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Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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  • Germans Urged To Conserve Energy To Pressure Russia

    Published 15 April 2022 | viewed 1,709 times

    The German economy minister has called on people to save energy in order to put pressure on Russia by reducing the country's consumption of gas…

  • EU Begins Drafting Embargo On Russian Oil

    Published 15 April 2022 | viewed 9,146 times

    The European Union has started drafting its proposal for an embargo on Russian oil imports as its latest response to the war in Ukraine, the…

  • U.S. Natural Gas Prices To Spike As Exports Boom

    Published 14 April 2022 | viewed 41,211 times

    Meet Europe, the newest and unlikeliest star on the LNG stage. Europe recently had to reconsider its emissions-cutting ambitions in light of the danger of…

  • Demand Destruction May Kick In After Lithium Price Explosion

    Published 14 April 2022 | viewed 6,422 times

    After skyrocketing by almost 500 percent over the past 12 months, lithium prices are beginning to slow their climb as current price levels begin to…

  • Libya Eyes Increase In Oil Output To 1.4 Million Bpd

    Published 14 April 2022 | viewed 1,652 times

    The Libyan government wants to boost the country's oil production to 1.4 million barrels daily, the Cabinet said on Facebook, as cited by Reuters today.…

  • Russia Ready To Sell Oil At Any Price

    Published 13 April 2022 | viewed 37,614 times

    Russia is ready to sell crude oil at pretty much any price, but only to friendly countries, Energy Minister Nikolay Shulginov told Russian news agency…

  • Oil Prices Slip On Huge Crude Inventory Build

    Published 13 April 2022 | viewed 41,217 times

    Crude oil prices moved lower today after the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported that crude oil inventories had added 9.4 million barrels in the week…

  • World’s Largest Oil Trader To Completely Phase Out Russian Crude

    Published 13 April 2022 | viewed 31,386 times

    Commodity major Vitol plans to wind down its activities involving Russian crude oil by the end of the year, Bloomberg has reported, citing a spokesman…

  • Is $100 Oil Sustainable?

    Published 12 April 2022 | viewed 17,595 times

    One popular saying in the oil industry says that the only cure for high oil prices is high oil prices. With a war in Europe,…

  • Could A Full Oil Embargo Stop The War In Ukraine?

    Published 12 April 2022 | viewed 3,916 times

    A "real embargo" on Russian oil could end the war in Ukraine in a matter of months, the BBC has reported, citing a former chief…

  • High Prices Make Oil And Gas Much More Appealing To Big Banks

    Published 11 April 2022 | viewed 7,557 times

    Banks have been actively seeking ways to distance themselves from the oil and gas industry in recent years under growing pressure from pro-energy transition activists.…

  • EU Considers Toughening Renewable Energy Targets

    Published 11 April 2022 | viewed 4,605 times

    The European Union may make its renewable energy capacity buildup targets even more ambitious than they already are in light of its search for alternatives…

  • Ineos Wants To Show UK Fracking Can Be Safe

    Published 11 April 2022 | viewed 3,395 times

    Energy independent Ineos, one of the largest oil and gas operators in the North Sea, has asked the UK government for a license to develop…

  • The West Is Suffering The Consequences Of Poor Energy Decisions

    Published 10 April 2022 | viewed 19,542 times

    There has been an unspoken assumption that the West knows what it’s doing because it has been doing it longer than the East. Almost all…

  • Outlook For China Oil Demand Darkens

    Published 08 April 2022 | viewed 133,287 times

    The outlook for crude oil demand in the world’s second-largest consumer is dimmed amid the continued increase in Covid-19 cases and the extended lockdown in…

  • Is Today’s Energy Shortage Worse Than The 1970s Oil Crisis?

    Published 07 April 2022 | viewed 17,385 times

    In 1973, after the Yom Kippur war between Israel and a coalition of Arab countries, Middle Eastern oil producers declared an embargo on oil exports…

  • U.S. Gas Firms Meet With European Buyers

    Published 07 April 2022 | viewed 7,370 times

    Executives from several U.S. LNG producing companies met with European energy officials to discuss purchases of liquefied natural gas. The meetings, held in the United…

  • Canada Greenlights Controversial $12 Billion Deepwater Oil Project

    Published 07 April 2022 | viewed 19,521 times

    The federal government of Canada has granted its approval for a $12-billion oil project offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, to be led by Norwegian state major…

  • $150 Oil Is Still A Distinct Possibility

    Published 06 April 2022 | viewed 29,845 times

    The European Union seems to be warming to the idea of direct sanctions on Russia’s energy industry, slapping a ban on imports of coal for…

  • Michel: EU Will Have To Ban Russian Oil, Gas

    Published 06 April 2022 | viewed 8,685 times

    The European Union will have to impose sanctions on Russian oil and gas “at some point”, Reuters has reported, citing the head of the European…

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