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2 Hot Hydrogen Stocks Right Now

To be honest, the strong rally we are seeing in the stock market right now has me a bit confused. I look around at a country with around fifteen percent unemployment, experiencing one of the sharpest shocks to GDP in living memory, with both the Fed and the Federal government taking desperate measures to prop things up, with over $23 trillion and growing of government debt, with rioting in the streets, and with a President once again picking a trade fight with a massive trading partner for political purposes. Then I look at the stock market making back nearly all the lost ground and sitting around ten percent below the highs and I just scratch my head.

Still, a move or trend doesn’t have to make sense for me to trade it.

Whether it is sustainable or not, risk is in vogue right now. Pot stocks like Canopy Growth (CGC) and Tilray (TLRY) have bounced one hundred and three hundred percent respectively off their lows. BTC/USD has roughly doubled from its early March low. Tesla (TSLA) is trading at 243x forward earnings that themselves don’t seem to be considering the possibility of reduced appeal of the vehicles with gas prices at multiyear lows….and the list goes on.

I learned a long time ago though that even though a move may make no sense to you whatsoever, opposing it can be expensive. It is far easier, and usually more profitable to go with the flow. Setting fairly tight stops, then adjusting them upward should you see a profit on such…

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