• 3 minutes e-car sales collapse
  • 6 minutes America Is Exceptional in Its Political Divide
  • 11 minutes Perovskites, a ‘dirt cheap’ alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient
  • 7 days Solving The Space Problem For America’s Solar Industry
  • 3 hours Investment in renewables tanking
  • 7 days Russian Officials Voice Concerns About Chinese-Funded Rail Line
  • 17 hours If hydrogen is the answer, you're asking the wrong question
  • 1 day "Mexico Plans to Become an Export Hub With US-Drilled Natural Gas" - Bloomberg - (See image)
  • 2 days How Far Have We Really Gotten With Alternative Energy
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  • Oil Prices Rise As Traders Brush Off OPEC Demand Warnings

    Published 14 April 2023 | viewed 7,952 times

    Crude oil closed lower on Thursday after an OPEC report raised concerns about summer demand, encouraging traders to book profits after the market failed to…

  • Chinese Oil Imports Spike

    Published 14 April 2023 | viewed 3,683 times

    1. Chinese Oil Imports Soar to New Highs- Chinese crude imports have reached their highest level since June 2020, with the country’s General Administration of…

  • Leaked Intelligence Shows Waning U.S. Influence In The Middle East

    Published 14 April 2023 | viewed 2,087 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict The purported U.S. intelligence leaks that were mysteriously been floating around social media for a month (possibly longer) before being detected…

  • Corruption In Ukraine Remains A Major Problem

    Published 14 April 2023 | viewed 2,621 times

    War is a dirty business. The war profiteers descend on these battlefields like vultures. There are no exceptions. Ask Bosnians. Ask Iraqis. Ask Syrians. Take…

  • OPEC+ Cuts And Inventory Declines Counter Growing Demand Concerns

    Published 07 April 2023 | viewed 3,577 times

    June WTI crude oil prices remained relatively stable on Thursday and into Friday morning but marked a third consecutive weekly increase as investors evaluated the…

  • Gasoline Prices Could Surge On The East Coast

    Published 07 April 2023 | viewed 7,179 times

    1. Gasoline Might be a Problem for US East Coast• As US gasoline stocks have fallen to their lowest for this time of the year…

  • China Warns Of Response To U.S.-Taiwan Meeting

    Published 07 April 2023 | viewed 1,120 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict Despite warnings from China that it would retaliate in some way, the U.S. went ahead with a meeting in LA between…

  • What China's Growing Geopolitical Power Means For Energy Traders

    Published 07 April 2023 | viewed 1,940 times

    Trading is always short-term in nature. Even if you are swing trading, positions are rarely carried for more than a few weeks, maybe a month…

  • Kurdistan's Oil Export Saga Continues

    Published 07 April 2023 | viewed 2,826 times

    The Iraqi federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) cut a deal earlier this week to resume the export via pipeline of some 450,000…

  • Supply Outage Fuels Oil Price Recovery

    Published 31 March 2023 | viewed 4,467 times

    US benchmark June West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures increased by more than 1% on Thursday. This price rise was due to a reduction in…

  • A New Hotbed For Oil Mergers And Acquisitions

    Published 31 March 2023 | viewed 4,222 times

    1. Iraq’s Oil Ambitions Face Harsh Reality of Low Investment- Iraq’s oil production capacity is set for a decline in the long term as political…

  • Foreign Policy Problems Mount For The U.S.

    Published 31 March 2023 | viewed 3,973 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict In a major loss for U.S. foreign policy, the Saudis have agreed to join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) as a…

  • The Easiest Way To Bet On Hydrogen?

    Published 31 March 2023 | viewed 2,133 times

    As I have said many times before, I have made a living from markets on and off for around forty years. I have often looked…

  • Explaining The Kurdistan Oil Outage

    Published 31 March 2023 | viewed 1,694 times

    The oil markets have interpreted the most recent development in the battle between Baghdad and Erbil rather dramatically. Just when it appeared that the new…

  • Traders Cautiously Optimistic After Major Selloff In Crude

    Published 24 March 2023 | viewed 8,327 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude oil prices fell by 1% on Thursday after U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm informed lawmakers that refilling the Strategic Petroleum…

  • Why The Price Of Premium Gasoline Is Rising

    Published 24 March 2023 | viewed 3,664 times

    1. China-Russia Relations Continue To Improve- The visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Russia this week highlighted increasing volumes of energy trade between the…

  • Fighting Continues In Yemen Despite Saudi-Iran Détente

    Published 24 March 2023 | viewed 1,093 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict The U.S. Fed insists that the financial sector is “sound and resilient”, despite the banking crises that started with the collapse…

  • Is It Time To Short This Soaring Solar Stock?

    Published 24 March 2023 | viewed 1,374 times

    One of the things I learned early in my trading career was that in that business, admitting and acknowledging mistakes is a good thing. That…

  • Don't Expect OPEC Or Biden To Boost Oil Prices

    Published 24 March 2023 | viewed 2,507 times

    Oil prices have sunk to levels that are leaving traders wondering two things: will OPEC implement further cuts to raise prices, and will the United…

  • The Only Really Bullish Factor In Oil Markets

    Published 17 March 2023 | viewed 9,311 times

    1. Chinese Demand Becomes the Only Really Bullish Factor for Oil- Whilst oil prices were undergoing one of the most spectacular declines in recent months…

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