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Musk: The Price Of A Tesla Could Skyrocket

Musk: The Price Of A Tesla Could Skyrocket

Tesla fans who plan on…

The Next Major Catalyst For Oil

The Next Major Catalyst For Oil

Oil markets rallied on a…

Tesla To Repair Its Own Cars After Accidents


“Tesla is bringing most collision repairs in-house, as outside firms take weeks to months for repairs, driving Tesla owners (and us) crazy,” CEO Elon Musk said in a tweet this weekend. He followed up with another one saying “Exciting to see some Tesla collision repair operations already completing within 24 hrs. Aiming for same day soon, then under an hour.”

A final tweet on the topic built expectations further, saying “Goal is for repaired car to be better than before accident. Should always be true if damaged/used parts are correctly replaced with newer parts.”

The last tweet prompted humorous replies such as “So it’s best to repeatedly crash to get the best possible car?” and “So cool, going to crash my model x right now.” Yet the earlier tweets drew some completely non-humorous criticism from Tesla owners lamenting that they had to wait for months until a spare part arrived at the place where their car was being repaired.

One Tesla owner also slammed the company for its customer service: “After 1 week with our NEW Tesla X, it broke down. With Tesla service Center for over a week. On the drive home it breaks down AGAIN. Now without a car AGAIN. How about you focus on your own customer service. Terrible.”

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The mixed reactions are a reflection of Musk’s habit to make grand statements and promises on Twitter and build up expectations, which are not always met. It used to be that every reaction from Tesla owners was overwhelmingly positive, but it now seems that even the Tesla fan club are showing signs of skepticism towards Musk’s tweets.

This was only to be expected after missed production deadlines, a string of accidents that drivers blamed—rightly or not—on the Autopilot feature of the cars, and a bombshell from Musk last month when he said he planned to take Tesla private. Musk later retracted his stated plans after consulting with the Tesla board of directors.

By Irina Slav for Oilprice.com

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