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  • 11 minutes Perovskites, a ‘dirt cheap’ alternative to silicon, just got a lot more efficient
  • 4 days The United States produced more crude oil than any nation, at any time.
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  • 4 days The European Union is exceptional in its political divide. Examples are apparent in Hungary, Slovakia, Sweden, Netherlands, Belarus, Ireland, etc.
OPEC Demand Forecast Boosts Bullish Sentiment in Oil Markets

OPEC Demand Forecast Boosts Bullish Sentiment in Oil Markets

An optimistic demand forecast from…

Could Deflecting the Sun Help Cool the Planet?

Could Deflecting the Sun Help Cool the Planet?

Scientists conducted a pilot test…

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Carbon Capture Technology Called a 'Boondoggle' for Oil Industry

Jun 17, 2024 at 06:05 | Kurt Cobb

The study I refer to didn't actually say that carbon capture makes things worse. But that is the only conclusion one can draw given that the capturing is…

Tesla and Baidu Partner for Full Self-Driving Test

Jun 17, 2024 at 05:42 | ZeroHedge

Beijing recently 'greenlighted' Tesla the ability to roll out its driver-assistance system, known as "Full Self-Driving," or FSD. A new report suggests Tesla is testing vehicles equipped with…

U.S. Oil, Gas Drilling Activity Sees Further Declines

Jun 14, 2024 at 12:09 | Julianne Geiger

The total number of active drilling rigs for oil and gas in the United States fell this week, according to new data that Baker Hughes published on Friday. The total…

"Bitcoin is Exponential Gold", Says Fidelity's Director Of Global Macro

Jun 14, 2024 at 10:47 | ZeroHedge

Jurrien Timmer, Fidelity’s Director of Global Macro, recently made a notable statement about Bitcoin, describing it as "exponential gold" and an emerging player on the "store…

From Fantasy to Fact: The EV Slowdown Gets Real

Jun 14, 2024 at 10:19 | Irina Slav

Electric cars are one of the pillars of the energy transition. Mass adoption is regularly included in forecasts as a necessary condition for the success of that transition. Yet, despite…

Will The Far Right Upsurge Slow Europe’s Energy Transition Efforts? 

Jun 14, 2024 at 10:15 | Tsvetana Paraskova

The rise of the far-right populist parties in the EU elections was partly the result of the cost-of-living crisis and high energy bills, which most EU voters have had to…

Debate Rages Over Global Oil Demand

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:52 | Michael Kern

Signs that inflation may be easing in the U.S. have given oil markets a bullish hue this week, but uncertainty over demand remains.

Visualizing the Global Footprint of Tesla and BYD's EV Factories

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:43 | ZeroHedge

In 2023, Tesla and BYD were the world’s two largest electric vehicle (EV) companies by a large margin, holding 19.9% and 17.1% market shares…

Could Deflecting the Sun Help Cool the Planet?

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:33 | Felicity Bradstock

Scientists believe they may have found a way of cooling the planet by deflecting light from the sun in the latest climate intervention technology. Solar Radiation Modification (SRM) aims to 

Tesla Shareholders Push Back Against ESG Proposals

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:16 | City A.M

Shareholders also voted against several proposals aimed at improving Tesla’s ESG standards, opting instead to re-incorporate the company in Texas. Tesla chief Elon…

OPEC Demand Forecast Boosts Bullish Sentiment in Oil Markets

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:11 | Editorial Dept

Oil Prices Rise on OPEC Demand Forecast and Easing U.S. Inflation Oil prices are sharply higher as we end the week, driven by an optimistic demand forecast from OPEC and…

China's Oil Demand Threatened by LNG Trucks

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:09 | Editorial Dept

1. IEA Angers Oil Market With 2029 Demand Peak Call - This week has seen a fierce standoff…

Oil and Gas M&A Momentum Continues to Build

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:07 | Editorial Dept

Deals, Mergers & Acquisitions Matador Resources Company has announced the acquisition of Permian Basin oil and gas properties from Ameredev II Parent, LLC for $1.9 billion. This deal includes a…

Is It Time to Get Back Into Energy Stocks?

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:05 | Editorial Dept

As you are probably aware, and for obvious reasons, when writing here I typically stick to energy markets, writing about either stocks in the sector or the commodities that underly…

Geopolitical Risks Loom Large Over Oil Markets

Jun 14, 2024 at 07:03 | Editorial Dept

While optimistic inflation data slightly buoyed oil earlier this week, with the Fed indicating one rate cut before the end of this year, and more to follow in…

Russian Oil is Fueling Geopolitical Fragmentation

Jun 13, 2024 at 07:10 | ZeroHedge

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 led to severe bans or restrictions on Russian oil from the West. Meanwhile, other nations - including China, India, and Türkiye…

Chinese EV Makers Unfazed by Western Tariffs

Jun 13, 2024 at 06:59 | Haley Zaremba

The West is attempting to form a front against the coming onslaught of cheap electric vehicles from China. Just this week the European Union slapped significant tariffs on Chinese EV…

JPMorgan Analysts Cast Doubt on Tesla's Robotaxi Revenue

Jun 13, 2024 at 06:55 | ZeroHedge

Elon Musk has said that a purpose-built robotaxi will be the centerpiece of his long-term strategy for Tesla. In about two months, on August 8, Musk…

Falling Energy Prices Spark Hopes for Fed Rate Cuts

Jun 13, 2024 at 06:49 | City A.M

US inflation came in below expectations in a boost for investors hoping that the US Federal Reserve might be able to start cutting interest rates in a matter…

Balancing AI’s Energy Demands: The Role of Gas, Nuclear, and Renewables

Jun 12, 2024 at 10:19 | Irina Slav

Artificial intelligence is all the rage these days. So is its carbon footprint, which has sparked an awkward conversation about its supposed benefits for the transition and how they stack…

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