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Hear whispers from the Saudi Inner Circle
Hear whispers from the Saudi Inner Circle

When Mohammad bin Salman incarcerated a string of high-profile individuals within the Ritz Carlton in November 2017 - our readers were already reading into how OPEC oil production would be impacted.

Gain insights from top White House officials
Gain insights from top White House officials

As coal began popping up in political campaigns and proceeded to tumble, our readers were already on top of greener alternatives thanks to a few tips from connections "in the know."

Access the world's most secretive organizations
Access the world’s most secretive organizations

When General Haftar retook the oil export terminals in Libya in 2017, our sources reported the assault two days before it took place - and our analysts highlighted key opportunities in energy markets.

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It’s no secret that the top financial institutions have a distinct advantage over the average Joe. Traders and executives of the most prestigious investment banks get highly privileged intel. That’s why they dominate the markets.

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Energy markets are more volatile than ever, with new trends emerging every day.

But one of the world’s top energy traders is on your side, breaking down exactly what is happening in markets and why so you can make informed investment decisions.

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Modern media is pure chaos. From headline-driven news to blatant misinformation, it’s almost impossible to know what’s real - and more importantly, where the best opportunities are hidden.

That’s all changing. For the first time ever, you can get reliable, market-making news before it hits the wires, allowing you to make key decisions before your competition.

Receive Exclusive Insights Into The Newest Energy Tech

Technology has always provided the hottest investment opportunities in the energy sector, but staying on top of the latest breakthroughs has always been a near-impossible task.

Not anymore. Our experts will keep you up to speed on the newest energy developments so you can get the early-mover advantage.

Introducing Global Energy Alert:
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Global Energy Alert is a world-class research
and intelligence service that includes...

Inside Opportunities

This Week In Energy

Starting with an overview of the most important developments in energy markets this week, our intelligence director highlights the no.1 story in renewables and the no.1 story in oil & gas that readers can’t afford to miss. Presenting you with everything you need to start your week.

Inside Opportunities

Ride the coattails of's no.1 energy trader, "the man who broke the bank of England"... and be among the lucky few who receive exclusive details on breaking stock market news, insider deals, special opportunities and timely trades in energy tech, renewables, oil & gas and electric vehicles.

Inside Opportunities
Global Forecast

Global Forecast

Get plugged into not just one, but TWO private intelligence networks that closely follow the most important energy hubs, research centers and board rooms in the world. Our 400+ global intelligence assets are working 24/7 to make sure you receive unique energy data, satellite imaging and HUMINT before the rest of the market knows what’s going on.

Behind the Numbers

Skip the misinformation and misinterpretation of hard data is the no.1 reason for failure in the energy markets... Our statisticians and data analysts have crunched the numbers for you, and serve you the most important data on energy commodities and market moving events in a simple-to-read and easy-to-digest format

Behind the Numbers
Technical Trading Signals

Technical Trading Signals

Receive a weekly X-ray of energy and futures markets. Our unbeatable technical analyst tells you if the market is short or long oil or gas and whether smart money in moving in, or out of crucial energy commodities. Find out how Wall St. manoeuvers themselves and learn how to profit from it.

How It Works

How It Works

We receive daily updates from our operatives positioned across the world


Expert analysts decipher this information and outline its significance


Our head trader shares his views on the hottest energy opportunities of the week


A team of statisticians breakdown the key data points in energy markets each week

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