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  • 7 minutes Trump Tariffs NOT China's Biggest concern. Chinese Shadow Banking Bigger. What is Shadow Banking You Ask ?
  • 11 minutes Wonders of US Shale: US Shale Benefits: The U.S. leads global petroleum and natural gas production with record growth in 2018
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  • 4 hours Trump will capitulate on the trade war
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  • 9 hours China's Blueprint For Global Power
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  • 8 hours Any difference btw Hunter Biden on BOD of Ukraine Company vs. Qatar bailout of Kushner Real Estate 666 Fifth Ave ?
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  • 42 mins Iranian Oil Tanker struck by missiles off Jeddah
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  • 13 hours How The US Quietly Lost The 1st Amendment
  • 10 hours ISIS Prisoners Escape Syria Camp After Turkish Shelling. Woohoo!
  • 6 hours China 2019 - Orwell was 35 years out
  • 13 hours Leftists crying to make oil patch illegal friendly: 'Broken system' starves U.S. oil boom of immigrant workers: CONGRESS DO YOUR JOBS INSTEAD OF PANDERING!
  • 8 hours Total SA In Expansion: $600 million For India's Adani Gas

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Russia: OPEC+ Deal Will Not Be Revised

Nick Cunningham

Contributor since: 04 Nov 2013

Nick Cunningham

Nick Cunningham is an independent journalist, covering oil and gas, energy and environmental policy, and international politics. He is based in Portland, Oregon. 

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    Published 14 October 2019 | viewed 8,837 times

    Oil prices rose on Friday after the U.S. and China seemed to hammer out a trade deal that postponed tariffs. But after studying the details…

  • IEA Draws Gloomy Oil Demand Outlook For 2020

    Published 13 October 2019 | viewed 12,666 times

    The International Energy Agency (IEA) cut its oil demand forecast yet again, citing the weakening global economy. In its latest Oil Market Report, the agency…

  • Oil Giant Slashes Jobs Amid Shale Slowdown

    Published 10 October 2019 | viewed 19,491 times

    Halliburton announced that it would lay off 650 workers across four U.S. states due to the slowdown in shale drilling. The oilfield services giant blamed…

  • Big Oil Baffled By Trump’s Flip Flop On Ethanol Policy

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    Facing possible impeachment, President Trump is trying to patch up his badly damaged relationship with American farmers. On Friday, the Trump administration announced its latest…

  • The New Sweet Spot In The Permian Boom

    Published 08 October 2019 | viewed 13,746 times

    New Mexico may be starting to surpass West Texas as the main focus of shale drilling, with rigs decamping from familiar areas in the Permian…

  • It’s All Or Nothing For Oil As Trade Talks Restart

    Published 07 October 2019 | viewed 14,515 times

    The stakes are high for the global economy as U.S. and Chinese negotiators restart trade talks this week after months of silence and tit-for-tat tariff…

  • Brimming Storage And No Buyers: Venezuela’s Oil Production Tanks

    Published 07 October 2019 | viewed 11,855 times

    Venezuela’s oil production took another hit in recent days, as the country struggles with brimming storage tanks and no buyers. PDVSA slashed output in the…

  • Oil Slumps Again… Will OPEC Act?

    Published 06 October 2019 | viewed 36,506 times

    Saudi Aramco has fully restored the damaged production from the Abqaiq and Khurais facilities from just a few weeks ago, an impressive turnaround in such…

  • Capital Flight Is Killing The US Shale Boom

    Published 06 October 2019 | viewed 29,097 times

    The growth in U.S. shale production is grinding to a halt as low prices put drillers in a financial vice. The slowdown has been unfolding…

  • Sudden Eruption Of Violence In Iraq Threatens Oil Supply

    Published 03 October 2019 | viewed 17,292 times

    Oil prices have fallen sharply over the past week, as the swift return of disrupted Saudi oil production allowed markets to look past geopolitical risk.…

  • Oil Prices Tank On Global Recession Fears

    Published 02 October 2019 | viewed 24,534 times

    Oil prices continued to slide on Wednesday, falling on a string of worrying economic news. Markets were peppered with troubling data from September at the…

  • Oil Discoveries Hit 70-Year Low

    Published 02 October 2019 | viewed 26,711 times

    The last three years has been the worst stretch of time in seventy years for new conventional oil discoveries. A new report from IHS Markit…

  • US Shale Production Is Set For A Steep Decline

    Published 01 October 2019 | viewed 43,830 times

    U.S. oil production fell in July, another worrying sign for the shale industry. The latest EIA data shows that oil output fell sharply in July,…

  • Trump’s Latest Trade War Move Sends Oil Tanking

    Published 30 September 2019 | viewed 56,570 times

    Oil prices fell again on Monday on waning hopes of a breakthrough in the U.S.-China trade war. Late last week, Bloomberg reported that the Trump…

  • It’s “Feast-to-Famine” For The Global Gas Industry

    Published 30 September 2019 | viewed 13,754 times

    The oil majors have been piling into bets on natural gas in recent years, viewing gas as a more durable source of demand growth than…

  • Oil Prices Fall On Onslaught Of Bearish News

    Published 29 September 2019 | viewed 25,592 times

    Oil prices fell sharply on Friday on easing tensions in the Middle East after a rather surprising turn of events. Saudi Arabia is implementing a…

  • Goldman Sachs Sees Opportunity In The Shale Crisis

    Published 26 September 2019 | viewed 27,748 times

    Despite years of burning through cash, and the deep sense of anxiety within the shale industry itself, Goldman Sachs says the current down market represents…

  • Oil Under Fire At UN Summit

    Published 26 September 2019 | viewed 6,050 times

    The oil industry came under fire from climate activists, investors and global leaders at the UN General Assembly in New York in recent days. Oil…

  • Secret Survey: U.S. Shale In A State Of 'Deep Anxiety'

    Published 25 September 2019 | viewed 23,458 times

    The financial stress sweeping over the U.S. shale sector has led to a sharp contraction in activity. Oil and gas activity in Texas and parts…

  • Oil Prices Drop As Bearish Risk Soars

    Published 25 September 2019 | viewed 32,408 times

    Oil prices fell back even more mid-week as Saudi Arabia says it’s ahead of schedule to make the necessary repairs to the Abqaiq facility. The…

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