• 6 days Retail On Pace For Most Bankruptcies And Store Closures Ever In One Year: BDO
  • 10 minutes America Could Go Fully Electric Right Now
  • 8 days Majors Oil COs diversify into Renewables ? What synergies forget have with Solar Panels and Wind Tirbines ? None !
  • 25 mins Most ridiculous green proposal
  • 6 hours The Green Hydrogen Problem That No One Is Talking About
  • 19 hours China Sets Its Sights On Global [EV, AI, CRISPR, Fusion, Navel Lint Collector] Dominance
  • 2 hours Rethinking election outcomes for oil.
  • 13 hours The City of Sturgis Update on the Motorcycle Rally held there, and the MSM's reporting hence
  • 6 hours Biden's laptop
  • 30 mins P@A will cost Texas Taxpayers $117 Billion.
  • 3 hours QUESTION: With worldwide 1.4 Billion passenger vehicles and 360 Million commercial vehicles using combustion engines how long before gasoline and distillates measurably decline. .
  • 6 hours Video Evidence that the CCP controls Joe Biden
  • 2 days Republicans Have Become the Party of Hate
  • 7 hours Making diamonds from thin air
  • 2 days Australia’s Commodities Heartland Set for Major Hydrogen Plant

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