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    Probably the most important thing that any trader can do is to keep an open mind. Preconceptions can be dangerous to your wealth. Making an…

  • Nuclear Diplomacy In The Middle East

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    Washington’s push to shift the balance of relations in the Middle East, which hinges on the normalization of relations with Israel, continues to gain serious…

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    In an unexpected twist, given the plethora of bullish fundamentals, crude oil prices are on course for a decline this week due to profit-taking and…

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    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict Poland’s state-run refiner is using strategic reserves to artificially keep diesel prices low. It’s selling diesel that it has imported at…

  • The Shipping Fuel Of The Future

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    1. Cushing Premia Soar as Rock-Solid Demand and Low Stocks Put Pressure on WTI- The price of the US light sweet benchmark West Texas Intermediate,…

  • Venezuela Remains The Oil Market's Biggest Known Unknown

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    1. Despite Lower Gas Prices, Europe’s Industrial Gas Demand Just Not Enough- Europe’s industry gas demand is set to remain 20% below 2021 levels this…

  • New Sanctions Heighten Tensions Between Turkey And The U.S.

    Published 15 September 2023 | viewed 53,434 times

    Markets & Geopolitics While production was unaffected when Storm Daniel out of the Mediterranean hit land in eastern Libya, the country’s key oil export terminals…

  • A Look At Warren Buffett’s Favorite Oil Stock

    Published 15 September 2023 | viewed 13,794 times

    It is no secret that Warren Buffet, or more accurately his holding company, Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA: BRKB), has been amassing a significant stake in Occidental…

  • Why Putin Met Kim Jong-Un

    Published 15 September 2023 | viewed 1,846 times

    More than ever, Putin needs something big. A dramatic gesture for global public consumption. That’s what North Korea is all about. While the Kremlin may…

  • The Oil Price Rally Is Fueling Inflation Concerns

    Published 15 September 2023 | viewed 2,749 times

    U.S. crude oil prices have surged past $90 a barrel, triggering worries about accelerating inflation and its potential impact on an economy already grappling with…

  • Russia On Edge Ahead Of Regional Elections

    Published 08 September 2023 | viewed 676 times

    Russian regional elections begin this weekend in 49 of its 83 regions, including Crimea and occupied areas of Ukraine. In occupied Ukraine, the elections (which…

  • The Time Has Come For This Smart Energy Company

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    When most people think of technology in energy, they think mainly of companies in the alternative energy space. There have been some amazing advances in…

  • Moving Alliances In The Middle East

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    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict Over the past year, the signs have been everywhere that Middle East alliances are truly shifting, and the very tricky game…

  • Oil Breaks Out But Stronger Dollar Caps The Rally

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    The global oil market, a critical element of the world's economic engine, is currently at a pivotal junction. Recent events have caused dramatic shifts, impacting…

  • Saudi Arabia Aims To Regain Market Share In China

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    1. Saudi Arabia Seeks to Regain Market Share in China- As Saudi Arabia is finalizing its 2024 term contracts, to be done by the end…

  • Will We See $90 WTI Soon?

    Published 01 September 2023 | viewed 21,250 times

    U.S. Crude Trends Upward U.S. benchmark October West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil prices marked a significant uptick, with U.S. crude oil seeing an increase…

  • The Largest Threat To The Solar Industry

    Published 01 September 2023 | viewed 3,594 times

    1. Gabon Coup Roils West African Markets, Avoiding Disruptions So Far- The second coup in Africa in a month, the military takeover in Gabon that…

  • Another Twist In Kurdistan's Oil Export Saga

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    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict In the wake of the death of the Russian head of the Wagner mercenary group in a plane crash, the focus…

  • Has The Oil Rally Run Out Of Fuel?

    Published 01 September 2023 | viewed 20,858 times

    Crude oil futures have been on a bit of a tear for the last week or so, posting only one down day in the last…

  • What The Gabon Coup Means For Oil Markets

    Published 01 September 2023 | viewed 7,725 times

    The coup in Niger has now spread to Gabon, with military leaders on Wednesday overthrowing the long-time president (the Bongo family, which has ruled since…

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