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  • 4 minutes IMPORTANT ARTICLE BY OILPRICE.COM EDITOR - "Naked Short Selling: The Truth Is Much Worse Than You Have Been Told"
  • 5 minutes “Cushing Oil Inventories Are Soaring Again” By Tsvetana Paraskova
  • 7 minutes United States LNG Exports Reach Third Place
  • 24 mins Texas forced to have rolling black outs. Not from downed power line , but because the wind energy turbines are frozen.
  • 12 hours Wednesday Nikki Haley reached out to Trump for meeting at Mar-a-lago. Trump said No ! You blew it Nikki . . .
  • 18 hours NYT:  The Supreme Court’s order (Re:  Trump’s tax returns) set in motion a series of events that could lead to the startling possibility of a criminal trial of a former U.S. president
  • 2 hours The World Economic Forum & Davos - Setting the agenda on fossil fuels, global regulations, etc.
  • 4 hours Retired RAF pilot wins legal challenge over a wind farm
  • 21 hours The latest GOP nonsense on Texas shows us the future Republicans want
  • 3 hours Minerals, Mining and Industrial Ecology
  • 20 hours Disaster looming in UK offshore wind power
  • 1 day The Cyberpandemic has Begun: SolarWinds + FireEye – Gmail & Google services down
  • 22 hours U.S. Presidential Elections Status - Electoral Votes
Nick Cunningham

Contributor since: 04 Nov 2013

Nick Cunningham

Nick Cunningham is an independent journalist, covering oil and gas, energy and environmental policy, and international politics. He is based in Portland, Oregon. 

Latest articles from Nick

  • Is An Oil Supply Shortage Inevitable?

    Published 05 May 2020 | viewed 46,376 times

    Oil prices are rising as supply shut ins mount and oil demand seems to be turning a corner. Some oil market analysts even warn that…

  • Oil Majors Take On More Debt To Fund Dividends

    Published 04 May 2020 | viewed 19,515 times

    Exxon posted its first quarterly loss in more than 30 years. But even as debt mounts and questions arise about peak oil demand, the oil…

  • Oil Price Crash Hits Latin American Drillers Hard

    Published 03 May 2020 | viewed 35,463 times

    Rigs are vanishing at a rapid clip in the United States, but oil and gas drilling activity is also falling worldwide.  The international rig count…

  • Why Shell Slashed Its Dividends

    Published 30 April 2020 | viewed 23,189 times

    Royal Dutch Shell cut its dividend for the first time since 1945, cutting its payout by two-thirds. While U.S. shale drillers face the prospect of…

  • Oil Rallies On Signs Of A Global Reopening

    Published 29 April 2020 | viewed 65,998 times

    Oil prices rose early on Wednesday on a spate of relatively positive news. The most obvious for the oil market was the smaller-than-expected build in…

  • How Bad Are Big Oil’s Earnings?

    Published 28 April 2020 | viewed 41,785 times

    BP’s first quarter earnings plunged by two-thirds, and its debt levels rose to a record high. The global pandemic and the collapse of oil prices…

  • The LNG Market Is “Imploding”

    Published 27 April 2020 | viewed 128,296 times

    While everyone is understandably watching the meltdown in the crude oil market, the global market for natural gas is also cratering. At least 20 cargoes…

  • Big Oil’s Dilemma: Cut Dividends Or Cut Operations

    Published 26 April 2020 | viewed 72,123 times

    The oil majors are facing a financial vice like they never have before.  With oil prices hovering around $20 per barrel and no end in…

  • The Oil Market Crash Is Far From Over

    Published 23 April 2020 | viewed 96,428 times

    WTI prices may have steadied somewhat after a wild couple of days, but the physical market for crude is still collapsing. Energy stocks posted sharp…

  • Venezuela’s Oil Output Could Fall Again Soon

    Published 23 April 2020 | viewed 29,247 times

    On Tuesday, the Trump administration told the last remaining American oil companies in Venezuela that they had until December to wind down operations in the…

  • The Worst Is Yet To Come For Oil Prices

    Published 21 April 2020 | viewed 131,213 times

    Dashing hopes for some oil producers who may have thought negative prices were a weird quirk, the June WTI contract fell sharply on Tuesday. During…

  • What’s Next For Oil As Prices Go Negative?

    Published 20 April 2020 | viewed 178,678 times

    Oil prices crashed through zero, closing out the day at -$37 per barrel, an unprecedented meltdown. There are mitigating circumstances to these insane numbers. The…

  • Oil Demand Won’t Bounce Back Anytime Soon

    Published 16 April 2020 | viewed 95,728 times

    Oil demand is expected to be down by nearly 30 million barrels per day (mb/d) in April and down by almost 10 mb/d for the…

  • Coronavirus Has Wiped Out A Decade Of Oil Demand Growth

    Published 15 April 2020 | viewed 59,914 times

    Just days after the largest production cut in history, WTI fell below $20 per barrel.  The oil world was hyper-focused on what OPEC+ might do…

  • U.S. Oil Drilling Grinds To A Halt At Key Shale Hotspots

    Published 14 April 2020 | viewed 84,276 times

    Oil and gas production in the United States has peaked and is already in decline.  The latest data from the EIA’s Drilling Productivity Report sees…

  • OPEC+ Deal Is “Too Little And Too Late”

    Published 13 April 2020 | viewed 38,946 times

    “The historic agreement that we saw…is only 10 mb/d. But that is only half of the story,” U.S. Secretary of Energy Dan Brouillette said on…

  • Coronacrisis Is Killing Argentina’s Shale Oil Boom

    Published 11 April 2020 | viewed 58,155 times

    Argentina’s Vaca Muerta shale is on life support just weeks after the meltdown in global crude oil prices.  On Thursday, the regional news outlet in…

  • Oil Could Fall Back To $20

    Published 09 April 2020 | viewed 124,919 times

    Oil demand is set to plunge by as much as 27 million barrels per day (mb/d) in April, a decline larger than anything that has…

  • Is U.S. Energy Dominance Coming To An End?

    Published 08 April 2020 | viewed 77,326 times

    America’s era of “energy dominance” was brief. The slogan was always silly. Leaving aside the extensive environmental fallout, the notion that a debt-fueled drilling boom…

  • Supermajor Slashes Spending As Oil Prices Collapse

    Published 07 April 2020 | viewed 48,955 times

    “We haven't seen anything like what we're experiencing today.” ExxonMobil’s CEO Darren Woods said his company is expecting oil demand to decline by 20 to…

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