• 8 minutes So oil touched $80! (WTI break $71 twice). What does the future hold?
  • 14 minutes China Tariff Threatens U.S. LNG Boom
  • 39 mins Global Hunger Continues to Grow Driven By Climate Change
  • 7 hours Threat: Iran warns U.S, Israel to expect a 'devastating' revenge
  • 13 hours Praise for Alberta
  • 15 hours Why Are the Maldives Still above Sea Level?
  • 1 hour Will Robots Bring The Demise Of European Artistry?
  • 16 hours Downloadable 3D Printed Gun Designs, Yay or Nay?
  • 6 hours Saudi Aramco IPO Seems Unlikely
  • 2 hours Nothing new in Middle East? Iran Puts On 'Show Of Strength' Military Exercise In Gulf
  • 20 hours Lack of Global Warming Messes with Russian Arctic LNG Plans
  • 1 day Jan's Electric bike replaces electric cars
  • 1 day Regime For Regime: China Says Willing To Provide Venezuela With What Help It Can
  • 21 hours Freedom Of Internet: Google Plans Censored Version Of Search Engine In China!
  • 6 hours Transition Time: Volkswagen Announces "Electric for All" Campaign
Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for the U.S.-based Divergente LLC consulting firm with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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    Saudi Arabia will boost its crude oil production in the coming months as it expects stronger demand, Oil Minister Khalid al-Falih said this weekend, as…

  • OPEC, Russia Dash Hopes Of Higher Oil Production

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    OPEC and Russia have no immediate plans to increase their combined production despite last week’s call from President Trump for the cartel to start pumping…

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    South Korea has not bought any Iranian oil since June, an official from the Iranian oil ministry told Shana. This makes it the first country…

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    When the New York Times earlier this month reported that President Trump had met with Venezuelan military officers unhappy with the country’s government to discuss…

  • Emirati Oil Co. Begins Hoarding Jet Fuel

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    Emirates National Oil Company has begun storing jet fuel on tankers ahead of U.S. sanctions against Iran, to make sure planes arriving and leaving Dubai…

  • Reliance Shuts Down Oil Field On Production Decline

    Published 21 September 2018 | viewed 10,642 times

    India’s Reliance Industries has shut down an oil and gas field in the offshore Krishna-Godavari basin after its production rates began to decline several months…

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    With growing demand for natural gas for power generation and other applications, Mexico needs to prioritize a domestic production increase, the head of Mexico’s National…

  • Pemex, Talos Strike Deal To Evaluate Overlap Of Two Blocks

    Published 21 September 2018 | viewed 2,770 times

    Mexico’s state energy company Pemex and a consortium led by U.S. Talos Energy have agreed to evaluate whether a field discovered by Talos in the…

  • Will Canada’s $30 Billion Megaproject Be Approved?

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    Oilfield service providers suffered the heaviest blows from the 2014 oil price meltdown—there is little question about that. And the situation was particularly grave in…

  • Iraq Oil Exports From South Close To Record-High

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    Crude oil exports from southern Iraq are close to a record-high so far in September, averaging 3.6 million bpd as of yesterday, Reuters reports, citing…

  • Japanese Refiners Stop Buying Iran Oil Ahead Of Sanctions

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    Japanese refiners have stopped buying Iranian crude ahead of the November 4 deadline set by Washington to all countries doing business with Iran before economic…

  • Canada Transport Ministry Fast-Tracks Crude Oil Rail Car Phase-Out

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    Canada’s transport ministry will fast-track a phase-out of two models of rail cars for the transportation of crude oil and condensate as oil exports by…

  • Nuclear Power Could Be Key In Reaching Climate Goals

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    Nuclear power could contribute to achieving the Paris Agreement targets on climate change, but it would need help of its own to do that, a…

  • Mexico Begins Oil Contract Review

    Published 19 September 2018 | viewed 6,898 times

    Mexico’s elected government has stayed true to President-elect’s campaign promise to review all oil contracts sealed by the previous administration and has started the review…

  • Iranian Hackers Step Up Attacks On Energy Firms

    Published 19 September 2018 | viewed 4,600 times

    Iranian cybercrime group APT33 has stepped up its attacks on a variety of companies in the Persian Gulf, including energy firms, The National reports, citing…

  • Oil Prices Inch Higher On Crude, Gasoline Draw

    Published 19 September 2018 | viewed 21,864 times

    After API’s latest surprise inventory build pressured oil prices, the Energy Information Administration cheered the market up by refuting the build and reporting instead yet…

  • China Slaps Tariffs On U.S. LNG, Threatens Export Growth

    Published 19 September 2018 | viewed 5,936 times

    As expected, China yesterday retaliated against the U.S. after President Trump announced a list of another US$200 billion worth of Chinese goods that will be…

  • Russia Tells Washington To Leave Iran Alone

    Published 18 September 2018 | viewed 18,559 times

    “This is unproductive, this is wrong,” Russia’s Energy Minister Alexander Novak recently said about the U.S. sanctions on Iran, indicating that Moscow will continue to…

  • China's Diesel Demand Reaches Peak

    Published 18 September 2018 | viewed 6,017 times

    China’s demand for diesel has peaked and gasoline demand will soon follow, research from state energy giant CNPC has revealed. Reuters cites CNPC’s research division…

  • U.S. Shale Oil Production Beats Estimates Again

    Published 18 September 2018 | viewed 19,682 times

    Crude oil production in the U.S. shale patch will hit 7.59 million bpd next month, the Energy Information Administration said in its latest Drilling Productivity…

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