• 6 days Retail On Pace For Most Bankruptcies And Store Closures Ever In One Year: BDO
  • 10 minutes America Could Go Fully Electric Right Now
  • 8 days Majors Oil COs diversify into Renewables ? What synergies forget have with Solar Panels and Wind Tirbines ? None !
  • 10 mins Most ridiculous green proposal
  • 5 hours The Green Hydrogen Problem That No One Is Talking About
  • 19 hours China Sets Its Sights On Global [EV, AI, CRISPR, Fusion, Navel Lint Collector] Dominance
  • 1 hour Rethinking election outcomes for oil.
  • 13 hours The City of Sturgis Update on the Motorcycle Rally held there, and the MSM's reporting hence
  • 6 hours Biden's laptop
  • 15 mins P@A will cost Texas Taxpayers $117 Billion.
  • 3 hours QUESTION: With worldwide 1.4 Billion passenger vehicles and 360 Million commercial vehicles using combustion engines how long before gasoline and distillates measurably decline. .
  • 6 hours Video Evidence that the CCP controls Joe Biden
  • 2 days Republicans Have Become the Party of Hate
  • 6 hours Making diamonds from thin air
  • 2 days Australia’s Commodities Heartland Set for Major Hydrogen Plant


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  • Rajan Vig

    Contributed: 3 articles

    Rajan is a trader in Mexico City and works across the fuels, gas and electricity space. He is currently a Board Member of ACE (Asociación de Comercializdores de Energía) and is the Mexico consultant to the WPTF (Western Power Trading Forum) in the United States.

  • Rajeev Sharma

    Contributed: 0 articles

    Rajeev is a writer for Diplomatic Courier

  • Rakesh Neelakandan

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Rakesh Neelakandan, Content Editor with www.commodityonline.com; a commodity information portal based out of India, is relatively new to the profession of journalism. Previously he was a content-writer and prior to that a copy-writer. He writes regularly on commodities and also prepares market intelligence reports for various agricultural commodities.His interests include…

  • Rakesh Upadhyay

    Contributed: 109 articles

    Rakesh Upadhyay is a writer for US-based Divergente LLC consulting firm.

  • Rashmi Bandara

    Contributed: 0 articles

  • Ray Merola

    Contributed: 4 articles

    I recently retired from Shell Oil after serving over thirty years in the energy industry.  My career was concentrated in the downstream business; serving various roles in Shell Pipeline, oil products distribution, environmental management, and marketing engineering.  I accrued significant joint venture experience, serving on numerous corporate boards.    My…

  • RFE/RL staff

    Contributed: 89 articles

    RFE/RL journalists report the news in 21 countries where a free press is banned by the government or not fully established. We provide what many people cannot get locally: uncensored news, responsible discussion, and open debate.

  • Richard Rousseau

    Contributed: 0 articles

    Richard Rousseau is Associate Professor and Chairman of the Department of Political Science and International Relations at Khazar University in Baku, Azerbaijan. He teaches on Russian politics, Eurasian geopolitics, international political economy and globalization. He can be reached at rrousseau9@hotmail.com or rrousseau@khazar.org

  • Richard Mills

    Contributed: 2 articles

  • Richard Weitz

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Richard is a contributor at Eurasia Net

  • Richard Talley

    Contributed: 9 articles

    Richard is a former commodities analyst currently working as a freelance consultant involved in the development of copper mines.

  • Rick Sonenshein

    Contributed: 1 articles

  • Robert Kientz

    Contributed: 0 articles

    Robert has been an investor for many years and has 8 years experience working as a corporate auditor and 14 years corporate working experience. Robert earned his Series 6, 63, and 7 licenses 10 years ago while working as a broker dealer for a large, multinational company. In addition, Robert…

  • Robert M Cutler

    Contributed: 31 articles

  • Robert Bensh

    Contributed: 10 articles

    Mr. Bensh has over 15 years of experience leading energy and resource companies in Ukraine and over 25 years of experience in the energy sector. He is the Managing Shareholder of Leadville Resources Inc, and the Managing Partner of Pelicourt LLC., a private equity firm focused on the energy sector…

  • Robert Berke

    Contributed: 21 articles

    Robert Berke is an energy financial analyst with experience as a government consultant to the State of Alaska.  

  • Robert Coalson

    Contributed: 1 articles

  • Robert Bryce

    Contributed: 6 articles

    Robert is a writer at Energy Tribune

  • Robert Rapier

    Contributed: 311 articles

  • Robert Tait

    Contributed: 5 articles

  • Robert Gore

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Robert has a background in banking, financial markets, and writing. He has a law degree from UC Berkeley. Since 2014, his website, Straightlinelogic.com, has featured articles on a variety of topics: the economy, financial markets, politics, and culture.

  • Rod Adams

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Rod is the author of Atomic Insights Blog. Rod earned his initial atomic knowledge while serving as an engineering officer on US nuclear powered submarines throughout the 1980s. He founded Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. in 1993 to produce small modular reactors, but put that company to sleep in 1996, when…

  • Roger Andrews

    Contributed: 9 articles

    Roger Andrews is a retired mining geologist and geophysicist. Born in the UK he spent most of his professional career in Australia and the USA. He is now retired to the West coast of Mexico where he spends much of his time sitting under a wavy palm tree blogging and…

  • Roger N. McDermott

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Roger N. McDermott is a Senior Fellow in Eurasian Military Studies, Jamestown Foundation, Washington, DC, and an Honorary Senior Fellow, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK. His policy oriented articles and monographs have been published widely in international security journals, including Parameters the official journal…

  • Ron Hiram

    Contributed: 5 articles

    Ron Hiram currently manages investment portfolios and assists earlier stage companies in their capital raising efforts. His articles analyzing results reported by master limited partnerships and mortgage REITs appear in www.wiseanalysis.com. This website also features general articles about MLPs and about other topics of interest to yield-focused investors. Mr. Hiram…

  • Ron Patterson

    Contributed: 159 articles

    Ron Patterson is a retired computer engineer. He worked in Saudi Arabia for five years, two years at the Ghazlan Power Plant near Ras Tanura and three years with Aramco in Ras Tanura and Safaniya. He worked a short time as a stockbroker and a commodities broker but found the…

  • Ronald Stoeferle

    Contributed: 28 articles

    Ronald is a metals analyst at Erste Group. Erste Group is the leading financial provider in the Eastern EU. More than 50,000 employees serve 17.4 million clients in 3,200 branches in 8 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine). As of 31 December 2010 Erste Group has…

  • Ronke Luke

    Contributed: 14 articles

    Ronke Luke has experience advising senior executives (including at the ministerial level) on initiatives to develop and increase uptake of advanced energy and environmental technologies and practices in power and oil and gas sectors in U.S. and international markets. She has worked on projects taking technologies from R&D-to-market in the…

  • Rory Johnston

    Contributed: 32 articles

    Rory Johnston is a Master of Global Affairs student at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs where he focuses primarily on the intersection of geopolitics and energy markets. He has worked as a consultant in the Ontario electricity sector and is currently an Adjunct Junior Fellow at…

  • Ross McCracken

    Contributed: 51 articles

    Ross is an energy analyst, writer and consultant who was previously the Managing Editor of Platts Energy Economist

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