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    Shell's Arctic Drill Rig Runs Aground

    A news article was published yesterday describing the atrocious luck that continues to plague Shell in its venture to explore the Arctic for oil. During its efforts to tow a drill rig to a safe harbour for general maintenance work after the end of the drilling season, snapped tow lines, and engine failures have hampered the progress of the rig and its two tug boats.

    The latest debacle, which was not covered in the news piece, is that the rig, whilst the tow line was broken, drifted away and has run aground.

    The number of problems that SHell has had to overcome are so numerous that it is almost funny!

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    Inspections are being made to the rig and so far no links have been found (it was carrying diesel fuel in its tanks).

    Even so, it has provided the environmentalists with exactly what they wanted, more fuel for their battle against Shell and its attempts to drill in the Arctic. Considering the amount of trouble, and close calls, that Shell has had, at what point will their license to drill in the Arctic be revoked?