• 4 minutes China - EU: Xi Says Cooperation Is Mainstream In Their Ties
  • 8 minutes The Mining Industry Has Had It Easy For Far Too Long
  • 11 minutes Lawsuit-Happy Councilor Wants to Take Big Oil to Court
  • 15 minutes U.S. Shale Output may Start Dropping Next Year
  • 9 mins Dutch Populists Shock the EU with Election Victory
  • 15 hours Venezuela Says Russian Troops Land to Service Military Equipment
  • 10 hours Trump to Make Allies Pay More to Host US Bases
  • 5 hours Multi-well Pad Drilling Cost Question
  • 15 hours U.S.-China Trade War Poses Biggest Risk To Global Stability
  • 28 mins Public Companies that attended OPEC "THREAT DINNER" at CERRAWEEK must disclose any risks in their SEC Financial filings.
  • 36 mins England Running Out of Water?
  • 1 min 3 Pipes: EPIC 900K, CACTUS II 670K, GREY OAKS 800K
  • 1 day One Last Warning For The U.S. Shale Patch
  • 2 days Climate change's fingerprints are on U.S. Midwest floods
  • 1 day European Parliament demands Nord-Stream-ii pipeline to be Stopped
  • 2 days The Political Debacle: Brexit delayed

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Algerian Oil Output Unchanged Amid Unrest

Irina Slav


Contributor since: 17 Jan 2016

Irina Slav

Irina is a writer for the U.S.-based Divergente LLC consulting firm with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

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  • China Can’t Get Enough Of This Discounted Oil

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    China is taking advantage of steep discounts for Iranian and Venezuelan crude to increase its imports from the two countries sanctioned by the United States,…

  • Texas Needs 11,000 More Miles Of Pipelines

    Published 26 March 2019 | viewed 2,708 times

    Texas will need an additional 10,950 miles of oil and gas pipelines to accommodate rising production over the years to 2050, an IHS Markit study…

  • IEA: Carbon Emissions Break Record In 2018

    Published 26 March 2019 | viewed 1,800 times

    Carbon emissions reached 33.1 gigatons last year, breaking their previous record even though the annual increase was relatively modest, at 1.7 percent, the International Energy…

  • Alberta’s Price-Correcting Plan Backfires

    Published 25 March 2019 | viewed 6,360 times

    When Alberta’s government announced obligatory oil production cuts last December, it was a desperate attempt to arrest a price slide of the local crude benchmark…

  • World’s 2nd Largest Oil Company Sees Huge Drop In Profit

    Published 25 March 2019 | viewed 10,483 times

    Sinopec reported a 76-percent drop in its latest quarterly profit for October-December 2018, which is the lowest since at least the third quarter of 2016,…

  • Iran Governor Bans Officials From Leaving Oil-Rich Province Amid Flood Alarm

    Published 25 March 2019 | viewed 5,713 times

    The governor of Khuzestan, the biggest oil-rich province in Iran, has banned government officials from leaving it despite the danger of floods in the region,…

  • IS Tries To Hit Oil Field In Northern Iraq

    Published 25 March 2019 | viewed 7,466 times

    Security forces at the Alaas field in northern Iraq have thwarted an attack by Islamic State militants, killing and injuring several attackers, Iraqi media report…

  • Russian Troops Land In Oil-Rich Venezuela

    Published 25 March 2019 | viewed 9,698 times

    Two Russian planes with 100 troops landed in Venezuela this weekend, Reuters reports, citing media reports and flight tracking websites. The move is the latest…

  • How Big Oil Could Become Big Electricity

    Published 23 March 2019 | viewed 17,696 times

    When Big Oil majors started buying EV charging networks and battery producers, they probably earned some praise for venturing into new business directions away from…

  • Exxon Shale Deal With Algeria Falls Victim To Protests

    Published 22 March 2019 | viewed 7,310 times

    Exxon’s negotiations with Algeria for the development of local shale gas resources are being delayed because of the widespread anti-government protests in the North American…

  • Venezuela National Assembly Votes For Ban On Oil Shipments to Cuba

    Published 22 March 2019 | viewed 11,410 times

    The opposition-led National Assembly of Venezuela this week voted to suspend crude oil shipments to Cuba after its president, Juan Guaido, slammed these exports as…

  • Exxon Could Be Stripped Of European Parliament Lobby Access

    Published 22 March 2019 | viewed 4,920 times

    Exxon could lose its lobbying access to the European parliament after no company representative showed up at a hearing on climate change denial, the Guardian…

  • Mexico to Use Stabilization Fund to Pay Down Pemex Debt

    Published 22 March 2019 | viewed 4,444 times

    The Mexican government plans to use money from a public income stabilization fund to help reduce the sizeable debt pile that state energy major Pemex…

  • India Stops Taking In Venezuelan Oil

    Published 22 March 2019 | viewed 13,266 times

    A senior U.S. government official has told Indian media that private local refiners had stopped importing crude oil from Venezuela, noting the cooperation of Indian…

  • Reliance To Skirt Sanctions By Selling PDVSA European, Indian Naphtha

    Published 21 March 2019 | viewed 4,097 times

    Reliance Industries has started selling oil products including the popular diluent naphtha to PDVSA from its Indian and European subsidiaries after it suspended oil product…

  • Judge Blocks Oil, Gas Drilling Projects Citing Climate Change

    Published 21 March 2019 | viewed 15,993 times

    A federal judge blocked oil and gas drilling in part of Wyoming, claiming the Department of the Interior had not considered the implications of drilling…

  • Oil Group Criticizes Canada Government For Neglecting Oil Industry

    Published 21 March 2019 | viewed 7,092 times

    Canada’s federal government does not consider the Albertan oil industry a priority despite its central importance to the provincial economy, the Canadian Association of Petroleum…

  • BP Faces Platform Workers’ Strike

    Published 21 March 2019 | viewed 13,690 times

    Petrofac workers on BP offshore platforms plan to walk out of all platforms as a result of an unresolved dispute regarding work rota arrangements. “The…

  • Japanese Refiners To Stop Iran Oil Purchases By April

    Published 20 March 2019 | viewed 5,797 times

    Japanese refiners are unlikely to continue buying Iranian crude from April onwards, the president of the Petroleum Association of Japan said as quoted by Reuters.…

  • U.S. On The Hunt For Iranian “Ghost Tankers”

    Published 20 March 2019 | viewed 11,181 times

    When Washington announced the return of economic sanctions against Iran, the main idea was pretty clear: cut exports of vital oil to zero to paralyze…

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