• 2 minutes CV19: New York 21% infection rate + 40% Existing T-Cell immunity = 61% = Herd Immunity ?
  • 4 minutes Is The Three Gorges Dam on the Brink of Collapse?
  • 7 minutes Sources confirm Trump to sign two new Executive orders.
  • 2 hours In a Nutshell...
  • 1 day No More Love: Kanye West Breaks With Trump, Claims 2020 Run Is Not A Stunt
  • 1 day The Coal Industry May Never Recover From The Pandemic
  • 12 hours Better Days Are (Not) Coming: Fed Officials Suggest U.S. Recovery May Be Stalling
  • 2 days A Real Reality Check on "Green Hydrogen"
  • 2 days Why Oil could hit $100
  • 16 hours Where is Alberta, Canada headed?
  • 1 day During March, April, May the states with the highest infections/deaths were NY, NJ, Ma. . . . . Today (June) the three have the best numbers. How ? Herd immunity ?
  • 1 day Putin Paid Militants to Kill US Troops
  • 2 days Why Wind is pitiful for most regions on earth
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