• 3 minutes War for Taiwan?
  • 7 minutes How China Is Racing To Expand Its Global Energy Influence
  • 10 minutes Is it time to talk about Hydrogen?
  • 11 mins U.S. Presidential Elections Status - Electoral Votes
  • 1 day Mail IN Ballot Fraud
  • 44 mins Supreme Court rules against Cuomo's coronavirus limits
  • 7 hours “Cushing Oil Inventories Are Soaring Again” By Tsvetana Paraskova
  • 2 days Michael Moore Cranking Up Planet of the Humans Again
  • 2 days Censorship in USA
  • 20 hours “Consumers Will Pay For Carbon Pricing Costs” by Irina Slav


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  • Graig Klein

    Contributed: 0 articles

    Graig is a writer for Diplomatic Courier

  • Green Futures

    Contributed: 27 articles

    This article originally appeared in Green Futures magazine. Green Futures is the leading international magazine on environmental solutions and sustainable futures, published by Forum for the Future.  Its aim is to demonstrate how a sustainable future is both practical and desirable – and can be profitable, too.

  • Green energy Reporter

    Contributed: 26 articles

    GER is a Newsblog that provides insight on the people, investments and policies affecting the green energy sector.

  • Gregor Macdonald

    Contributed: 5 articles

    Gregor Macdonald believes the world has entered another, historic energy transition. He has written for the Financial Times of London, The Oil Drum, and The Harvard Business Review. He has appeared on MSNBC in the United States, BNN in Toronto, and the Keiser Report out of Paris. His writings and…

  • Gregory Feifer

    Contributed: 4 articles

    Gregory is a Contributor to Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

  • Gregory Brew

    Contributed: 115 articles

    Dr. Gregory Brew is a researcher and analyst based in Washington D.C. He is a fellow at the Metropolitan Society for International Affairs, and his work has appeared in The Conversation, the Houston Chronicle, Mediterranean Quarterly, Iranian Studies, E-International Relations and Modern Diplomacy. Follow him at @gbrew24

  • Gregory R. Copley

    Contributed: 87 articles

    Historian, author, and strategic analyst — and onetime industrialist — Gregory R. Copley, who was born in 1946, has for almost five decades worked at the highest levels with various governments around the world, advising on national security, intelligence, and national management issues. He has authored or co-authored more than…

  • Hadaf Zubi

    Contributed: 4 articles

    "Hadaf Zubi is an energy market analyst who wrote his MA thesis on the politics of resource extraction and conflict in Liberia and Sierra Leone."

  • Haley Zaremba

    Contributed: 379 articles

    Haley Zaremba is a writer and journalist based in Mexico City. She has extensive experience writing and editing environmental features, travel pieces, local news in the Bay Area, and music/culture reviews.

  • Hamish Raw

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Hamish Raw has an MBA from Cass, London where he specialised in financial engineering, in particular, the pricing and risk management of conventional options.Raw has traded from 1985 to 2009 on LIFFE, SFE, CBOT and Eurex as an options market-maker. Raw is the founder of FFastFill Plc, an ISV providing…

  • Harmon Cardon

    Contributed: 1 articles

  • Harry Leong

    Contributed: 0 articles

  • Harsh Pant

    Contributed: 4 articles

    Harsh is a contributor to ISN Security Watch

  • Henry Trinh

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Henry has a background in finance and several years of experience working in the private capital markets and as a financial news analyst at Bloomberg. He contributes original work to Oilprice.com via his start-up; Fin Flex LLC, a financial research firm. He's currently pursuing his MBA in finance.

  • Henry Hewitt

    Contributed: 29 articles

    Henry Hewitt is an investment strategist and portfolio manager with 36 years of experience in renewable energy. He is also a seasoned writer having published an investment newsletter for over ten years. He has been interviewed by CBS, the Wall Street Journal and appeared on PBS in conjunction with his…

  • Hidden Levers

    Contributed: 2 articles

    HiddenLevers is a financial technology company based in New York City. Our main focus is to reveal the hidden links between the economy and an investor’s portfolio. By connecting big-picture economic factors with industries and investments, HiddenLevers gives you the ability to model how different economic scenarios can impact a…

  • Ian Nunn

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Ian Nunn is editor of The Poog.

  • Ian Jenkins

    Contributed: 6 articles

    Writer for Oilprice.com 

  • Igor Alexeev

    Contributed: 12 articles

    Igor Alexeev is a Russian journalist and blogger for Strategic Culture Foundation, The Energy Collective and Route Magazine. He writes on the oil and gas sector, Eurasian energy security and shipping industries in the Arctic.

  • Imani Johnson

    Contributed: 1 articles

  • Innovation Policy Blog

    Contributed: 7 articles

    The Innovation Policy Blog features pragmatic ideas from some of today's most distinguished thought leaders about innovation's crucial role in our economic, social and political future.

  • Irina Slav

    Contributed: 2,253 articles

    Irina is a writer for Oilprice.com with over a decade of experience writing on the oil and gas industry.

  • ISN Security Watch

    Contributed: 75 articles

    ISN Security Watch was a geopolitical news publication run by ISN ETH Zurich.

  • Ivan Kitov

    Contributed: 5 articles

    I am a Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, lead researcher at the Institute for the Geospheres’ Dynamics, Russian Academy of Sciences. Academic specialization: geophysics, seismology, nuclear tests monitoring under the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test Ban Treaty. An author of 30+ peer reviewed papers in the field of geophysics and seismology. A founding…

  • IWPR

    Contributed: 10 articles

    IWPR helps people in the world's most challenging environments have the information they need to drive positive changes in their lives — holding government to account, demanding constructive solutions, strengthening civil society and securing human rights. Amid war, dictatorship, and political transition, IWPR builds the level of public information and…

  • Jackie Forrest

    Contributed: 0 articles

    Jackie actively monitors emerging strategic trends related to energy. She is an author and sought after public speaker with 20 years of experience in the energy industry. She has written numerous blogs and columns on energy issues, and is a regular contributor to the Daily Oil Bulletin and the National…

  • Jacob Wolinsky

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Jacob Wolinsky is the Founder, and CEO of ValueWalk.com. Built up from the ground without any Venture capital funding, ValueWalk is the  fastest growing Financial news website, with an emphasis on Value investing, hedge funds, asset managers, economics and tech. The site receives over 1.5million views a month from every…

  • Jacob Hess

    Contributed: 1 articles

    As a student at Emory University, Jacob studies economics, mathematics, and psychology while engaging in personal studies of the financial markets. His particular interest in the energy sector lead to the birth of his blog, Black Gold Disease, where he writes articles and develops financial models. His writing has been…

  • Jacob Urban

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Jacob's passion for the energy markets stems from his deep interest in the impact of geopolitical events on the price of energy commodities. He writes regularly on Energy equities for Seeking Alpha and aspires to become a leading voice in the energy community by conducting fundamental analysis of the energy markets

  • James Hinton

    Contributed: 1 articles

    James Hinton is a former U.S. Army soldier turned armchair analyst. He spends his time these days advising fellow veterans on issues of education, finance, and reintegration into civilian life.

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