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  • This Week in Energy: LNG: All Boom, No Bust

    by James Stafford | 17 April 2014 23:13

    As liquefied natural gas (LNG) gains significant traction with big oil and gas companies—spurred most recently by events in Ukraine even if this…

  • Putin is Losing Eastern European Energy Gamble

    by Daniel J. Graeber | 17 April 2014 19:28

    Russian President Vladimir Putin said he doesn't think the European community can do without the natural gas it gets from energy monopoly Gazprom. …

  • Oil & Gas Industry and Locals Battle Over Fracking in Colorado

    by Nick Cunningham | 17 April 2014 19:22

    The battle for the future of oil and gas drilling in the United States is playing out in Colorado as both the industry and environmental groups step up…

  • Israel and Egypt: A Natural [Gas] Match

    by Rory Johnston | 16 April 2014 22:02

    Israel’s newfound natural gas wealth is moving the country from energy importer to potential exporter, altering the energy balance of the region…

  • 300mpg Diesel-Electric Hybrid Unveiled by Volkswagen

    by John Daly | 16 April 2014 21:53

    The star of this week’s Qatar motor show will undoubtedly be Volkswagen’s “one-liter car,” the diesel hybrid XL1, which is able…

  • Private Sector Driving U.S. Wind Market Forward

    by Daniel J. Graeber | 16 April 2014 21:42

    The onshore wind energy sector is booming in the United States, where there's enough of the renewable resource on hand to meet the annual demands for…

  • Are Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Dead On Arrival?

    by Barry Stevens | 16 April 2014 21:31

    The national vision by politicians, economists, industrialists and environmentalists to transition to hydrogen economy by 2030 seems deadlocked, with…

  • Why Angola may be the next OPEC Darling

    by Daniel J. Graeber | 15 April 2014 22:18

    French energy company Total said it was sinking $16 billion into oil projects off the coast of Angola. The French major is following the bread crumbs…

  • Is Natural Gas No Better than Coal?

    by Nick Cunningham | 15 April 2014 21:56

    A new study by scientists from Purdue and Cornell suggests that the methane emissions from shale gas could be much higher than previously thought. The…

  • Opportunity Strikes for Feuding Energy Powers

    by Shahin Abbasov | 15 April 2014 21:44

    The Russia-Ukraine crisis is creating an opportunity for two feuding Caspian-Sea energy powers, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, to become export partners.The…

  • Who Really Won the Cold War Now?

    by Claude Salhani | 15 April 2014 21:35

    Since the fall of the Berlin Wall the West was under the illusion that it had won the Cold War. The Western powers had defeated communism, brought down…

  • Ukraine Falling to Economic Warfare and Its Own Missteps

    by Robert Bensh | 14 April 2014 22:25

    As protests in Ukraine’s eastern region turned violent on Sunday leading to the death of a Ukrainian security officer in a shootout with pro-Russian…

  • What the Loss of Crimea Means for Ukrainian Energy: Interview with Robert Bensh

    by James Stafford | 19 March 2014 23:30

    Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula is now Russia’s. It was done with an impressively organized non-violent military operation, and supported by the…

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