• 4 minutes China 2019 - Orwell was 35 years out
  • 7 minutes Wonders of US Shale: US Shale Benefits: The U.S. leads global petroleum and natural gas production with record growth in 2018
  • 11 minutes Trump will capitulate on the trade war
  • 14 minutes Glory to Hong Kong
  • 59 mins China's Blueprint For Global Power
  • 4 hours Boring! See Ya Clowns, And Have Fun In Germany
  • 28 mins Bloomberg: shale slowing. Third wave of shale coming.
  • 47 mins ABC of Brexit, economy wise, where to find sites, links to articles ?
  • 8 hours Crazy Stories From Round The World
  • 2 hours Yesterday Angela Merkel stopped Trump technology war on China – the moral of the story is do not eavesdrop on ladies with high ethical standards
  • 4 hours 5 Tweets That Change The World?
  • 7 hours the future
  • 2 hours USA Carried Out Secret Cyber Strike On Iran In Wake Of Saudi Oil Attack
  • 8 hours Climate Protesters Blocking Roads etc...
  • 3 hours Spain Is On The Edge...Clashes Between Catalonia And "Madrid"
  • 3 hours Leftists crying to make oil patch illegal friendly: 'Broken system' starves U.S. oil boom of immigrant workers: CONGRESS DO YOUR JOBS INSTEAD OF PANDERING!
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Editorial Dept

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  • What Does Brexit Mean For UK Oil & Gas?

    Published 16 October 2019 | viewed 2,217 times

    The London stock market, the British pound and the European populace, in general, were buoyed by rumors emerging about London and Brussels closing in on…

  • Don’t Believe The Oil Bulls

    Published 16 October 2019 | viewed 4,580 times

    Oil prices were flat over the last week with Brent trading near $59 while WTI was near $53. On the bearish side traders continue to…

  • A Complete U.S. Foreign Policy Failure

    Published 16 October 2019 | viewed 2,383 times

    Americans are retreating under fire from a NATO ally (with American nuclear bombs) and Washington’s latest Middle East policy is quite simply to ignore it…

  • U.S. Sanctions Have Oil Markets On Edge

    Published 16 October 2019 | viewed 2,098 times

    This week’s market sentiment was in many ways influenced by the IMF’s cutting global growth rates to their lowest since 2009 (at 3 percent), dropping…

  • Oil Markets On Edge As Tensions Mount In The Middle East

    Published 11 October 2019 | viewed 7,420 times

    Oil prices got a slight 2% boost Friday when Iranians claimed that someone aimed suspected missiles at one of its oil tankers as it traversed…

  • Economics Beats Politics: A Major Opportunity In Solar

    Published 11 October 2019 | viewed 5,496 times

    Given the current Presidential administration’s bias towards fossil fuels, solar power may seem like a strange place for investors to look for opportunities, but stocks…

  • China’s Worrying Oil Vulnerability

    Published 11 October 2019 | viewed 7,763 times

    Friday October 11, 2019 1. China’s Middle East vulnerability- China is the largest oil importer in the world and its vulnerability lies in its dependence…

  • Mini Trade Deal Could Be Huge Catalyst For Oil

    Published 11 October 2019 | viewed 12,493 times

    U.S. West Texas Intermediate futures are in a position to close higher for the week although trading inside last week’s range still suggests investor uncertainty…

  • A Worrying Sign For Oil Markets

    Published 11 October 2019 | viewed 11,994 times

    Market Movers - OPEC has once again revised downward its estimate for global oil demand growth for 2019. In its fourth downward revision in five…

  • Forget The Middle East – This Is The Real Threat To Oil

    Published 09 October 2019 | viewed 8,568 times

    Oil prices continued to fall this week as the US and China stoked concerns that the two sides will fail to cooperate on a trade…

  • A Geopolitical Powder Keg In The Middle East

    Published 09 October 2019 | viewed 4,350 times

    The US-Iran Conflict is Playing Out in Iraq As we noted at the beginning of the intensification of the US-Iran conflict, the Middle East will…

  • Russia’s Oil Giants Are Addicted To Tax Breaks

    Published 09 October 2019 | viewed 3,620 times

    For much of the 2010s, Rosneft was the leading force on the Russian domestic crude market. It is one thing to produce 42-43 percent of…

  • Syria Fears Send Oil Prices Higher

    Published 09 October 2019 | viewed 6,016 times

    Turkey’s military invasion into northeastern Syria has moved crude prices higher after this week’s trading failed to move WTI below the $52 per barrel mark.…

  • The “Big LNG Short”

    Published 04 October 2019 | viewed 12,807 times

    Friday October 4, 2019 In the latest edition of the Numbers Report, we’ll take a look at some of the most interesting figures put out…

  • Painfully Slow Growth Expected For Canada's Oil Sector

    Published 04 October 2019 | viewed 7,593 times

    Market Movers • Russian oil production dipped in September to 11.24 million bpd, down from 11.29 million bpd--a figure that is still above its agreed…

  • Opportunities In A Struggling Energy Sector

    Published 04 October 2019 | viewed 6,426 times

    Watch These Two Oil Stocks With Big Things Coming, Good and BadTwo of the most promising oil stocks out there right now are Apache Corporation…

  • Oil Posts Its Worst Quarter Of The Year

    Published 02 October 2019 | viewed 7,778 times

    It seems this was all there could be in a groundbreaking attack on the planet’s most crucial oil infrastructure – two weeks of turmoil and…

  • Canada’s Output Cuts Are A Positive Thing

    Published 02 October 2019 | viewed 4,345 times

    First, they said the production curtailments will remain in place until some 35 million barrels of excessive inventories are cleared. Then they said producers only…

  • Oil Bears Are Taking Over Control

    Published 02 October 2019 | viewed 5,835 times

    Brent crude fell back below $59 this week as the world moved on from Saudi production outages and back into its increasingly familiar negative macro…

  • The War That Won’t Happen & The War That Already Is

    Published 02 October 2019 | viewed 5,756 times

    Even with dissident Iranian sources providing a form of confirmation that the Iranian leadership ordered the September 14th attack on Saudi oil facilities, there will…

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