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    Published 24 April 2015 | viewed 10,622 times

    In July of 2012, the mother of 21-year old Dustin Bergsing filed a wrongful-death suit in Yellowstone County District Court. Bergsing died on January 7…

  • Total U.S. Rig Count Drop Over 50%

    Published 17 April 2015 | viewed 7,001 times

    Rig counts fell for a record 19th week in a row. Total rigs dropped 34 to 954 and oil rigs dropped 26 to 374. This…

  • Did China’s ‘Warren Buffett’ Rig His Own Stocks?

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    With 30% of the 'money' in Chinese stocks officially 'dumb money' and leverage of epic proportions, it is hardly surprising that the wealthiest of wealthy…

  • Creditors Pulling The Rug From Under U.S. Shale Sector

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    Back in early 2007, just as the first signs of the bursting housing and credit bubble were becoming visible, one of the primary harbingers of…

  • Crude Oil Chokepoints And Why Yemen Matters

    Published 27 March 2015 | viewed 9,034 times

    About half the world's oil production is moved by tankers on fixed maritime routes, according to Reuters. The blockage of a chokepoint, even temporarily, can…

  • The Hunt For Fukushima’s Missing Reactor Fuel

    Published 25 March 2015 | viewed 10,442 times

    In the same week as Japan unveils its Pacific-Rim-esque anti-tsunami wall public works project, and Japanese government auditors say the operator of the Fukushima Dai-ichi…

  • Norway Investing Oil Wealth In Foreign Real Estate

    Published 24 March 2015 | viewed 6,355 times

    Norway is stuck between a rock and a hard place. Last week, the Norges Bank defied market expectations by leaving rates unchanged citing an overheating…

  • Whiting Forced To Issue Massive Secondary

    Published 24 March 2015 | viewed 5,013 times

    Having been exuberantly chased briefly after announcing it was looking for a buyer - fueling further excitement about a low-oil-price-driven Shale firm M&A boom -…

  • Oil Prices Could Crash Hard This Summer

    Published 23 March 2015 | viewed 10,262 times

    Less than two weeks ago we warned that based on the current oil production trend, the US may run out of storage for crude as…

  • Oil Price Crash Creates New Wild West In Shale Boom Towns

    Published 12 March 2015 | viewed 16,653 times

    With crude prices reeling from the effects of geopolitical wrangling and surging production, it’s a tough time to be a resident of an oil boom…

  • Saudi King Promises To Protect Against Oil Price Slump

    Published 11 March 2015 | viewed 8,133 times

    In what some note could be a pre-emptive strike against rising social tensions in The Kingdom, new (and potentially crazy) King Salman bin Abdulaziz vowed…

  • ISIS Burn Iraqi Oil Fields To Hold Off Iraqi Offensive

    Published 06 March 2015 | viewed 20,519 times

    Thick black smoke billowing from oil wells northeast of the city of Tikrit is obstructing Shi'ite militiamen and Iraqi soldiers attempts to drive ISIS from…

  • Crude Down Following Biggest Weekly Inventory Rise In 14 Years

    Published 04 March 2015 | viewed 6,708 times

    So much for last night's lower than expected API build, DOE data shows a massive build compared to the 3.95 mm barrels expected: • *CRUDE…

  • Oil Prices Tumble As Pace Of Rig Count Decline Slows

    Published 27 February 2015 | viewed 9,798 times

    With production and inventories at record levels despite the total collapse in rig counts, all eyes remain on Baker Hughes data for any signal the…

  • Oil Markets Jumped The Gun

    Published 23 February 2015 | viewed 7,885 times

    Perhaps the world is beginning to realize that "it's the demand, stupid" as crude oil prices are collapsing this morning (not helped by "all out…

  • EIA Inventory Announcement Scuppers Oil Rally Hopes

    Published 19 February 2015 | viewed 10,273 times

    Between European uncertainty and last night's massive API inventory build (14.3mm barrels), Brent and WTI crude was sliding into today's inventory data - well off…

  • As Rig Count continues To Fall, Production Soars To Record Highs

    Published 13 February 2015 | viewed 9,304 times

    Despite the dramatic plunge in rig counts, this week saw yet another surge in production to record highs and with storage levels getting close to…

  • After Saudi Arabia Crushes US Shale Who Will It Go After Next?

    Published 09 February 2015 | viewed 16,939 times

    Whether it is to cripple the will of Putin and end his support of the Syria regime (thus handing the much desired gas-pipeline traversing territory…

  • When Conspiracy Theory Becomes Fact

    Published 04 February 2015 | viewed 17,810 times

    While the markets are still debating whether the price of oil is more impacted by the excess pumping of crude here, or the lack of…

  • Exxon Unveils The Bad News On All Fronts

    Published 02 February 2015 | viewed 9,492 times

    Earlier today, following our chart showing the devastation in Q1 earning forecasts, Exxon Mobil came out with its Q4 earnings, and - as tends to…

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