• 3 minutes China's aggression is changing the nature of sovereignty.
  • 8 minutes Will Variants and Ill-Health Continue to Plague Economic Outlooks?
  • 11 minutes Europe gas market -how it started how its going
  • 3 hours Russia, Ukraine and "2022: The Year Ahead"
  • 1 day Amazing!...see article: "Turkmenistan To Close "Gates Of Hell" Gas Fire" by Irina Slav
  • 6 hours Why is oil priced and traded in U.S. dollars?
  • 3 hours Ukrainian Maidan after 8 years
  • 6 hours Russia oil production live month after month starting from November 2021 - official stats from Rosstat agency
  • 1 day Сryptocurrency predictions

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China Is Chipping Away At America's Influence In The Middle East

Saudi Arabia was long considered the U.S.’ key ally in the Middle East, but in recent years it seems that Saudi Arabia is growing increasingly close to China instead

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White House Helpless As Oil Prices Climb Higher

The White House is all out of moves following its SPR release flop, with many analysts predicting even higher oil prices this year

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Arctic Cold Snap Could Push U.S. Natural Gas Prices Higher

A late-January cold snap could send natural gas prices even higher in the United States

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