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  • 2 days Trump administration slaps sanctions on Saudis over Khashoggi's death
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Nick Cunningham

Contributor since: 04 Nov 2013

Nick Cunningham

Nick Cunningham is a freelance writer on oil and gas, renewable energy, climate change, energy policy and geopolitics. He is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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  • Can We Expect A Major Rebound In Oil Prices?

    Published 18 November 2018 | viewed 17,747 times

    After declining by more than 20 percent from the October peak, oil prices are showing some signs that they have now bottomed out. WTI hit…

  • Natural Gas Markets Remain Ultra Tight

    Published 15 November 2018 | viewed 12,396 times

    Natural gas prices skyrocketed this week, shooting above $4.80 per MMBtu on Wednesday, a price last seen during the polar vortex of 2014. Low gas…

  • Can OPEC Halt An Oil Market Meltdown?

    Published 15 November 2018 | viewed 10,941 times

    What a difference one month makes. One month ago, the International Energy Agency (IEA) warned that the world was “straining parts of the system to…

  • Bakken Prices Crumble On Pipeline Woes

    Published 14 November 2018 | viewed 14,431 times

    Oil production is growing so quickly in the Bakken that the region is starting to suffer from painful pipeline constraints. U.S. shale is not new…

  • Is An Oil Supply Crunch Inevitable?

    Published 13 November 2018 | viewed 18,506 times

    Global oil demand will peak by 2040, according to a new report, although oil supply shortages could emerge before then. The International Energy Agency (IEA)…

  • Oil Prices Plunge Below $15 In Canada

    Published 13 November 2018 | viewed 25,786 times

    Canadian oil prices briefly plunged as low as $15 per barrel last week, after a U.S. federal judge blocked the construction of the Keystone XL…

  • Saudis Scramble To Stop Oil Price Slide

    Published 12 November 2018 | viewed 17,928 times

    Saudi Arabia is moving quickly to halt the slide in oil prices, telegraphing a production cut intended to erase some of the re-emerging supply surplus.…

  • The New Bear Market In Oil

    Published 11 November 2018 | viewed 16,066 times

    WTI dipped below $60 per barrel in early trading on Friday, the lowest price level in nearly a year. With prices down more than 20…

  • Nat Gas Prices Spike On Cold Weather

    Published 08 November 2018 | viewed 11,714 times

    Natural gas prices are sharply up as cold weather is set to sweep much of the country, putting a strain on already low storage levels.…

  • OPEC Fears Another Downturn In Oil

    Published 08 November 2018 | viewed 30,497 times

    Oil prices have fallen so far in the past month that OPEC is clearly growing concerned about a downturn. Saudi Arabia and Russia will explore…

  • Venezuela’s Glaring Gasoline Crisis

    Published 08 November 2018 | viewed 8,172 times

    Iran has dominated the headlines over the last few weeks, but Venezuela’s oil sector continues to meltdown. Venezuela’s oil production fell to just 1.197 million…

  • Oil Majors Win Big In Midterms

    Published 07 November 2018 | viewed 7,461 times

    Democrats were big winners on Tuesday, reclaiming the U.S. House of Representatives and winning a handful of state legislatures and governor’s mansions. But the oil…

  • The Truth About Iran Oil Sanction Waivers

    Published 06 November 2018 | viewed 30,988 times

    The Trump administration has dropped the hammer, officially putting sanctions on Iran’s oil exports. Why, then, might Iran’s oil exports actually increase in the near…

  • Why Oil Prices Will Fall In 2019 And Beyond

    Published 05 November 2018 | viewed 50,781 times

    The decision by the U.S. to grant waivers to eight countries, allowing them to continue to import oil from Iran, has helped ease the tension…

  • It's All-Or-Nothing For Colorado Drillers

    Published 05 November 2018 | viewed 13,372 times

    Colorado voters will decide the future of the oil and gas industry in their state on Tuesday, as they contemplate requiring greater distances between them…

  • Why Trump Decided To Back Down On Iran

    Published 04 November 2018 | viewed 36,364 times

    The Trump administration has finally faced up to what many knew all along: It won’t be able to take Iran’s oil exports down to zero.…

  • Goldman Sachs: Brent To Hit $80 Before Year-End

    Published 01 November 2018 | viewed 14,683 times

    Oil prices have fallen around 15 percent over the past month, and concerns about oversupply have rushed back. OPEC and the U.S. are both adding…

  • U.S. And OPEC Flood Oil Market Ahead Of Midterms

    Published 01 November 2018 | viewed 32,752 times

    OPEC and the U.S. are together adding enormous volumes of new supply, which together have softened the oil market. In October, OPEC hiked oil production…

  • Trade War Could Be ‘Pivotal’ For U.S. LNG

    Published 01 November 2018 | viewed 6,954 times

    Donald Trump’s trade war with China is starting to scare away oil and gas investments, as new trade barriers clouds the long-term outlook on exports.…

  • What’s Behind The Continued Selloff In Oil?

    Published 31 October 2018 | viewed 33,541 times

    Investors are growing increasingly pessimistic about the direction that the oil market is heading in, and their negative outlook is helping to drag down crude…

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