• 4 minutes Will We Ever See 100$+ OIL?
  • 8 minutes Iran downs US drone. No military response . . Just Destroy their economy. Can Senator Kerry be tried for aiding enemy ?
  • 11 minutes Energy Outlook for Renewables. Pie in the sky or real?
  • 36 mins Shale Oil will it self destruct?
  • 5 hours NYT: Mass Immigration Roundups in U.S. to Start Sunday
  • 1 hour U.S. Administration Moves To End Asylum Protections For Central Americans
  • 8 hours South Korea imports No Oil From Iran in June - First-Half Imports Fall 37%
  • 7 hours U.S.- Taiwan: China Says Will Freeze Out U.S. Companies That Sell Arms To Taiwan
  • 3 mins White House insider who predicted Iran False Flag, David Goldberg found dead in his New York apartment
  • 1 day Panama revoked registrations of tankers flying under their flag that have not complied with sanctions. Most are Iranian tankers. Vessel seized in Gibraltar, Grace I, flying under Panamanian Flag. Registration revoked in May. England seizing justified
  • 18 hours Starlink Internet Courtesy of Tesla
  • 18 hours Rising air pollution and green house effect
  • 22 hours Oil Price Could Fall To $30 If Global Deal Not Extended
  • 1 day Is This The End of BBQ?
  • 17 hours U.S. Economic Expansion: Rich Get Richer
  • 1 hour Trump vs. Xi Trade Battle, Running Commentary from Conservative Tree House
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