• 4 minutes Some Good News on Climate Change Maybe
  • 7 minutes Cuba Charges U.S. Moving Special Forces, Preparing Venezuelan Intervention
  • 12 minutes Washington Eyes Crackdown On OPEC
  • 15 minutes Solar and Wind Will Not "Save" the Climate
  • 2 hours Prospective Cause of Little Ice Age
  • 5 hours L.A. Mayor Ditches Gas Plant Plans
  • 42 mins Why Trump will win the wall fight
  • 4 hours *Happy Dance* ... U.S. Shale Oil Slowdown
  • 6 hours students walk out of school in protest of climate change
  • 20 hours is climate change a hoax? $2 Trillion/year worth of programs intended to be handed out by politicians and bureaucrats?
  • 1 day Most Wanted Man In Latin America For AP Agency: Maduro Reveals Secret Meetings With US Envoy
  • 6 hours Maduro Asks OPEC For Help Against U.S. Sanctions
  • 21 hours Ford In Big Trouble: Three Recalls In North America
  • 2 days Amazon’s Exit Could Scare Off Tech Companies From New York
  • 1 day And for the final post in this series of 3: we’ll have a look at the Decline Rates in the Permian
  • 22 hours Why Is Japan Not a Leader in Renewables?
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