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  • Turkey Eyes Energy Hub Role

    Published 18 November 2022 | viewed 1,303 times

    Turkey continues to be a key beneficiary of Russia’s war on Ukraine. It’s not just eyeing coveted status as a ‘European hub’ for Russian gas,…

  • WTI Drops To $80 As Bearish Momentum Grows

    Published 18 November 2022 | viewed 14,701 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude oil traded lower on Thursday as the U.S. Dollar soared on hawkish comments from a widely followed Federal Reserve member.…

  • This Renewable Energy Play Offers A Hedge Against Economic Risks

    Published 18 November 2022 | viewed 1,597 times

    With energy stocks having bucked the market trend this year, generally going up as the major indices have collapsed, finding bargains in the sector is…

  • Saudis Take The Lead In New Round Of OPEC+ Cuts

    Published 18 November 2022 | viewed 5,328 times

    In the latest edition of the Numbers Report, we will take a look at some of the most interesting figures put out this week in…

  • Geopolitical Tensions Ease In Europe After Missile Hits Poland

    Published 18 November 2022 | viewed 942 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict - A missile that hit Poland, near the border with Ukraine, killing two people this week has been walked back from…

  • Better-Than-Expected Inflation Data Sparks Hope For Oil Markets

    Published 11 November 2022 | viewed 6,055 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures closed higher on Thursday after recapturing earlier losses. The catalyst behind the price reversal was milder-than-expected U.S. consumer…

  • Russia Likely To Escalate As Losses Pile Up

    Published 11 November 2022 | viewed 4,706 times

    In another possible defeat, Russia’s some 20,000 forces allegedly have been ordered to withdraw from Kherson this week to the other side of the Dnipro…

  • The U.S. Might Need To Increase Electricity Generation By 480%

    Published 11 November 2022 | viewed 22,467 times

    1. Brussels Investigates Traders’ Gas Profit-Making- According to media reports, the European Central Bank is investigating the use of derivatives by European energy companies to…

  • Why Tesla Is A Buy Right Now

    Published 11 November 2022 | viewed 3,234 times

    I am, as I have said here many times, a contrarian trader by both nature and training. I have been in and around markets for…

  • Risk Of An Iranian Attack On Saudi Oil Facilities Remains High

    Published 11 November 2022 | viewed 3,233 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict Iran is offering large amounts of fuel to Lebanon directly, rather than the typical small amounts it has offered in the…

  • Fed Action Caps Crude Prices

    Published 04 November 2022 | viewed 34,631 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures are trading lower late Thursday, pressured by a stronger U.S. Dollar and worries that further aggressive interest rate…

  • Chinese Power Demand Is Set To Soar

    Published 04 November 2022 | viewed 5,891 times

    1. A Flotilla of US Oil Is Moving Toward Asia- Deliveries of US crude to Asia are set to reach an all-time high this month,…

  • Geopolitical Risks Rise In Energy Markets

    Published 04 November 2022 | viewed 1,718 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict This week, we saw a fairly big scare for the oil industry in the form of an intelligence-sharing event between the…

  • There’s Still Reason To Be Bullish On Oil Stocks

    Published 04 November 2022 | viewed 5,059 times

    2022 has, so far, been a remarkable year for energy investors. If you own stock in the big three US oil companies which, in the…

  • Warnings Of War In Libya

    Published 04 November 2022 | viewed 4,966 times

    General Khalifa Haftar is again warning that he may move to war in Libya as the stalemate continues. Oil is still miraculously pumping, but that…

  • A Worrying Sign For Oil Companies In Iraqi Kurdistan

    Published 28 October 2022 | viewed 4,097 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict In the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (Iraqi Kurdistan), those remaining oil companies who have unilateral E&P deals with the Kurdistan Regional…

  • The Houthi Threat To Oil Markets Is Back

    Published 28 October 2022 | viewed 3,811 times

    The oil markets certainly remember September 14, 2019, when Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis launched a drone attack on Aramco oil facilities in Eastern Saudi Arabia, cutting…

  • Europe Could Drop Natural Gas As A Bridge Fuel

    Published 28 October 2022 | viewed 22,753 times

    1. There’s No Good Way to Solve US Fuel Shortage- When Valero (NYSE:VLO) kicked off US refiners’ Q3 earnings call with a $2.82 billion net…

  • Record U.S. Crude Exports Push Oil Prices Higher

    Published 28 October 2022 | viewed 11,065 times

    December WTI crude oil futures finished higher on Thursday, putting the market in a position to close higher for the week. The bullish price action…

  • A New Case For $100 Crude

    Published 28 October 2022 | viewed 21,196 times

    From the middle of June until the end of last month, crude was in a sustained downward trend that saw WTI futures drop 38% from…

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