• 3 minutes The World Economic Forum (WEF) - Davos 2022 Conference held this last week of May
  • 8 minutes How Far Have We Really Gotten With Alternative Energy
  • 12 minutes  What Russia has reached over three months diplomatic and military pressure on West ?
  • 3 days Natural Gas is the Cleanest and most Likely Source of Energy to Fuel the World.
  • 1 day "Russia will stop 'in a moment' if Ukraine meets terms - Kremlin" by Reuters via Yahoo News...but Reuters suddenly cut out the balanced part of the story.
  • 10 hours "The Global Digital ID Prison" by James Corbett of CorbettReport.com
  • 4 days Advancing Fundamental Drilling Science - Geothermal drilling successes offer potential gain for petroleum industry
  • 1 day "How to Calculate Your Individual ESG Score to ensure that your Digital ID 'benefits' and money are accessible"
Haley Zaremba

Contributor since: 05 May 2017

Haley Zaremba

Haley Zaremba is a writer and journalist based in Mexico City. She has extensive experience writing and editing environmental features, travel pieces, local news in the Bay Area, and music/culture reviews.

Latest articles from Haley

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    Spanning the nearly unthinkably vast expanse of the Pacific ocean, all across the 5,355 miles of ocean between the West Coast of the United States…

  • Even Bill Gates Is Struggling To Go Completely Green

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    We’ve all heard about campaigns urging institutions, wealthy individuals, and world leaders to divest from fossil fuels. On the surface, it makes a lot of…

  • Can Oil And Electric Vehicles Coexist In Modern Markets?

    Published 20 February 2021 | viewed 4,937 times

    Although the novel coronavirus has wreaked havoc on many sectors of the global economy, leaving double the people unemployed in the United States as compared…

  • Can China Shake Its Dangerous Addiction To Oil?

    Published 14 February 2021 | viewed 6,105 times

    In order to avoid the worst effects of global warming, the world will have to make drastic changes this decade. In a damning report released…

  • Does Biden Know What’s Best For Texas?

    Published 13 February 2021 | viewed 8,253 times

    “Unfortunately, our economic bedrock of oil and gas is under attack by an administration that is bent on eliminating millions of jobs,” Republican Congressman Brian…

  • Can The Steel Industry Survive Without Coal?

    Published 09 February 2021 | viewed 15,046 times

    The world is moving steadily away from coal. The emissions-heavy fossil fuel is public enemy number one in many, if not most, clean energy and…

  • Will Reddit Fuel A Green Energy Stock Boom?

    Published 07 February 2021 | viewed 19,142 times

    If you’ve been paying any attention to the deliciously dramatic market-manipulating Robin Hood fantasy (the real one, not the app one) playing out under the…

  • Is Amazon As Green As It Claims To Be?

    Published 04 February 2021 | viewed 2,206 times

    On Tuesday, Amazon released an 8,000-word press release chock-full of revelations about the company, including Jeff Bezos’ official resignation as chief executive office of the…

  • Does The World Have Enough Energy To Support The EV Boom?

    Published 03 February 2021 | viewed 5,435 times

    First things first: electric vehicles are greener than conventional gas- and diesel-powered internal combustion engines no matter how you slice it. Even if 100 percent…

  • A Renewable Energy Waste Crisis Is Looming

    Published 03 February 2021 | viewed 9,901 times

    It turns out that the falling costs of solar panels is a double-edged sword for the environment. As photovoltaic technology becomes more affordable and therefore…

  • This Year Will Define The Next Decade In The Energy Industry

    Published 31 January 2021 | viewed 6,259 times

    We’ve known for decades that in order to curb the impact of perpetually rising carbon emissions, we would have to radically disrupt the machinations of…

  • The Surprising Rise And Fall Of A Shale Superstar

    Published 25 January 2021 | viewed 13,552 times

    In many ways, the roller-coaster-like trajectory of Vicki Hollub’s shale CEO career is emblematic of the boom-and-bust, spectacularly dramatic history of the West Texas Permian…

  • Will Biden Lift Sanctions On Venezuela?

    Published 23 January 2021 | viewed 4,882 times

    The country with the largest proven oil reserves in the world, clocking in at a whopping 299,953,000,000 barrels of proven oil, is currently suffering a…

  • Canada Is Cleaning Up Its Oil Sands

    Published 20 January 2021 | viewed 12,498 times

    Until very recently, nearly any news out of the Canadian oil sands was certain to be a tale of woe. While Alberta’s oil and gas…

  • Could The EV Boom Help Alleviate The Unemployment Crisis?

    Published 19 January 2021 | viewed 2,076 times

    While many sectors of the economy continue to flounder and unemployment rates remain tragically high, the stock market is thriving and certain industries are going…

  • Has Big Oil Turned Its Back On Alaska?

    Published 16 January 2021 | viewed 10,428 times

    “Is Exploring For Oil Still Profitable?” Oilprice asked back in August. As the novel coronavirus has swept the world, stalling whole industries, tanking oil demand…

  • Wind Power Overtakes Coal In Texas For The First Time Ever

    Published 13 January 2021 | viewed 11,684 times

    For decades, the Lone Star State has been essentially synonymous with fossil fuels. While shale oil and gas have long reigned supreme in Texas, coal…

  • Google Looks To Turn Data Centers Into Energy Storage

    Published 12 January 2021 | viewed 12,514 times

    When most people imagine the internet, the last thing that comes to mind is huge, on-the-ground facilities and thousands of miles of wires across the…

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