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Nick Cunningham

Contributor since: 04 Nov 2013

Nick Cunningham

Nick Cunningham is an independent journalist, covering oil and gas, energy and environmental policy, and international politics. He is based in Portland, Oregon. 

Latest articles from Nick

  • Exxon: An Oil Giant In Crisis

    Published 03 February 2020 | viewed 50,846 times

    Goldman Sachs downgraded ExxonMobil’s shares to Sell from Neutral, following another disappointing quarter. Exxon reported a drop in profits on Friday for the fourth quarter,…

  • Jim Cramer: ‘’Fossil Fuels Are Done’’

    Published 01 February 2020 | viewed 65,761 times

    “I’m done with fossil fuels. They’re done. They’re just done.” CNBC’s Jim Cramer didn’t even feel the need to address the disappointing earnings from the…

  • Shell’s Slide Is A Major Red Flag For Oil Markets

    Published 30 January 2020 | viewed 24,611 times

    Royal Dutch Shell reported a steep drop in earnings in the fourth quarter, and the financial squeeze may slow the pace of share buybacks and…

  • Exxon Stock Hits Decade Low Ahead Of Earnings

    Published 29 January 2020 | viewed 19,533 times

    Ahead of ExxonMobil’s fourth quarter earnings report, the oil major’s share price dropped to its lowest level in 10 years. Former CEO Rex Tillerson presided…

  • LNG Prices Fall To 10-Year Low

    Published 28 January 2020 | viewed 65,361 times

    The global gas glut continues to grow worse, with LNG prices recently dropping to a 10-year low. LNG prices in Asia recently fell below $4/MMBtu,…

  • Coronavirus Sends Panic Through Oil Markets

    Published 27 January 2020 | viewed 30,008 times

    Oil continued to slide on Monday, with Brent dropping well below $60 per barrel, as panic around the coronavirus continues to mushroom. The number of…

  • Demand Fears Are Driving Today’s Oil Markets

    Published 26 January 2020 | viewed 35,463 times

    Oil prices fell close to a three-month low on Friday, dragged down further by fears of weak demand. The proximate driver is the coronavirus in…

  • U.S. Shale Patch Sees Huge Jump In Bankruptcies

    Published 23 January 2020 | viewed 37,615 times

    More than 200 oil and gas companies in North America have filed for bankruptcy since 2015, and the list of casualties could continue to climb…

  • The Oil Industry’s Radioactive Secret

    Published 22 January 2020 | viewed 32,024 times

    “All oil-field workers are radiation workers.” That quote comes from a blockbuster investigation by Justin Nobel writing in Rolling Stone, who has spent more than…

  • The “Twin Threats” Facing Big Oil

    Published 21 January 2020 | viewed 43,713 times

    The global oil and gas industry is facing the “twin threats” of the loss of profitability and the loss of social acceptability as the climate…

  • Has Natural Gas Hit Rock Bottom?

    Published 20 January 2020 | viewed 58,311 times

    U.S. natural gas prices fell below $2/MMBtu on Friday for the first time in nearly four years. The gas market is suffering from oversupply, as…

  • Is This The End For Big Oil Dividends?

    Published 19 January 2020 | viewed 45,752 times

    The largest publicly-traded oil companies in the world have been “living beyond their means” for years. Since 2010, the five largest oil majors have spent…

  • Oil Glut Overshadows Geopolitical Risk In 2020

    Published 16 January 2020 | viewed 22,697 times

    The risk of oil supply disruptions from around the world has diminished, and rising non-OPEC production provides a “solid base from which to react to…

  • Just How Serious Is The Shale Slowdown?

    Published 15 January 2020 | viewed 36,813 times

    U.S. shale growth may be slamming on the breaks, although analysts differ over how significant the slowdown will be. The EIA says that U.S. shale…

  • U.S. Gas Giant Downgraded To Junk Status

    Published 14 January 2020 | viewed 58,023 times

    The largest natural gas driller in the United States just announced a massive write-down for its assets, offering more evidence that the shale sector faces…

  • Are Oil Prices Still Too High?

    Published 13 January 2020 | viewed 30,540 times

    China’s oil demand growth is expected to slow dramatically this year, a trend that should have a substantial impact on the global oil market. CNPC…

  • Canada Faces A New Oil Price ‘’Blowout’’

    Published 12 January 2020 | viewed 70,332 times

    Prices for heavy crude in Canada have fallen to $36.66 per barrel, once again coming under pressure because of limits on pipeline capacity. Western Canada…

  • Low Gas Prices Crush Appalachia Shale Boom

    Published 09 January 2020 | viewed 40,854 times

    Low natural gas prices have finally brought the decade-long shale gas boom in Appalachia to a halt. Gas production in Appalachia declined by about 1…

  • The Latest Texas Oil Boom Has Sent Emissions Soaring

    Published 08 January 2020 | viewed 17,632 times

    The ongoing growth of fracking in the U.S., plus the related buildout of pipelines, refineries and petrochemical plants, will release the equivalent of 50 new…

  • Billions In Worthless Assets Plague The Oil & Gas Industry

    Published 08 January 2020 | viewed 56,935 times

    Investors, pension funds and companies need to get ahead of the financial risk from climate change, as many fossil fuel assets risk becoming worthless. “We…

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