• 4 minutes Is $60/Bbl WTI still considered a break even for Shale Oil
  • 7 minutes Oil Price Editorial: Beware Of Saudi Oil Tanker Sabotage Stories
  • 11 minutes Mueller Report Brings Into Focus Obama's Attempted Coup Against Trump
  • 15 minutes Wonders of Shale- Gas,bringing investments and jobs to the US
  • 8 hours Apartheid Is Still There: Post-apartheid South Africa Is World’s Most Unequal Country
  • 12 hours Evil Awakens: Fascist Symbols And Rhetoric On Rise In Italian EU Vote
  • 12 hours Total nonsense in climate debate
  • 22 mins Theresa May to Step Down
  • 1 hour Visualizing How Much Oil Is In An Electric Vehicle (Hint: a heckuva lot)
  • 12 hours IRAN makes threats, rattles sabre . . . . U.S. makes threats, rattles sabre . . . . IRAQ steps up and plays the mediator. THIS ALLOWS BOTH SIDES TO "SAVE FACE". Then serious negotiations start.
  • 2 hours Look at the LONGER TERM bigger picture of international oil & gas. Ignore temporary hiccups.
  • 15 hours Will Canada drop Liberals, vote in Conservatives?
  • 1 day IMO 2020 could create fierce competition for scarce water resources
  • 2 days Level-Headed Analysis of the Future of U.S. Shale Oil Industry
  • 12 hours Apple Boycott in China
  • 8 hours Australian Voters Reject 'Climate Change' Politicians
  • 15 hours Canada's Uncivil Oil War : 78% of Voters Cite *Energy* as the Top Issue
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