• 2 minutes CV19: New York 21% infection rate + 40% Existing T-Cell immunity = 61% = Herd Immunity ?
  • 4 minutes Is The Three Gorges Dam on the Brink of Collapse?
  • 7 minutes Sources confirm Trump to sign two new Executive orders.
  • 15 mins COVID is real now
  • 1 day Is the oil & gas industry on the way out?
  • 2 hours The Boris Yeltsin of America
  • 38 mins Is Biden the poster child for White Privilege ? DNC needs to replace him now before it's too late.
  • 7 hours Australian renewables zone attracts 27 GW of solar, wind, battery proposals
  • 2 days In a Nutshell...
  • 9 hours Why Oil could hit $100
  • 2 days Better Days Are (Not) Coming: Fed Officials Suggest U.S. Recovery May Be Stalling
  • 4 days Where is Alberta, Canada headed?

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  • A Trump Tweet To Ignore

    Published 24 April 2020 | viewed 23,257 times

    Beware the Tweet. It will prop up oil prices temporarily by alluding to imminent disaster in the Middle East, where disaster is and always has…

  • Oil Isn’t Ready To Rally

    Published 17 April 2020 | viewed 39,905 times

    The week started out promising for crude oil traders, hoping for a boost in prices to shore up the U.S. oil industry and to stabilize…

  • Oil Storage Nears Its Limit

    Published 17 April 2020 | viewed 34,017 times

    1. Potential debt crisis could hit commodity exporters hardest- Emerging market assets have seen risk premiums spike, and commodity-exporting countries are seen as particularly risky.…

  • The Oil Sector That Will Suffer The Most

    Published 17 April 2020 | viewed 97,192 times

    COVID Market Update - Oilfield service providers continue to be hit hard. Having suffered during the last oil price crisis, it looks like this group…

  • 2 Stocks To Consider As Oil Nears $15

    Published 17 April 2020 | viewed 107,701 times

    Last week, I wrote here that while I was not in the “WTI to $10” camp of doom and gloom for energy, I could see…

  • Iran’s Plan To Lure The U.S. Into War

    Published 17 April 2020 | viewed 53,786 times

    As of April 15th, there were over 2 million confirmed COVID-19 cases globally, with over 127,000 deaths, though the infection rate has been slowing as…

  • Where Does Oil Go After The Largest Production Cut In History?

    Published 10 April 2020 | viewed 51,048 times

    Right now, it is understandably difficult for anything to interrupt the coronavirus news cycle, even in the focused world of energy and commodities. This week,…

  • A Global Oil Cartel?

    Published 10 April 2020 | viewed 42,644 times

    Worldwide trade has fallen by 32%, and the best-case scenario - as we hit nearly 1.5 million confirmed cases of coronavirus - is containment by…

  • There Is Still Hope For Oil Prices

    Published 10 April 2020 | viewed 105,857 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate and international benchmark Brent crude oil futures are likely to firm next week after OPEC and its allies agreed to a…

  • Missiles Fired In Iraq As Proxy War Heats Up

    Published 10 April 2020 | viewed 66,934 times

    COVID-19 Market Update - While JPMorgan has been trying to ditch the discount loans it holds from Gulf sovereign wealth funds (notably, Saudi Arabia’s and…

  • U.S. Oil Production Has Already Peaked

    Published 10 April 2020 | viewed 54,135 times

    1. New fracked wells plunge- The collapse of oil prices has already led to the removal of more than 150 rigs in just three weeks.…

  • Oil Industry Unlikely To See A Bailout Anytime Soon

    Published 09 April 2020 | viewed 41,593 times

    Among the world’s biggest oil producers, state-run giants in China and Russia don’t need a bailout in the traditional sense. Oil industry giants in the…

  • Oil To Move Above $41 If Trump’s Tweet Is True

    Published 03 April 2020 | viewed 100,732 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate and international-benchmark Brent crude oil futures are trading higher on Friday on increased expectations of a production cut by OPEC and…

  • What Will $15 Oil Mean For Producers?

    Published 03 April 2020 | viewed 43,201 times

    1. Gasoline demand plunges to 26-year low- Unsurprisingly, U.S. gasoline demand has fallen sharply. - With the U.S. economy in a form of hibernation, the…

  • Oil Market Data Is About To Get Very Ugly

    Published 03 April 2020 | viewed 27,099 times

    Global COVID Update Globally, situations are emerging that all investors should be prepared for. We recommend getting out in front of the following pending realities:…

  • Ending The Oil War Isn’t Enough

    Published 03 April 2020 | viewed 15,294 times

    Oil may have gained 20% on Trump’s tweets Thursday, but heed this: Even if OPEC+ agrees to a purported 10-million-bpd cut and even considering that…

  • How To Find A “Bargain” In A Distressed Energy Sector

    Published 03 April 2020 | viewed 18,909 times

    If the history of the so-called “Great Recession” of 2008-9 is to be believed, while the current carnage in the energy space will negatively impact…

  • Why This Is Not The Right Time To Buy Energy Stocks

    Published 27 March 2020 | viewed 64,068 times

    If there is one thing that history teaches us (other than that we don’t learn from history) it is that following a drop as severe…

  • The Worst Is Still To Come For Oil Markets

    Published 27 March 2020 | viewed 52,590 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate and international-benchmark Brent crude oil futures are in a position to finish the week sharply lower despite stimulus efforts by policymakers…

  • Economic Activity Hits A Decade-Low

    Published 27 March 2020 | viewed 10,324 times

    Friday, March 27, 2020 1. Economic activity plunges to decade-low- The U.S. economy contracted at the fastest rate in March since the depths of the…

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