• 6 minutes Chile Becomes The Latest Country To Commit To 100% Renewables
  • 12 minutes Does S Arabia Have 2 Mln Barrels in Spare Capacity?
  • 18 minutes WTI needs to stay above 70.x, for rally to continue.
  • 16 hours Can US sue OPEC?
  • 24 hours Rally on Hold, if 69.5 don't break, 62.5 could be next.
  • 19 hours US disavows carbon tax
  • 2 hours What's wrong with SA oil consumption?
  • 2 hours Verbal War - Merkel: Europe Can't Rely On U.S. To Impose World Order
  • 3 hours GE CEO: China Tariffs Could Cost Conglomerate Up To $400 million
  • 24 hours FBI Director: Russia Continues to Sow Discord In The U.S.
  • 8 hours Rio Tinto Says $4-Million Goodbye to Coal
  • 4 hours XOM @ 83 headed for 70s
  • 2 hours Will the trade war hurt US project builds? Not if the US does it right.
  • 1 day Iran's President Warns Over U.S. Push For Countries To Stop Buying Oil From Iran
  • 1 day Where 3 Million Electric Vehicle Batteries Will Go When They Retire?
  • 23 hours Britain Has Identified Russians Suspected Of Skripal Nerve Attack?
Nick Cunningham

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Nick Cunningham

Nick Cunningham is a freelance writer on oil and gas, renewable energy, climate change, energy policy and geopolitics. He is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

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