• 6 days Retail On Pace For Most Bankruptcies And Store Closures Ever In One Year: BDO
  • 10 minutes America Could Go Fully Electric Right Now
  • 8 days Majors Oil COs diversify into Renewables ? What synergies forget have with Solar Panels and Wind Tirbines ? None !
  • 4 hours Most ridiculous green proposal
  • 5 hours The Green Hydrogen Problem That No One Is Talking About
  • 18 hours China Sets Its Sights On Global [EV, AI, CRISPR, Fusion, Navel Lint Collector] Dominance
  • 46 mins Rethinking election outcomes for oil.
  • 13 hours The City of Sturgis Update on the Motorcycle Rally held there, and the MSM's reporting hence
  • 5 hours Biden's laptop
  • 2 hours QUESTION: With worldwide 1.4 Billion passenger vehicles and 360 Million commercial vehicles using combustion engines how long before gasoline and distillates measurably decline. .
  • 5 hours Video Evidence that the CCP controls Joe Biden
  • 2 days Republicans Have Become the Party of Hate
  • 2 hours P@A will cost Texas Taxpayers $117 Billion.
  • 6 hours Making diamonds from thin air
  • 2 days Australia’s Commodities Heartland Set for Major Hydrogen Plant


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  • Jackie Forrest

    Contributed: 0 articles

    Jackie actively monitors emerging strategic trends related to energy. She is an author and sought after public speaker with 20 years of experience in the energy industry. She has written numerous blogs and columns on energy issues, and is a regular contributor to the Daily Oil Bulletin and the National…

  • Jacob Wolinsky

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Jacob Wolinsky is the Founder, and CEO of ValueWalk.com. Built up from the ground without any Venture capital funding, ValueWalk is the  fastest growing Financial news website, with an emphasis on Value investing, hedge funds, asset managers, economics and tech. The site receives over 1.5million views a month from every…

  • Jacob Hess

    Contributed: 1 articles

    As a student at Emory University, Jacob studies economics, mathematics, and psychology while engaging in personal studies of the financial markets. His particular interest in the energy sector lead to the birth of his blog, Black Gold Disease, where he writes articles and develops financial models. His writing has been…

  • Jacob Urban

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Jacob's passion for the energy markets stems from his deep interest in the impact of geopolitical events on the price of energy commodities. He writes regularly on Energy equities for Seeking Alpha and aspires to become a leading voice in the energy community by conducting fundamental analysis of the energy markets

  • James Hinton

    Contributed: 1 articles

    James Hinton is a former U.S. Army soldier turned armchair analyst. He spends his time these days advising fellow veterans on issues of education, finance, and reintegration into civilian life.

  • James Hamilton

    Contributed: 87 articles

    James is the Editor of Econbrowser – a popular economics blog that Analyses current economic conditions and policy.

  • James Burgess

    Contributed: 177 articles and 2 interviews

    James Burgess studied Business Management at the University of Nottingham. He has worked in property development, chartered surveying, marketing, law, and accounts. He has also studied journalism and has written many articles over the years for a wide variety of sources.James is the Deputy Editor of Oilprice.com

  • James Durso

    Contributed: 5 articles

    James D. Durso is the Managing Director of Corsair LLC, a supply chain consultancy. In 2013 to2015, he was the Chief Executive Officer of AKM Consulting, a provider of business development and international project management services in Central and Southwest Asia to U.S. clients in a variety of industries including…

  • James Stafford

    Contributed: 192 articles and 55 interviews

    James Stafford is the Editor of Oilprice.com

  • Jamie McInerney

    Contributed: 0 articles

    Jamie McInerney is a Senior Director at FTI Consulting.  He advises companies and specific projects in the upstream and midstream on strategies and tactics to identify and mitigate “above ground risk,” or non-technical risk.  Jamie works with some of the largest energy producers in the world, including foreign corporations seeking…

  • Jared Anderson

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Mr. Anderson recently worked as a Senior Adviser to the Rapidan Group, an energy consultancy, prior to which he helped launch an energy media and conference business called Smart Energy Decisions as the firm's founding Content Director. From 2012 to 2015 he was an Editor, then Managing Editor, at Breaking…

  • Jason Sen

    Contributed: 32 articles

    Jason Sen began his career at the age of 19 in the options pits, market making his own account as a ‘local’ on the trading floor of LIFFE in 1987. In 2001 when the trading floor closed, he successfully made the transition to day trading on computer screens.Jason always used …

  • Jason Eckerman

    Contributed: 1 articles

  • Jean Laherrere

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Jean Laherrère worked for Total SA for thirty-seven years in a variety of successively more responsible roles encompassing exploration activities in the Sahara, Australia, Canada and Paris. Since retiring from Total, Mr. Laherrère has consulted worldwide on oil and gas potential and production. He has served on the Society of…

  • Jeb Handwerger

    Contributed: 7 articles

    Jeb runs Gold Stock Trades – a subscription based investment newsletter that focuses on investments in the various metals sectors.

  • Jeff Williams

    Contributed: 4 articles

    Jeff Williams is a published author, analyst and educator. As a private portfolio manager, Jeff is a value/dividend investor who focuses long-term growth. Jeff Williams specializes in fundamental analysis honing in on the relationships between debt ratios, assets, earnings and cash flow. He lives in a beautiful seaside town in…

  • Jen Alic

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  • Jenna Tharia

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Jenna Tharia is a freelance writer focused on art, business, and the artful business of psychology. 

  • Jeremy Deaton

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Nexus Media News is a syndicated newswire covering climate, energy, politics, art and culture.

  • Jeremy Martin

    Contributed: 3 articles

    Jeremy is a frequent commentator and writer on Latin American and energy issues speaking at international conferences and appearing in both print and broadcast media. He has testified before the US Congress on energy issues in Latin America. Working at a think tank -- the Institute of the Americas at…

  • Jess McCabe

    Contributed: 25 articles

    Jess is a writer for Environmental Finance.Environmental Finance is the leading global publication covering the ever-increasing impact of environmental issues on the lending, insurance, investment and trading decision affecting industry.

  • Jigar Shah

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Jigar is Co-Founder of Generate Capital; Founder of SunEdison, where he pioneered “no money down solar” and unlocked a multi-billion-dollar solar market, creating the largest solar services company worldwide; Author of Creating Climate Wealth: Unlocking the Impact Economy; Energy Gang Podcast.  More of his work can be found at: https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/0_2N2iompN8JjCiU_IpLlBVZ?trk=prof-sm 

  • Jim Hyerczyk

    Contributed: 303 articles

    Fundamental and technical analyst with 30 years experience.

  • Jim Harden

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Jim Harden is a Principal and the Valuation Services Leader at Hein & Associates, a full-service accounting and advisory firm with offices in Denver, Houston, Dallas and Orange County, California. With more than thirty years of experience in the energy industry, including as an independent oil and gas operator, he…

  • JLC

    Contributed: 4 articles

    JLC with headquarters located in Beijing, and branch offices in Shanghai, Shandong, Guangzhou and Singapore, is a leading provider of market intelligence and pricing solutions for energy and commodities in China. We serve over 1.38 million clients for more than 16 years and our vast experience with domestic and international…

  • Joanna Martin Ziegenfuss

    Contributed: 1 articles

    Joanna Martin Ziegenfuss, an associate director with the Berkeley Research Group, in Washington, DC, is an international expert in small scale LNG with over 12 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. She has advised oil majors, project developers, private equity firms and financial institutions targeting emerging market…

  • Joao Peixe

    Contributed: 99 articles

    Joao is a writer for Oilprice.com

  • Jody Ray Bennett

    Contributed: 3 articles

    Jody is a contributor to ISN Security Watch

  • Joe Weisenthal

    Contributed: 3 articles

    Joe is a writer for Business Insider.

  • Joe Parson

    Contributed: 2 articles

    Joe Parson is a writer for Oilprice.com

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