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Viktor Katona

Contributor since: 20 Feb 2017

Viktor Katona

Viktor Katona is an Group Physical Trader at MOL Group and Expert at the Russian International Affairs Council, currently based in Budapest.

Disclaimer: views set out in Viktor's articles are solely those of the author in his private capacity.

Latest articles from Viktor

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    Indigenous protests have taken over Peru, threatening to undermine the Latin American nation’s burgeoning upstream industry. To many it would come as a surprise that…

  • Europe’s Biggest Coal Nation Could Soon Go Nuclear

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    Every severe economic crisis shakes the basic foundations of seemingly mainstream policies and ideas and makes one wonder whether the recession’s impact could have been…

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    Russia’s ambitious LNG plans have so far based on two producing assets – the Gazprom-operated Sakhalin LNG and the NOVATEK-operated Yamal LNG. The addition of…

  • Are Oil Majors Giving Up On Guyana?

    Published 09 August 2020 | viewed 17,715 times

    Guyana has become one of the main upstream stars of the past decade, rising from zero to hero in less than 5 years. Much of…

  • Russia’s Largest Coal Mine Gets Unexpected New Owner

    Published 05 August 2020 | viewed 17,521 times

    It might not be a secret to anyone that Russia’s coal industry has been pivoting towards Asia – domestic utilization of the country’s vast coal…

  • South Sudan Struggles To Boost Its Oil Production

    Published 03 August 2020 | viewed 25,363 times

    The youngest internationally recognized nation on earth, South Sudan’s relationship with its oil and gas reserves has been troubled and ambivalent – ever since its…

  • Is Turkey Drilling For Oil & Gas In The Wrong Sea?

    Published 02 August 2020 | viewed 33,435 times

    Whilst most of European media have narrowed down the deterioration in EU-Turkey relations to the issues of the “refurbished” Hagia Sophia and the protracted Libyan…

  • Controversial Russian-Built Nuclear Plant To Start Up In Belarus

    Published 01 August 2020 | viewed 17,491 times

    Nowadays it is not very frequent that one would hear of a new nuclear project coming onstream in Europe. Perhaps unsurprisingly the Old Continent’s forthcoming…

  • Is This The World’s Riskiest Oil Frontier?

    Published 23 July 2020 | viewed 12,431 times

    Somalia’s government has announced that it would hold its first-ever offshore licensing round this August, marking the starting point of Africa’s perhaps most adventurous oil…

  • Israel Moves To Capitalize On Massive Gas Reserves

    Published 21 July 2020 | viewed 12,118 times

    The 2020 gas price crunch has substantially cooled down the hype around the Eastern Mediterranean’s recent discoveries in Egypt, Israel and Cyprus. Israel was the…

  • Ireland Considers A Full Ban On Offshore Oil & Gas Drilling

    Published 16 July 2020 | viewed 29,613 times

    Europe has remained in the global forefront when it comes to willingly ceasing hydrocarbon exploration and extraction, fueled by a tangible political intent to make…

  • Norway Eager To Boost Domestic Offshore Oil Investment

    Published 15 July 2020 | viewed 12,401 times

    Anxious and unsure as to when exactly will the COVID-induced recession come to an end, both current and future oil-producing nations have been having quite…

  • The Race To Complete The World’s Most Controversial Pipeline

    Published 14 July 2020 | viewed 25,818 times

    It all started when leading European politicians, towering amongst them the German chancellor Angela Merkel, openly criticized the extraterritorial nature of U.S. sanctions against Nord…

  • Will Argentina's Oil Industry Survive This Crisis?

    Published 06 July 2020 | viewed 12,482 times

    Throughout the 2010s Argentina’s shale deposits were universally listed alongside the US shale gale, denoting the many similarities Vaca Muerta shares with Eagle Ford in particular and Texas’…

  • 5 Signs That Record Oil Imports From China Won’t Last

    Published 05 July 2020 | viewed 24,528 times

    The recent turnaround in oil market sentiment was to a large extent due to China showing signs of demand recovering back to normalcy. May 2020…

  • Moscow Backs Russia's Fastest Moving Energy Company

    Published 04 July 2020 | viewed 21,404 times

    The COVID-induced recession that has brought oil and gas prices down to levels that are painful enough for most if not all major producers. In…

  • Covid-19 Is Crushing This African Oil Exporter

    Published 01 July 2020 | viewed 15,006 times

    Stuck midway in reforming its energy sector by chopping down unnecessary assets and optimizing the national NOC’s role vis-à-vis the government, Angola has endured a…

  • Suppliers Fight For Dominance In This Crucial Gas Market

    Published 29 June 2020 | viewed 15,471 times

    Europe’s Mediterranean region is emerging as Europe’s main front of commercial rivalry – natural gas producers that rely on pipeline supplies and utilize primarily oil-indexed…

  • The Newest Battlefield In The European Gas War

    Published 20 June 2020 | viewed 27,348 times

    Across the planet LNG prices in May-June 2020 have dropped to unprecedentedly low levels – landed seaborne prices still remain below $2 per MMBtu, compelling…

  • The Oil Nation Aiming To Emulate Guyana's Success

    Published 20 June 2020 | viewed 37,522 times

    Paths to economic development might vary, ranging all the way from ruthless dictatorships hewing their way with an iron fist to established democracies laboring towards…

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