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  • 2015 Is The Year For Argentinian Shale And For This Small-Cap

    Following an impressive strategic growth plan over the last12 months, Madalena Energy (TSXV: MVN , OTC: MDLNF) is quick off the 2015 starting blocks, leading small-cap exploration and production in Argentina--the next hot bet for shale development—and recently reporting significant increases in reserves that are turning investor heads. Earlier this month, Madalena released an independent report showing a 149% increase in proved reserves and a 155% increase in proved plus probable reserves, driven solely by the Company’s conventional, production-backed reserves. For investors, the real upside here is that not only is the company demonstrating solid growth and progress year-on-year across…

  • A New Destination For Copper, Zinc And Natural Gas

    I’m always on the hunt for the next great exploration destination. And it’s been very intriguing the last few weeks to see leads opening up in one country — for both metals and petroleum.That place is Iran. A nation I've written about a lot for its resource potential. And the rest of the world seems to be catching on to the upside here. Judging from news on new exploration and development deals being pursued in the country. Last week, local press reported that Russia has agreed to investigate mining across Iran. With Russian Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Sergey…

  • This Huge Oil Buyer Is Appearing Nextdoor To The U.S.

    America’s crude oil production has surged 70% since 2009. And that’s left E&P firms scrambling to find markets to sell this supply. There may be one more option emerging on that front, judging from news late last week. Mexico. A group of 21 U.S. senators has reportedly sent a request to the national Secretary of Commerce. Asking that the Obama government consider allowing American crude to be shipped south to Mexican consumers. The formal letter was triggered by a request from an affiliate of Mexican state oil firm Pemex. Which is asking that it be allowed to swap 100,000 barrels…

  • The Courts Just Struck Down These Critical Shale Lawsuits

    Big news for U.S. oil and gas firms yesterday. They will be free to frack in one contentious part of the country. That's the state of Ohio. Where it had been looking like fracking might be hindered by local politics. Municipalities in Ohio have been trying to use zoning ordinances to prohibit fracking. Such as in the suburbs of the city of Akron, where city officials had sued in state courts to overturn a drilling permit issued to Beck Energy Corp. Local officials challenged the state's ability to decide on such permits. Saying that municipal lawmakers should also have a…

  • $4 Billion In Resource Dollars Hitting This Obscure Nation

    We saw a major wave of resource investment announcements the past week. Focused on one unexpected part of the world.  The Eastern African nation of Kenya.  The country’s oil sector has been a major story the last few years — with significant discoveries by groups like Tullow and Africa Oil turning up potential for billions of barrels in reserves.  And the country wants to capitalize on this success.  To do so, state-owned National Oil Company of Kenya (NOCK) announced that it will seek $2 billion in international funding. Which will reportedly be used to finance a participating equity stake of…

  • Low Oil Prices Could Start World War III: Interview With Bob Moriarty

    This is a wonderful time to have cash and be in the oil business, according to Bob Moriarty of That's because savvy juniors can go shopping for assets being sold as "uneconomic" when oil is $40–50/barrel. But the low price won't last, he tells The Energy Report, predicting much higher oil within the year. And while that increase will cause oil stocks to rise in tandem, Moriarty reminds investors that it still pays to be selective.The Energy Report: Bob, in January you published an article saying that the drop in oil prices could be the "straw that pops the…

  • Will A New Law Ensure The Death Of This Energy Sector?

    It’s amazing how government often works the exact opposite of business. And one example last week in the energy sector shows this out-of-stepness perfectly. In the Indonesian coal industry. As I’ve discussed, the global coal business is facing a dire situation at the moment. With prices having fallen off a cliff, demand moderating from key markets like China, and production largely having continued to chug out at a brisk rate. Coal miners have thus been moving to cut costs in order to stay alive. Major producer Anglo American recently said it may sell mines in Australia to raise funds. And…

  • Colorado Junior Drills Next Shale Hotspot

    While America’s biggest oil and gas explorers cut back on drilling activities, one junior company continues to forge ahead successfully in its flagship Piceance Basin play hosting $260 million in Williams Fork reserves—only now, with a cost effective edge. Colorado’s Piceance Basin is a behemoth 7,100 square miles which hosts over 10,000 wells producing nearly 1 billion cubic feet of gas per day. While it’s a mouth-watering investment in principle, the current market has led some of the country’s largest companies to pull the plug on fracking amid falling natural gas prices. In early January, Colorado’s largest natural gas developer,…

  • This Continent’s Mining Industry Could Crumble This Week

    The title may sound hyperbolic. But Africa is indeed on the verge of complete upheaval in its minerals sector over the coming several days. For one reason: government. Start in major mining center South Africa. Where an announcement is expected any day on a new “strategic minerals” law in the country. The government here has been working for years on a new mining code. With the “strategic” designation being one of the most contentious points. In short, regulators want to take greater control of sectors that are deemed to be in the public interest. Including possibly regulating sales, prices, and…

  • Does This Discovery Show An Exploration Hotspot Rising?

    The world has a new, major ore deposit this week. Thanks to a big exploration effort in a virgin area of a challenging nation. Pakistan. Local press report that successful results have come in the northern Pakistani region of Punjab. Thanks to a year-long program assisted by foreign technical professionals. The main discovery from the work was a sizeable deposit of direct-shipping iron ore. Which has reportedly been assessed at 500 million tonnes -- making this a significant find. A positive feasibility study on the deposit has also been completed, according to press coverage. With experts from China, Germany, Switzerland…