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Michael Kern

Michael Kern is a newswriter and editor at Safehaven.com and Oilprice.com

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    The oil market’s knee-jerk reaction to the new Omicron COVID variant on Friday was overblown, according to the CEO of the world’s largest oil company…

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    Back in 2019, Goldman Sachs made waves after becoming the first mainstream Wall Street bank to renounce fossil fuel investments. GS said it would cease…

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    Oil prices have continued to fall this week as rumors of President Biden tapping into U.S. oil reserves combined with a resurgence in covid cases…

  • Hackers Are Threatening The Global Supply Chain

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    As the global supply chain struggles from the aftershocks of the pandemic, spreading the suffering to nearly every industry, cyber criminals vultures are descending on…

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  • Is $85 The New Normal For Oil Markets?

    Published 22 October 2021 | viewed 10,026 times

    Oil has now comfortably settled above $80, with Saudi Arabia refusing to alter its strategy and U.S. shale companies maintaining their spending discipline.For a deeper…

  • Oil Markets Unfazed By Falling Imports From China

    Published 15 October 2021 | viewed 5,104 times

    Oil prices continued to climb on Friday despite worrying import data from China, with traders choosing to focus on increasing oil demand elsewhere. Friday, October 15th,…

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