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Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

Latest articles from Irina

  • Woodside: Gulf Of Mexico Has Solid Growth Potential

    Published 27 August 2021 | viewed 2,253 times

    The Gulf of Mexico offers some good growth opportunities thanks to the quality assets BHP operates there, Australia’s Woodside Petroleum’s chief executive Meg O’Neill told…

  • The Future Of Oil Is Offshore

    Published 26 August 2021 | viewed 5,569 times

    Brazil and its tiny neighbors Guyana and Suriname have recently risen to prominence with major oil discoveries despite what most would see as an unfavorable…

  • U.S. Signals Readiness To Compromise With Iran

    Published 26 August 2021 | viewed 3,112 times

    The United States is ready to make concessions on some “difficult issues” in the Iran nuclear talks, the lead U.S. negotiator in the talks, Robert…

  • India To Boost LNG Import Capacity By 12%

    Published 26 August 2021 | viewed 1,612 times

    India is planning to expand its import capacity for liquefied natural gas by 12 percent by building a new floating import terminal in the western…

  • Line 3 Opponents Rally In Minnesota

    Published 26 August 2021 | viewed 1,130 times

    Protesters gathered in front of the Minnesota State Capitol a day after the state’s Supreme Court allowed construction on the Enbridge Line 3 oil pipeline…

  • LNG’s Position As A Bridge Fuel Remains Strong

    Published 25 August 2021 | viewed 2,860 times

    When earlier this month analysts sounded the alarm for Europe’s energy security because of the looming shortage of liquefied natural gas, the culprit behind the…

  • Oil Ticks Higher On Crude Inventory Draw

    Published 25 August 2021 | viewed 7,721 times

    Oil prices recouped some of their latest losses today, after the Energy Information Administration reported a crude oil inventory draw of 3 million barrels for…

  • Oil Prices Flat As Mexico Looks To Restore Production

    Published 25 August 2021 | viewed 1,873 times

    Mexico's Pemex has restored about 17 percent of the more than 400,000 bpd in oil production it lost due to a fire that erupted on…

  • Why Pfizer’s FDA Approval Has Been A Boon For Oil Prices

    Published 24 August 2021 | viewed 5,484 times

    The recent resurgence in Covid-19 infections in many parts of the world led not just to a slump in oil prices but growing pessimism about…

  • The Taliban Is Sitting On $1 Trillion In Natural Resources

    Published 24 August 2021 | viewed 4,219 times

    The international outrage over the Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan still hasn’t subsided. But another issue is rising to prominence: the troubled country’s mineral wealth—mineral wealth…

  • GM Recalls All Chevy Bolt EVs On Safety Concerns

    Published 24 August 2021 | viewed 1,739 times

    General Motors has extended a recall for its Chevy Bolt EV to all cars with that make it has produced on concerns about the combustibility…

  • Oil Glut In Asia Worsens

    Published 24 August 2021 | viewed 29,107 times

    The amount of oil held in floating storage at Asian ports is growing, with Iranian and Venezuelan crude cargoes earlier this month pushing Asian floating…

  • Iran's Mega Gas Find Could Become Major Supply Source For EU

    Published 23 August 2021 | viewed 5,659 times

    A new natural gas find in the Iranian section of the Caspian Sea could turn the country into a major supplier to Europe, the Tehran…

  • Merkel: Europe Will No Longer Need Russian Gas In 25 Years

    Published 23 August 2021 | viewed 3,979 times

    Europe will no longer need Russian gas in twenty-five years, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said at a meeting with Ukraine's president, Vladimir Zelenski. "Europe will…

  • Will Big Oil Use High Oil Prices To Go Green?

    Published 22 August 2021 | viewed 4,310 times

    Estimate-beating profits and solid cash positions were marks of the first half of the year for Big Oil majors and for their smaller rivals, too.…

  • The World’s Newest Oil Countries Are Racing To Exploit Reserves

    Published 20 August 2021 | viewed 5,887 times

    The new kids on the oil block—Guyana, Suriname, and Ghana—have no plans to let their newly discovered oil wealth go to waste by joining global…

  • Europe Faces LNG Supply Crunch

    Published 20 August 2021 | viewed 8,181 times

    Europe is facing a potentially tough winter with natural gas supply nowhere near enough to meet heightened seasonal demand, Bloomberg has reported, citing storage data…

  • Big Oil’s Foray Into Renewables Has Completely Changed The Market

    Published 19 August 2021 | viewed 11,661 times

    That the oil and gas industry is problematic is perhaps too mild a way to put it. Fossil fuel producers have recently become the singular…

  • Oil Drilling Activity To Jump In Guyana, Suriname

    Published 19 August 2021 | viewed 1,914 times

    Guyana and Suriname, the new stars on the oil map, are expecting more exploration drilling over the next two years after a string of discoveries…

  • Oil Sinks On Signals Fed May Soon End Stimulus

    Published 19 August 2021 | viewed 17,040 times

    West Texas Intermediate sank to $63 per barrel after news reports suggested the Federal Reserve is about to start winding down its bond-buying program that…

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