• 4 minutes Projection Of Experts: Oil Prices Expected To Stay Anchored Around $65-70 Through 2023
  • 7 minutes Oil prices forecast
  • 11 minutes Algorithms Taking Over Oil Fields
  • 14 mintues NIGERIAN CRUDE OIL
  • 5 hours UK, Stay in EU, Says Tusk
  • 2 hours Socialists want to exorcise the O&G demon by 2030
  • 5 hours Blame Oil Price or EVs for Car Market Crash? Auto Recession Has Started
  • 15 hours German Carmakers Warning: Hard Brexit Would Be "Fatal"
  • 50 mins Nuclear Power Can Be Green – But At A Price
  • 2 hours Venezuela continues to sink in misery
  • 3 hours What will Saudi Arabia say? Booming Qatar-Turkey Trade To Hit $2 bn For 2018
  • 12 mins Chevron to Boost Spend on Quick-Return Projects
  • 17 hours WSJ: Gun Ownership on Rise in Europe After Terror Attacks, Sexual Assaults
  • 15 hours How Is Greenland Dealing With Climate Change?
  • 1 min Maritime Act of 2020 and pending carbon tax effects
  • 1 day Solid-State Batteries
  • 18 hours Trump inclined to declare national emergency if talks continue to stall - Twitter hides this as "sensitive material"
  • 23 hours Orphan Wells

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5 Companies That Could Win Big As The U.S. Legalizes Sports Betting
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5 Companies That Could Win Big As The U.S. Legalizes Sports Betting

New U.S. legislation has opened up a new market for online gambling and e-gaming, and sports betting is the most popular niche

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Offshore Spending To Overtake Shale In 2019

Offshore Spending To Overtake Shale In 2019

As oil price fell in Q4 2018, shale budgets for next year have been cut drastically to compensate for the anticipated loss of revenues, but in the meantime, offshore drilling budgets increased

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Can Mozambique Avoid The ‘Resource Curse’?

Can Mozambique Avoid The ‘Resource Curse’?

Mozambique, like many other resource rich countries could be about to become a victim of the so called ‘resource curse’ as the recently discovered gas deposits could lead to increased hardship instead of economic growth

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