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Crude Oil Prices & Oil Price Forecasts

Oil Price is one of the leading energy news sites online. The site has news and opinion on all fossil fuels covering crude oil, natural gas and coal. 50% of our content is also focused on alternative energy and the environment where we cover solar energy, wind power, and all other clean energy technologies.

The site also contains crude oil price charts and crude oil consumption tables. Our crude oil price charts cover three month periods and our energy tables cover crude oil production and crude oil consumption alongside coal, natural gas, nuclear power and all other major energy sub-sectors.

We are in the process of designing new oil price charts - which will enable visitors to see oil prices for both WTI crude oil and Brent crude oil in more detail.

Oil Price reports can be found on Marketwatch, The Street, Huffington Post, Roubini, USA Today and hundreds of other top news publications.

Our analysis of oil price movements and oil price forecasts are published on a weekly basis and can be found in the relevant categories on the site.

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