• 3 minutes Shale Oil Fiasco
  • 7 minutes "Leaked" request by some Democrats that they were asking Nancy to coordinate censure instead of impeachment.
  • 12 minutes Trump's China Strategy: Death By a Thousand Paper Cuts
  • 16 minutes Global Debt Worries. How Will This End?
  • 28 mins americavchina.com
  • 2 hours Tories on course to win majority
  • 3 hours POTUS Trump signs the HK Bill
  • 24 hours Greta named Time Magazine "Person of the Year"
  • 1 hour Winter Storms Hitting Continental US
  • 11 hours WTO is effectively neutered. Trump *already* won the trade war against China and WTO is helpless to intervene
  • 7 hours Everything you think you know about economics is WRONG!
  • 1 day Forget The Hype, Aramco Shares May be Valued At Zero Next Year
  • 7 hours Aramco Raises $25.6B in World's Biggest IPO
  • 2 hours China Burns More Coal than the Rest of the World !
  • 1 hour 2nd Annual Great Oil Price Prediction Challenge of 2019
Irina Slav


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Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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  • The Decisive Battle For Libya’s Oil Has Begun

    Published 13 December 2019 | viewed 3,994 times

    General Khalifa Haftar has announced “the decisive battle and the advance on the heart of Tripoli,” after eight months of trying to take over the…

  • B.C. Drivers Cross Border To Fill Up Tanks More Cheaply

    Published 13 December 2019 | viewed 3,937 times

    Almost a fifth of drivers in British Columbia have resorted to crossing the border into the United States just to fill up with cheaper gasoline,…

  • The EU Agrees To Cut Emissions To Net Zero By 2050

    Published 13 December 2019 | viewed 1,932 times

    The European Union agreed to cut its total emissions to net-zero by 2050 after ten hours of debates as Eastern European states demanded financial help…

  • Despite Crisis, PDVSA Offers Yoga Lessons To Employees

    Published 12 December 2019 | viewed 3,222 times

    Venezuela’s oil company PDVSA appears to be in shambles for most observers but besides managing to boost its oil production last month, the state firm…

  • Baker Hughes Eyes 100% Renewable Energy For Texas Operations

    Published 12 December 2019 | viewed 5,805 times

    Baker Hughes has vowed to generate 100 percent of the energy it uses in Texas from solar and wind power capacity, Bloomberg reports, citing a…

  • IEA Pours Cold Water Over OPEC+ Optimism

    Published 12 December 2019 | viewed 12,579 times

    Despite deeper OPEC+ production cuts, global oil supply will be about 700,000 bpd in excess of consumption in early 2020, the International Energy Agency said…

  • Newcomer Wins Big In Alaska’s Most Successful Oil Auction In A Decade

    Published 12 December 2019 | viewed 4,036 times

    North Slope Exploration LLC, a newcomer in the U.S. oil industry, has become the leading bidder in what officials say was the most successful Alaska…

  • Should The West Be Worried About The Power Of Siberia Pipeline?

    Published 11 December 2019 | viewed 9,667 times

    A massive work of infrastructure has just been brought online, and its geopolitical implications are explosive.    Last week, the presidents of Russia and China jointly…

  • Scientific Breakthrough Could Upend Lithium Market

    Published 11 December 2019 | viewed 19,446 times

    Lithium-ion battery recycling is a big topic in energy right now. Recycling lithium itself, the element that makes these batteries what they are, has not…

  • Why Venezuela’s Production Rebound Is So Significant For Oil Markets

    Published 11 December 2019 | viewed 17,129 times

    Venezuela’s PDVSA produced between 926,000 and 965,000 bpd of crude oil last month, up by as much as 20 percent from the previous month when…

  • Oil Prices Fall On Bearish EIA Data

    Published 11 December 2019 | viewed 24,194 times

    Crude oil prices moved lower today after the Energy Information Administration reported a crude oil inventory build of 800,000 barrels for the first week of…

  • Is The $2 Trillion Aramco Target Still Possible?

    Published 11 December 2019 | viewed 2,490 times

    The Saudi government is pressuring local state investment funds and wealthy individuals and families to buy Aramco shares, an unnamed source familiar with developments told…

  • Creating The OPEC Of Natural Gas

    Published 10 December 2019 | viewed 26,263 times

    With global gas supplies growing faster than demand and forecasters warning of a deepening glut, it was only a matter of time before analysts began…

  • Caracas Caves, Releases Jailed American Citgo Executives

    Published 10 December 2019 | viewed 4,253 times

    Venezuela has released six Citgo executives who were arrested and sent to jail on charges of corruption two years ago, Reuters reports, citing unnamed sources.…

  • Argentina's Shale Boom Hits New Milestone

    Published 10 December 2019 | viewed 12,239 times

    YPF, the Argentine state energy company, has drilled the longest horizontal oil well lateral, at 3,890 meters, or more than 12,700 feet, in the Vaca…

  • Russian Oil Major Returns To Libya After 5 Year Hiatus

    Published 10 December 2019 | viewed 5,870 times

    The National Oil Corporation of Libya has announced that Russia’s Tatneft has returned to its exploration project in the North African country, in the Northwest.…

  • Canada's Oil Crisis Isn't As Bad As It Seems

    Published 09 December 2019 | viewed 15,549 times

    Any investor or prospective investor googling “Alberta”--Canada’s key oil-producing province--will likely give up before clicking any further, at this point. The results will be a…

  • Aramco Looks To Build An LNG Fleet

    Published 09 December 2019 | viewed 22,975 times

    Aramco’s shipping division has issued an expression of interest in the chartering of up to a dozen LNG carriers beginning in 2025, Reuters reports, citing…

  • Iran President Announces Russia-Backed “Budget of Resistance”

    Published 09 December 2019 | viewed 5,987 times

    Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani announced a “budget of resistance” to U.S. sanctions, including a $5-billion loan from Russia. Reuters quoted Rouhani as saying the budget…

  • Goldman Sachs Sees Higher Oil Prices In 2020

    Published 09 December 2019 | viewed 44,547 times

    Goldman Sachs lifted its crude oil price forecast for 2020 on the grounds that OPEC’s deeper production cuts will help the market avoid oversupply, Bloomberg…

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