• 3 minutes Shale Oil Fiasco
  • 7 minutes "Leaked" request by some Democrats that they were asking Nancy to coordinate censure instead of impeachment.
  • 12 minutes Trump's China Strategy: Death By a Thousand Paper Cuts
  • 16 minutes Global Debt Worries. How Will This End?
  • 7 hours Greta named Time Magazine "Person of the Year"
  • 2 hours americavchina.com
  • 2 hours Emissions Soar as Flaring Frenzy Breaks New Records
  • 3 hours Tories on course to win majority
  • 1 day Winter Storms Hitting Continental US
  • 9 hours POTUS Trump signs the HK Bill
  • 17 hours Aramco Raises $25.6B in World's Biggest IPO
  • 24 hours WTO is effectively neutered. Trump *already* won the trade war against China and WTO is helpless to intervene
  • 1 day 2nd Annual Great Oil Price Prediction Challenge of 2019

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The Gefira Foundation is a part of the Pan-European think-tank focused on current geopolitical and financial instabilities.

Gefira provides in-depth and comprehensive analysis of and valuable insight into current events that investors, financial planners and politicians need to know to anticipate the world of tomorrow; it is intended for professional and non-professional readers.

The Gefira team is made up of people of different professional, educational, and national backgrounds. We are a group of economists, financiers, lawyers, and historians. European political establishment and existing institutions are failing to understand social-political and economic trends and the risk Europe is facing. Many events come as a complete surprise. Our team analyzes signals and trends before they become headline news. Gefira is an indispensable tool for those who have to make political and investment decisions.

The Gefira-team investigates a problem thoroughly, has a panel discussion and dares to draw conclusions that go counter to what is presented in the main media.

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