• 4 minutes Is $60/Bbl WTI still considered a break even for Shale Oil
  • 7 minutes Oil Price Editorial: Beware Of Saudi Oil Tanker Sabotage Stories
  • 11 minutes Mueller Report Brings Into Focus Obama's Attempted Coup Against Trump
  • 15 minutes Wonders of Shale- Gas,bringing investments and jobs to the US
  • 8 hours Apartheid Is Still There: Post-apartheid South Africa Is World’s Most Unequal Country
  • 11 hours Evil Awakens: Fascist Symbols And Rhetoric On Rise In Italian EU Vote
  • 30 mins Visualizing How Much Oil Is In An Electric Vehicle (Hint: a heckuva lot)
  • 1 hour Look at the LONGER TERM bigger picture of international oil & gas. Ignore temporary hiccups.
  • 19 mins Theresa May to Step Down
  • 12 hours Total nonsense in climate debate
  • 12 hours IRAN makes threats, rattles sabre . . . . U.S. makes threats, rattles sabre . . . . IRAQ steps up and plays the mediator. THIS ALLOWS BOTH SIDES TO "SAVE FACE". Then serious negotiations start.
  • 15 hours Will Canada drop Liberals, vote in Conservatives?
  • 1 day IMO 2020 could create fierce competition for scarce water resources
  • 15 hours Trump needs to educate US companies and citizens on Chinese Communist Party and People's Liberation Army. This is real ECONOMIC WARFARE. To understand Chinese warfare read General Sun Tzu's "Art of War" . . . written 500 B.C.
  • 15 hours Canada's Uncivil Oil War : 78% of Voters Cite *Energy* as the Top Issue
  • 7 hours Australian Voters Reject 'Climate Change' Politicians
  • 11 hours Apple Boycott in China
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