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Viktor Katona

Contributor since: 20 Feb 2017

Viktor Katona


Viktor Katona is an Group Physical Trader at MOL Group and Expert at the Russian International Affairs Council, currently based in Budapest.

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  • Russia Is Taking Over Syria’s Oil And Gas

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    If finally happened… In accordance with an energy cooperation framework agreement signed in late January, Russia will have exclusive rights to produce oil and gas…

  • The World’s Biggest Oil Benchmark Could Change Forever

    Published 06 February 2018 | viewed 10,205 times

    For more than a month already, the Brent benchmark has been sourced from five, not four, North Sea Fields. Eleven years after Platts added Ekofisk…

  • Saudi Arabia Sets Its Eyes On Central Asia

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    Saudi Arabia understandably attracts a lot of attention – the corruption purge jangles the nerves of the royal family, the 32-year old Mohammad bin Salman-led…

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    99 percent ready and poised to start this September. This is music to the ears of Azerbaijan, as well as to European technocrats intent on…

  • Nord Stream 2 Is A Game Changer For Gazprom

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    It’s difficult to imagine an energy company that’s more hated and more closely monitored than Gazprom… Perhaps in the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon spill,…

  • Romania Poised To Ramp Up Gas Output

    Published 14 January 2018 | viewed 9,450 times

    Do you know what unites France, Portugal, Finland, Sweden and Belgium? They all have no gas production whatsoever (interestingly, Paris is proud of it and…

  • The World’s Most Expensive Oil

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    When asked about the most expensive oil grade out there, those working in the oil industry are caught blindsided because there’s no easy way to…

  • Heroes, Gods And Genghis Khan: Naming An Oilfield

    Published 06 January 2018 | viewed 9,304 times

    Have you ever wondered why oil and gas fields bear their respective names? How names like Dead Cow, Mad Dog or even Ekofisk came about—or…

  • Can Blockchain Bring An End To Corruption?

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    The Roman historian Tacitus once famously quipped “the more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws”. Every year, roughly 2 percent of global GDP…

  • The Beginning Of The End For Norwegian Oil

    Published 18 December 2017 | viewed 26,522 times

    The demise of the North Sea doesn’t necessarily mean the end of Norway’s petroleum era—far from it. Still, despite significant reserves in the Barents Sea,…

  • The 'Mega' Oil Field That Will Never Boom

    Published 05 December 2017 | viewed 43,824 times

    2017 will most likely witness a continuation in the decline of conventional oil discoveries. This year has seen no major onshore discovery, pretty much all…

  • Ghana Looks To Ramp Oil Production

    Published 11 November 2017 | viewed 12,772 times

    Ghana, one of Africa’s democratic standard bearers, is a relative newcomer to the oil sector. Having surpassed oil development’s teething problems, it has remained highly…

  • Russia Unfazed By U.S. Oil Sanctions

    Published 09 November 2017 | viewed 11,996 times

    Western energy sanctions vis-à-vis Russia have become a steady phenomenon of the global oil and gas market. Most Russian oil companies don’t expect sanctions to…

  • Don’t Expect Palladium Prices To Plunge

    Published 08 November 2017 | viewed 9,115 times

    Over the past month, there has been a deluge of news heralding a new era of palladium, which has soared above the $1000 per ounce…

  • Russia’s Nuclear Sector Is Surging

    Published 10 October 2017 | viewed 12,552 times

    The nuclear sector is undergoing a massive transformation... Regions previously in the avant-garde of nuclear design and technology are losing interest on the back of…

  • The Natural Gas Giant To Challenge Israel

    Published 04 October 2017 | viewed 12,643 times

    When Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri paid a visit to Russian President Vladimir Putin mid-September, most media coverage revolved around political and military issues. Yet…

  • Russia’s Kurdish Pipeline Gamble

    Published 20 September 2017 | viewed 8,304 times

    Rarely does one see such a multi-faceted move as Rosneft declaring it will build a $1 billion pipeline bringing gas from Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey.…

  • The World’s Largest Offshore Oil Field Is Back In Action

    Published 18 September 2017 | viewed 22,329 times

    Without much international fanfare, the world’s largest offshore oil field and the largest discovered in the last 40 years, Kazakhstan’s Kashagan Field, is on the…

  • Can Russia Develop Its Shale Reserves?

    Published 05 September 2017 | viewed 10,893 times

    Russia’s tight oil will play an increasingly important role in its oil output, underpinned by the fact that 20 percent of its current reserves already…

  • Gazprom’s Gas Dominance Grows In Europe

    Published 04 September 2017 | viewed 10,951 times

    It is doubtful that there could be a less appropriate time to increase Russian gas exports to Europe, yet that is exactly what Gazprom is…

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