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  • 2 hours Biden suspends oil and gas drilling on Federal Lands for 60 days for review.
  • 9 hours Navalny Poisoning Weakens Russo German Relations
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  • 8 hours Here it is, the actual Complaint filed by Dominion Voting Machines against Sydney Powell
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  • 1 day a In 2020, we produced and delivered half a million cars.
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Irina Slav


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Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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  • Explosion At Saudi Port Damages Oil Tanker

    Published 14 December 2020 | viewed 4,055 times

    An explosion rocked a Singapore-flagged oil tanker at the Saudi Red Sea port of Jeddah, according to multiple media reports. The United Kingdom Maritime Trade…

  • Bombshell Report Pours Cold Water On Global LNG Outlook

    Published 13 December 2020 | viewed 66,832 times

    When the European Union tied its pandemic relief plan to renewable energy generation and emissions reduction targets, analysts sounded an alarm for LNG as the…

  • EU Reaches Agreement On Emission Cuts

    Published 11 December 2020 | viewed 1,245 times

    The European Union earlier today finally reached an agreement on more stringent emissions-cutting goals for the next decade. After long discussions, the block agreed to…

  • Texas Regulator Banned From Waiving Environmental Rules

    Published 11 December 2020 | viewed 3,641 times

    The Texas Railroad Commission has been banned from enforcing a string of environmental rule waivers after a judge ruled the agency had failed to provide…

  • Is This The World’s Next Major Driver Of Oil Demand?

    Published 10 December 2020 | viewed 7,773 times

    The energy industry has been plagued by the sharp and deep drop in oil demand for months, and the outlook does not look too good…

  • Could We Actually See A Reversal In Energy Efficiency?

    Published 10 December 2020 | viewed 4,253 times

    Energy efficiency has become the next victim of the coronavirus pandemic, with lockdowns and a recession limiting efficiency gains now and into the future as…

  • Mexico Plans Further Debt Relief For Pemex

    Published 10 December 2020 | viewed 1,417 times

    The Mexican government is mulling over additional tax relief measures for state energy giant Pemex to help it reduce the biggest debt load in the…

  • Oil Plunges After EIA Reports Huge Crude Build

    Published 09 December 2020 | viewed 51,195 times

    The Energy Information Administration reported today a massive crude oil inventory build of 15.189 million barrels for the week to December 4, after a modest…

  • Canada's Oil Heartland Goes Into Lockdown As Covid-19 Infections Surge

    Published 09 December 2020 | viewed 3,366 times

    Alberta, Canada’s oil heartland, will go on lockdown for at least four weeks beginning this Sunday after a surge in Covid-19 infections that made the…

  • Russia Braces For Permanent Decline In Oil Demand

    Published 08 December 2020 | viewed 9,855 times

    Russia has signaled it may be starting to prepare for a permanent decline in crude oil demand over the long term, even after the devastating…

  • Porsche Is Looking Beyond Electric Vehicles

    Published 08 December 2020 | viewed 15,932 times

    Earlier this month, car giant Porsche announced that it was investing $24 million in the development of e-fuels to use in its sports cars. The…

  • Asia Free Trade Deal Widens Oil Supply Channels To China

    Published 08 December 2020 | viewed 2,619 times

    The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership that 15 Asian nations signed last month will place South Korea and Japan in a more favorable position as oil…

  • China’s Oil Buying Spree Is Slowing

    Published 08 December 2020 | viewed 1,957 times

    China’s record-high imports from earlier this year continued to slow down last month along with other commodity imports, as demand growth slackens. The average amount…

  • Iraq To Budget For $42 Oil In 2021

    Published 07 December 2020 | viewed 2,486 times

    Iraq will draft its budget based on an average oil price of $42 per barrel for next year, oil minister Ihsan Abdul Jabbar Ismail said…

  • Iran Prepares For Oil Export Boost

    Published 07 December 2020 | viewed 3,702 times

    Iran is preparing to start expanding its crude oil exports ahead of Joe Biden's inauguration in January in a clear sign it expects better bilateral…

  • Shale Executives See Little Chance Of Significant Growth

    Published 06 December 2020 | viewed 12,592 times

    Crude oil production in the United States has been on the rise, topping 10.86 million bpd in September—the highest since May. Still, it’s a lot…

  • Top Oil Stocks For Investors This December

    Published 06 December 2020 | viewed 5,026 times

    Energy was one of the hardest-hit industries by the coronavirus pandemic. It was, without exaggeration, pummeled into the ground, with demand destruction causing dozens of…

  • Denmark To End Oil Production In 2050

    Published 04 December 2020 | viewed 4,037 times

    Denmark will stop extracting oil from the North Sea in 2050, the Danish government has said, adding it would cancel its eighth licensing round, announced…

  • Russian Energy Minister Sees 2 Million Bpd OPEC+ Output Increase In April

    Published 04 December 2020 | viewed 2,984 times

    A day after OPEC reached a difficult agreement to boost oil production by half a million barrels daily from January, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander…

  • Saudi Oil Exports To U.S. Slump To 35-Year Low

    Published 03 December 2020 | viewed 3,678 times

    Saudi Arabia’s crude oil exports to the United States fell to the lowest in 35 years in October, averaging less than 100,000 bpd, Bloomberg reported,…

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