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Alex Kimani

Contributor since: 28 Jan 2019

Alex Kimani

Alex Kimani is a veteran finance writer, investor, engineer and researcher for Safehaven.com. 

Latest articles from Alex

  • Can The Middle East Really Become A Leader In Renewable Energy?

    Published 29 July 2021 | viewed 1,947 times

    To say that the six countries that make up the Gulf Cooperative Council (GCC) live and breathe hydrocarbons is hardly an exaggeration. About 60 years…

  • Shrinking Global Populations Poses An Existential Threat To Oil

    Published 28 July 2021 | viewed 6,462 times

    About a week ago, Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman made waves in the oil community after telling Bloomberg News that Saudi Arabia "...is…

  • Oil Majors Are Primed For A Massive Earnings Season

    Published 28 July 2021 | viewed 5,925 times

    Earnings season is here with us once again, with a quarter of S&P 500 companies having reported second-quarter 2021 earnings. According to FactSet data, 88%…

  • The Best Risk-Reward Plays In Oil

    Published 27 July 2021 | viewed 9,439 times

    Oil prices have been ticking upwards after OPEC+ reached an agreement on Sunday that will see the group start adding 400,000 bpd production each month…

  • Natural Gas Stocks Still Have Major Upside

    Published 25 July 2021 | viewed 7,247 times

    After an epic, pandemic-induced crash in 2020, the U.S. stock market has gone back to winning ways and is enjoying yet another bumper season in…

  • Marine Fuel: The Next Market Share Battleground In Asia

    Published 24 July 2021 | viewed 1,692 times

    For decades, Singapore has been the world's pre-eminent marine fuel hub, accounting for 21% of the 230 million metric tonnes global bunker market. But a…

  • 5 Wild New Ways To Generate Energy

    Published 21 July 2021 | viewed 2,436 times

    With the clean energy shift beginning to gain serious momentum, the prime candidates for a sustainable future have been solar, wind, and--to a lesser extent--geothermal…

  • Gold Prices Show That Oil Is Still Cheap

    Published 20 July 2021 | viewed 6,216 times

    Oil prices have tanked over the past two weeks, suffering from fears of additional OPEC supply hitting the market, the shattering of demand optimism over…

  • The Best Energy Stocks For A Volatile Summer

    Published 20 July 2021 | viewed 2,795 times

    Oil prices have been reeling ever since Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) reached a compromise that resolved their nearly two-week-long standoff over…

  • The Next Major Wildcard For Oil

    Published 18 July 2021 | viewed 24,706 times

    Oil prices have been reeling ever since OPEC+ talks collapsed due to major disagreements by its members. Major cracks appeared in the ministerial meeting with…

  • Wall Street Still Bullish On Emerging Markets Despite OPEC Rift

    Published 14 July 2021 | viewed 2,267 times

    A commonly heard refrain amongst investment circles is that emerging markets, or EMs, are no longer what they used to be over the past two…

  • Biomass: The EU's Great 'Clean Energy' Fraud

    Published 13 July 2021 | viewed 5,521 times

    "The professionalization of the biomass industry is a problem that needs attention."--Bas Eickhout, Dutch politician and member of the European Parliament. When it comes to…

  • Investors Are Betting Big On The Future Of EV Efficiency

    Published 12 July 2021 | viewed 4,676 times

    With the global electrification drive in full swing, electric cars have constantly been improving in terms of mileage, performance, charging time—and costs. And, Wright's law…

  • A Contrarian Investor’s Approach To OPEC’s Oil Spat

    Published 10 July 2021 | viewed 13,595 times

    After seven consecutive weeks of gains, oil prices have gone into reverse gear once again, thanks mainly to a collapse in OPEC+ talks. Oil prices…

  • U.S. Shale On Track For One Of Its Best Years Ever

    Published 08 July 2021 | viewed 12,033 times

    After seven consecutive weeks of gains, oil prices have gone into reverse gear once again, thanks mainly to the latest OPEC+ spat that left everyone…

  • The Plastics Sector Is Suffering As Oil Prices Rise

    Published 07 July 2021 | viewed 3,263 times

    Four years ago, the UN declared plastic pollution a global crisis, decades after the discovery of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch--a collection of marine debris…

  • Why Oil And Gas Stocks Will Continue To Outperform Solar

    Published 06 July 2021 | viewed 4,763 times

    Oil prices are soaring and look set to continue their climb after OPEC+ failed to increase production. Meanwhile, solar energy is cheap and appears to…

  • Could Iran Raise Its Oil Production To 6 Million Bpd?

    Published 05 July 2021 | viewed 3,792 times

    The unsuccessful attempts by OPEC+ to reach a deal on output cuts increase the risk of creating a supply squeeze in an already tight market,…

  • 3 Stocks To Capitalize On The Rally In Natural Gas

    Published 04 July 2021 | viewed 17,215 times

    The United States has a long-running love affair with natural gas, with fossil fuels acting as the lynchpin in the country's power generation mix, while…

  • A Human Battery: The World Is One Step Closer To Wearable Energy

    Published 01 July 2021 | viewed 3,184 times

    The consumer-wearable devices of today have come a long way from the days of the clunky Google Glass. A Pew Research study last year found…

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