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Global Energy Alert

($497 $99 per year)

Global Energy Alert gives energy experts and investors an insight into the news behind the news in global energy markets. This weekly newsletter includes must-read trading opportunities, market analysis and geopolitical developments.

This Week In Energy

Our intelligence director highlights the one story in renewables and the one story in oil & gas that readers can't afford to miss. Presenting you with everything you need to start your week.

Inside Opportunities's no.1 energy trader, "the man who broke the bank of England", will delve into details on breaking stock market news, insider deals, special opportunities and timely trades in energy tech, renewables, oil & gas and electric vehicles.

Global Forecasts

Our private intelligence network of over 400+ global intelligence assets work 24/7 to make sure this column is packed with unique energy data, satellite imaging and HUMINT before the biggest energy stories of the week before.

Behind the Numbers

Our statisticians and data analysts will crunch all of the most important numbers in the energy markets, allowing you to understand the data and get ahead of the trends in the global energy markets.

Technical Trading Signals

Our expert technical analyst tells you where the smart money is moving in energy markets, analysing where the resistance points are and letting you know what to watch out for as energy markets move.

On top of the weekly newsletter, Global Energy Alert subscribers will gain access to our renowned research report covering The World's Top 50 Oil And Gas Companies In 2019, valued at $297.

For energy investors and enthusiasts looking to get ahead of markets and find the next great opportunities in energy, Global Energy Alert is a service you simply must have.

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Oil & Gas Insider

($1997 $997 per year)'s premium service, the Oil & Gas Insider, is institutional-level research and analysis that is made available to ONLY 100 readers each year. This exclusive service gives energy professionals the inside line on all the most important stories and developments in the oil and gas space.

This service was previously reserved for only our institutional clients, but we have now opened it up to a limited number of readers. This weekly newsletter is put together by two separate intelligence services and three of our most informed analysts in the oil and gas space.

Oil Market Breakdown

An exclusive look into global oil markets, with an emphasis on hard data from U.S oil, gasoline, and distillate inventories, refinery runs, and demand.

Inside Intelligence

Receive a comprehensive breakdown of the geopolitical landscape as it relates to oil and gas markets - gaining insights from a source within some of the most powerful organizations in the world.

Executive Report

Follow the key upstream & downstream developments of the week and get the inside line on what they mean for markets.

Industry Outlook

Keep on top of the latest regulations and technological breakthroughs each week and understand their impacts.

Numbers Report

Learn the 7 most important pieces of data in the oil and gas market each week, breaking down information that most news outlets won't have access to.

In addition to the weekly newsletter, you'll also receive our 7-part investor Education series, a must have for energy professionals, traders, and policymakers.

This is not a service for energy beginners, it is for high-level energy executives and experts who want access to the information that only hedge funds and institutions have had until now.

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