• 2 minutes Oil Price Could Fall To $30 If Global Deal Not Extended
  • 5 minutes Middle East on brink: Oil tankers attacked off Oman
  • 8 minutes CNN:America's oil boom will break more records this year. OPEC is stuck in retreat
  • 57 mins The Pope: "Climate change ... doomsday predictions can no longer be met with irony or disdain."
  • 9 hours Confirmed: UN Expert Urges Probe Of Saudi Prince Over Khashoggi Killing
  • 6 hours Hormuz and surrounding waters: Energy Threats to the World: Oil, LNG, shipping markets digest new risks after Strait of Hormuz attack
  • 1 hour Pioneer CEO Said U.S. Oil Production would be up to 15 mm bbls/day NOW if we had the pipelines. Permian pipelines STARTING Q3
  • 1 hour Emissions Need To Be Halved To Avoid 3C Warming
  • 7 hours The Plastics Problem
  • 4 hours Coal Boom in Asia is Real and a Long Trend
  • 28 mins The Magic and Wonders of US Shale Supply: Keeping energy price shock minimised: US oil supply keeping lid on prices despite global risks: IEA chief
  • 6 mins US to become net oil exporter in November: EIA
  • 29 mins Magic of Shale: EXPORTS!! Crude Exporters Navigate Gulf Coast Terminal Constraints
  • 5 hours Trudeau approves Trans Mountain Pipeline
  • 9 hours Hydrogen FTW... Some Day
  • 8 hours The Latest: Iranian FM Says US Cannot Expect To ‘Stay Safe’
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