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Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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    The Alberta provincial government has granted oil companies a three-year municipal property tax break to help them cope with the latest crisis, which hit before…

  • This Deal Could Create The Next Big Shale Giant

    Published 20 October 2020 | viewed 10,685 times

    Just a day after ConocoPhilips announced it will buy Concho Resources, another U.S. oil major was reported to be in talks to buy a fellow…

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    In a year marked by huge spending cuts across the oil and gas industry amid urgently revised budgets and slashed investments, some analysts are now…

  • ISIS Calls For Attacks On Saudi Oil Industry

    Published 19 October 2020 | viewed 44,574 times

    The Islamic State has called on its members to start targeting Saudi Arabia oil infrastructure as punishment for the Kingdom warming up to Israel. “Targets…

  • Judge Rules In Favor Of PDVSA In Citgo Bond Dispute

    Published 19 October 2020 | viewed 2,651 times

    A U.S. judge ruled that bonds issued by Venezuela’s PDVSA were “valid and enforceable”, putting a spoke in the wheels of Venezuelan opposition plans to…

  • Big Banks Could Lose Billions In The Global Energy Transition

    Published 18 October 2020 | viewed 6,918 times

    JP Morgan pledged to help clients align their business with Paris Agreement emission targets. HSBC announced up to a $1 trillion in green energy funding.…

  • Canada Government Invests In Mini Nuclear Reactors

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    The federal Canadian government has allocated US$15.11 million (C$20 million) for investments in mini nuclear power plants as part of efforts to reduce the country's…

  • China’s Oil Imports Are Falling

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    China, which has been on an oil-buying binge since the start of the pandemic, is now retreating as storage space fills up and demand for…

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  • Many Lost U.S. Oil Jobs May Never Return

    Published 15 October 2020 | viewed 3,931 times

    More than 100,000: that’s how many jobs were lost in the U.S. oil exploration and production industry between March and August this year, mostly as…

  • Oil Jumps On Bullish EIA Inventory Report

    Published 15 October 2020 | viewed 7,531 times

    A day after the American Petroleum Institute estimated a crude oil inventory draw of 5.421 million barrels, the Energy Information Administration strengthened the mood by…

  • Russian Oil Companies Plan Significant Drilling Cuts For 2021

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    Russian oil producers who have already reduced their drilling activity by a third this year may cut it further by 20 percent, according to the…

  • Could This Become The Next Big Shale Takeover?

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  • Saudi Aramco Sees Tighter Oil Markets In 2022

    Published 14 October 2020 | viewed 5,481 times

    Aramco expects oil demand to rebound to pre-pandemic levels by 2022 while supply tightens, creating a deficit, the chief executive of the Saudi state energy…

  • Are LNG Prices About To Head Higher?

    Published 13 October 2020 | viewed 4,576 times

    Weather forecasters are predicting a harsh winter for Asia, and while this would hardly be good news for anyone in the region, it happens to…

  • Iraq Proposes New Jointly Managed Oil Company For Kurdistan

    Published 13 October 2020 | viewed 7,000 times

    The federal Iraqi government has proposed the establishment of a new oil company that will be managed jointly by Baghdad and Erbil to operate crude…

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