• 4 mintues Texas forced to have rolling brown outs. Not from downed power line , but because the wind energy turbines are frozen.
  • 7 minutes Forecasts for oil stocks.
  • 9 minutes Biden's $2 trillion Plan for Insfrastructure and Jobs
  • 13 minutes European gas market to 2040 according to Platts Analitics
  • 3 hours Simple question: What is the expected impact in electricity Demand when EV deployment exceeds 10%
  • 8 hours America's pandemic dead deserve accountability after Birx disclosure
  • 2 hours Putin blocks Ukraine access to Black Sea after Joe blinks
  • 1 day Today Biden calls for Summit with Putin. Will Joe apologize to Putin for calling him a "Killer" ?
  • 15 hours U.S. Presidential Elections Status - Electoral Votes
  • 2 days Fukushima
  • 3 days CO2 Mitigation on Earth and Magnesium Civilization on Mars – Just Add Water
  • 16 hours Biden about to face first real test. Russia building up military on Ukraine border.
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