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Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

Latest articles from Irina

  • Could Europe Really Return to Russian Gas?

    Published 17 January 2023 | viewed 8,674 times

      Germany has ended its reliance on Russian gas. The news made some cheer and others smile sarcastically while they ask to see the bill.…

  • Oil Prices Steady After China Releases GDP Data

    Published 17 January 2023 | viewed 5,082 times

    Oil prices moved in different directions today after the announcement of 2022 GDP data from China, eagerly awaited by the oil market. The data showed…

  • Will Oil Continue To See Extreme Volatility?

    Published 16 January 2023 | viewed 5,965 times

    Last year saw some quite significant swings in oil prices, mostly driven by geopolitical events but also by China’s zero-Covid policy. This year appears to…

  • Germany's Energy Crisis Sends It Tumbling Down Investment Rankings

    Published 16 January 2023 | viewed 4,750 times

    The energy shortages plaguing Europe’s largest economy since 2021 have affected its attractiveness as an investment destination. According to a report in the German daily…

  • Oil Prices Head Lower As Traders Take Profits

    Published 16 January 2023 | viewed 20,644 times

    Crude oil began the week with a decline as traders took profits from last week’s rally and settled down to wait for market forecasts due…

  • U.S. Oil Production Growth’s Path Is Clear

    Published 14 January 2023 | viewed 49,332 times

    How much will U.S. oil production grow this year—this is the question on a lot of minds, both in the United States itself, and across…

  • U.S. Natural Gas Prices Plummet Despite Inventory Drop

    Published 13 January 2023 | viewed 21,547 times

    Natural gas prices in the United States have plunged and remained low despite a sharp drop in inventories at the end of 2022. Reuters’ John…

  • Oil Prices On Track For A 6% Weekly Gain

    Published 13 January 2023 | viewed 2,860 times

    After a weak start of the year, oil prices are on track for a respectable increase this week thanks to expectations of a rebound in…

  • Chinese Solar Company Plans To Open A Factory In The U.S.

    Published 12 January 2023 | viewed 2,753 times

    A Chinese solar panel maker is planning to open a factory in the United States despite trade tensions between the two. JA Solar Technology Co.,…

  • 180 Million Barrels Of Crude May Never Be Returned To The SPR

    Published 11 January 2023 | viewed 42,946 times

    Earlier this week, the Biden administration rejected the first bids from companies offering to sell crude oil into the strategic petroleum reserve of the country.…

  • Oil Prices Steady As Chinese Demand Counters Huge Crude Build

    Published 11 January 2023 | viewed 19,048 times

    WTI oil held steady at $76 per barrel, after the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported an inventory build of 19 million barrels for the first…

  • Traders Are Betting On A Diesel Shortage

    Published 10 January 2023 | viewed 6,589 times

    Talk of a global diesel shortage subsided in the past few weeks as oil prices once again took center stage, but the tight supply situation…

  • Biden Administration Considers Banning Gas Stoves

    Published 10 January 2023 | viewed 8,365 times

    The Biden administration may move to ban the use of gas stoves on the grounds of new research suggesting they may be related to health…

  • China Ramps Up Imports Of Russia’s Arctic Crude

    Published 10 January 2023 | viewed 2,136 times

    China has stepped up imports of Arctic Russian crude grades in the latest sign of a re-routing of Russian oil deliveries internationally. The shift was…

  • Europe’s Warm Winter May Not Be Such Good News For Energy

    Published 09 January 2023 | viewed 24,077 times

    The last month has been a month of celebration in the European Union. Gas demand is down because of the unusually warm weather. As a…

  • Oil Prices Climb As China Reopens Its Borders

    Published 09 January 2023 | viewed 13,268 times

    Crude oil prices began the week with gains after China reopened its borders, spurring optimism that the country was indeed coming out of its Covid-related…

  • Can A Buyers Cartel Challenge OPEC?

    Published 08 January 2023 | viewed 11,523 times

          Italy’s former PM Mario Draghi suggested it first, then U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen took up the idea and built on it.…

  • RBC: If Oil Prices Fall Further, OPEC Will Act

    Published 06 January 2023 | viewed 26,188 times

    If the selloff in oil continues and prices continue down, OPEC may well swing into action, RBC Capital Markets’ head of global commodity strategy Helima…

  • Oil Prices Recover Slightly On Hopes Of Rising Chinese Demand

    Published 06 January 2023 | viewed 2,949 times

    Crude oil prices could end this week with a more moderate decline than expected at the start of the week, as optimism about Chinese demand…

  • U.S. Oil and Gas Is In No Hurry To Grow

    Published 05 January 2023 | viewed 8,149 times

    Last year was a rather surprising one for those used to seeing a short and visible link between oil prices and U.S. oil production. In…

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