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  • Profit Taking Is Putting Downward Pressure on Oil Prices

    Published 19 April 2024 | viewed 2,859 times

    Selling Pressure, Profit-Taking Dominate Trade This week, crude oil markets experienced significant volatility to the downside, driven by geopolitical concerns, unexpected inventory adjustments, and changes…

  • Explaining the Israel and Iran Missile Exchange

    Published 19 April 2024 | viewed 1,465 times

    Oil markets have largely discounted the Iranian missile and drone barrage directed at Israel because it was essentially a ruse designed not to inflict any…

  • Oil Traders Hedge Geopolitical Risk With Record Options

    Published 19 April 2024 | viewed 1,547 times

    1. Venezuela Braces for Impact After US Reimposes Sanctions -  The Biden administration reimposed sanctions on Venezuela’s oil industry after its six-month waiver expired on…

  • A Chinese EV Company That Represents Remarkable Value

    Published 19 April 2024 | viewed 1,199 times

    Over the years, one of my most profitable investment research techniques has been to look for companies whose stock has been dragged down by negativity…

  • U.S. Sanctions on Venezuela Snap Back Into Place

    Published 19 April 2024 | viewed 856 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict At midnight on Thursday, the six-month temporary oil sanctions relief Washington granted Venezuela last October expired, and the Biden administration moved…

  • The EU Allows Members to Ban Russian LNG as Imports Climb

    Published 12 April 2024 | viewed 1,381 times

    1. EU Allows Banning Russian LNG as Member States Buy More - The European Parliament approved rules this week allowing the regional bloc’s respective governments…

  • Iran Plays Down Risk of Retaliatory Attack on Israel

    Published 12 April 2024 | viewed 6,370 times

    Markets were extremely jittery this week, awaiting a retaliatory attack by Iran following the Israeli strike on Tehran’s embassy in Syria, which killed a key…

  • Geopolitical Tensions Keep Oil Prices Elevated

    Published 12 April 2024 | viewed 1,340 times

    In the complex mix of elements influencing crude oil prices, recent events have focused attention on June West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures. The interplay of…

  • How Energy Investors Should Read The Fed’s Latest Notes

    Published 12 April 2024 | viewed 1,176 times

    As somebody whose start in markets came in interbank foreign exchange, I am used to a degree of obsession with central banks. Back when I…

  • Iraq Has No Intention of Restarting Kurdish Oil Pipeline

    Published 12 April 2024 | viewed 8,625 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict Baghdad is repairing the Kirkuk-Ceyhan pipeline, which has not been operable for ten years and hopes to use it to export…

  • Is $100 Oil Within Reach?

    Published 05 April 2024 | viewed 12,637 times

    A few weeks ago, when WTI crude was trading just below $80, I wrote here that I was about to break with my usual, contrarian…

  • Oil Prices Surge as Geopolitical Risk Rises

    Published 05 April 2024 | viewed 6,671 times

    Oil Prices Surge WTI crude oil's current bullish trend, closely following Brent crude's movements, has placed it at a crucial point for traders. This trend,…

  • OPEC+ Is Still Struggling With Production Cut Compliance

    Published 05 April 2024 | viewed 3,146 times

    1. OPEC+ Sticks to Course as Focus Shifts to Overproducers - The Joint Ministerial Monitoring Committee of OPEC+ has confirmed the oil group’s current production…

  • Argentina's President Is Going to War With Its Oil Provinces

    Published 05 April 2024 | viewed 2,919 times

    What happens when Argentina’s oil provinces cut off supplies amid a head-to-head battle with the country’s new libertarian president, Javier Milei, who has approached his…

  • Tensions Between Israel and Iran Soar

    Published 05 April 2024 | viewed 8,121 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict Israel has shored up its defenses in anticipation of a direct response from Iran following the Israel leveling of the Iranian…

  • China Buys Up Russian Oil

    Published 22 March 2024 | viewed 9,471 times

    1. As TMX Starts Line Fill, China Takes Centre Stage - Canadian crude will start flowing to China directly (up until now it has only…

  • Will Waning Gasoline Demand Drag Oil Prices Down?

    Published 22 March 2024 | viewed 7,390 times

    West Texas Intermediate Crude Weekly Analysis This week's crude oil market has been marked by several significant events influencing May West Texas Intermediate (WTI) futures.…

  • The U.S. to Call for an Immediate Ceasefire in Gaza

    Published 22 March 2024 | viewed 1,200 times

    Politics, Geopolitics & Conflict With his campaign for re-election in full swing, Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro has managed to get lawmakers to approve the creation of…

  • Explaining the Market’s Reaction to Jerome Powell’s Speech

    Published 22 March 2024 | viewed 2,414 times

    Yesterday, Jay Powell and the FOMC gave us their decision on interest rates. In the accompanying statement and the subsequent press conference given by Fed…

  • Sudan's Civil War Sparks Oil Supply Concerns

    Published 22 March 2024 | viewed 2,336 times

    When Sudan’s civil war broke out in April last year, markets stood by for a few weeks to see if the war would impact oil…

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