 11 minutes Covid-19 logarithmic growth
  • 15 minutes Charts of COVID-19 Fatality Rate by Age and Sex
  • 18 minutes China Takes Axe To Alternative Energy Funding, Slashing Subsidies For Solar And Wind
  • 14 mins How to Create a Pandemic
  • 3 hours KSA taking Missiles from ?
  • 5 mins There are 4 major mfg of hydroxychloroquine in the world. China, Germany, India and Israel. Germany and India are hoarding production and blocked exports to the United States. China not shipping any , don't know their policy.
  • 45 mins A New Solar-Panel Plant Could Have Capacity to Meet Half of Global Demand
  • 6 hours Trump eyes massive expulsion of suspected Chinese spies
  • 36 mins TRUMP pushing Hydroxychloroquine + Zpak therapy forward despite FDA conservative approach. As he reasons, "What have we got to lose ?"
  • 6 hours Today 127 new cases in US, 99 in China, 778 in Italy
  • 7 hours America’s Corona Tsar, Andrew Fauci, Concedes Covid-19 May Be Just a Bad Flu With a Fatality Rate of 0.1%
  • 9 hours Western Canadian Select selling for $6.48 bbl. Enbridge charges between $7 to $9 bbl to ship to the GOM refineries.
  • 12 hours Where's the storage?
  • 14 hours Oxford Epidemiologist: Here’s Why That Covid-19 Doomsday Model Is Likely Way Off
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