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  • Now Is Not The Time For Bottom Picking

    Greece is the watchword for investors this week and commodities have taken a back seat – but is that the smart way to watch what unfolds in the…

  • Sell Tesla (TSLA) to Buy it Later

    As I search through financial markets looking for opportunities to write about, I am frequently reminded that trading and investing are two very different…

  • Frontier Oil And Gas Play With Growth Potential

    Introduction Unlike some of its neighbors, Morocco is not a major producer of oil and gas. Next door, Algeria is a huge natural gas producer, the largest…

  • Global Energy Advisory – 3rd July 2015

    Politics, Geopolitics & ConflictEgyptWe are concerned about the potential fallout and wider implications of the assassination of a high-ranking Egyptian…

  • Short-Sellers Beware This Coming Week

    August Crude Oil futures finished lower last week for a number of reasons. The market started the week under pressure and never looked back. The catalyst…

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