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Latest articles from JLC

  • Chinese Oil Futures Rally On Saudi Attacks

    Published 16 September 2019 | viewed 9,878 times

    The prices of China’s crude futures and refined oil surged on Monday as Chinese independent refiners are grappling with rising costs as a direct result…

  • China's Refined Oil Imports Jump 28.4% In August

    Published 11 September 2019 | viewed 7,604 times

    China’s imports of refined oil products in August jumped by 462,000 mt or 28.4% from the previous month but dropped by 615,000 mt or 22.7%…

  • Chinese Oil Majors Consume More Crude In August

    Published 03 September 2019 | viewed 9,586 times

    PetroChina and Sinopec’s daily crude consumption grew further in August 2019, because of more unit restarts, JLC data shows. This increase comes after a modest 1.25%…

  • China's July Gasoline Exports Surge 56.1 Percent

    Published 30 August 2019 | viewed 7,785 times

    China exported about 1.56million mt of gasoline in July 2019, a surge of about 559,900 mt or 56.1% from June, according to data from the country’s General Administration…

  • Tariffs To Decimate China’s US Crude Oil Imports

    Published 27 August 2019 | viewed 19,277 times

    China is likely to stop the import of US crude, as 5% tariffs on such crude will be put into place starting from September 1,…

  • China May Ramp Up Gasoline Exports In H2 2019

    Published 13 August 2019 | viewed 8,918 times

    China may ramp up gasoline exports in the second half of 2019 amid a glut of the fuel in its domestic market and higher export…

  • Chinese Oil Majors Consume More Crude In July

    Published 03 August 2019 | viewed 10,646 times

    PetroChina and Sinopec’s daily crude consumption grew in July 2019, because of unit restarts by PetroChina, JLC data shows. The two companies’ crude throughput totaled…

  • China's Crude Imports From Saudi Arabia Smash Record In June

    Published 30 July 2019 | viewed 9,570 times

    China’s crude imports from Saudi Arabia surged to 7.72 million mt, or about 1.89 million barrels per day (bpd) in June, shattering the record of…

  • Chinese LNG Imports See Strong Growth This Summer

    Published 27 July 2019 | viewed 18,576 times

    China imported 4.53 million mt of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in June 2019, up 14.9% year on year and 10,000 mt or 2.3% month on…

  • China Issues Third-Batch Quotas For Oil Product Exports

    Published 25 July 2019 | viewed 8,579 times

    China has issued the third batch of 2019 quotas for ordinary-trade refined oil export, permitting six million mt of exports, according to an industry source.…

  • China Records Rare Drop In Gasoline Output

    Published 20 July 2019 | viewed 13,142 times

    China recorded a year-on-year decline in its gasoline production in June 2019, the first time so far this year, which has also been rarely seen over…

  • China Data Breakdown: Oil Consumption Rises 5.8% In H1 2019

    Published 18 July 2019 | viewed 13,094 times

    China’s crude throughput totaled around 316.97 million mt in the first half of 2019, up by 5.8% year on year, data from the National Bureau of…

  • China To Boost Fuel Prices On July 10

    Published 10 July 2019 | viewed 9,669 times

    China will raise the retail ceilings of gasoline by CNY150/mt and diesel by CNY140/mt on July 10 (Wednesday), as international crude prices have rebounded in…

  • PetroChina Pushes Subsidiaries To Export More Gasoline

    Published 05 July 2019 | viewed 10,178 times

    PetroChina started to give its subsidiaries subsidies to export gasoline each month as the domestic supply glut is worsening amid increased production, market sources said.Domestic gasoline…

  • China Raises Crude Import Quotas Amid Falling Refining Margins

    Published 03 July 2019 | viewed 7,701 times

    China’s Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) has issued this year’s second-batch quotas for non-state crude imports, permitting 56.85 million mt of import, according to a notice from…

  • China's May Gasoline Exports Tumble 27.8 Percent

    Published 28 June 2019 | viewed 8,872 times

    China exported about 847,700 mt of gasoline in May 2019, a drop of about 326,900 mt or 27.8% from April, according to data from the…

  • Chinese Oil Majors Refine Less Crude Due To ‘Maintenance Problems’

    Published 19 June 2019 | viewed 9,641 times

    Chinese state-owned refiners’ operating rates remained low in the first half of June, because of more refinery extended refinery maintenance, JLC data shows. This lull…

  • Chinese Gasoline And Diesel Prices In Freefall As Fundamentals Worsen

    Published 18 June 2019 | viewed 19,774 times

    China’s domestic wholesale gasoline and diesel prices have been falling amid weakening international crude and soft market fundamentals recently, and they tend to lose more…

  • China's Biodiesel Imports Rise 194.2%

    Published 12 June 2019 | viewed 10,748 times

    China’s biodiesel imports increased in April 2019, as domestic demand moved up and the supply turned tight.China imported 38,669.1 mt of biodiesel (HS Code: 38260000)…

  • Sinopec Forms LNG Trading JV With Russia's Novatek, Gazprombank

    Published 11 June 2019 | viewed 11,169 times

    Sinopec has signed heads of agreement with Russia's Novatek and Gazprombank to establish a joint venture in China for selling liquefied natural gas (LNG) to…

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