• 3 minutes Australian power prices go insane
  • 7 minutes Wind droughts
  • 11 minutes  What Russia has reached over three months diplomatic and military pressure on West ?
  • 4 hours Is Europe heading for winter of discontent with extensive gas shortages?
  • 10 hours Changing Gazprom ADRs to Russian shares
  • 11 hours Oil Stocks, Market Direction, Bitcoin, Minerals, Gold, Silver - Technical Trading <--- Chris Vermeulen & Gareth Soloway weigh in
  • 2 days "The Global Digital ID Prison" by James Corbett of CorbettReport.com
  • 4 days "How to Calculate Your Individual ESG Score to ensure that your Digital ID 'benefits' and money are accessible"
  • 5 days "How China Could Send LNG Prices Into The Stratosphere" by Irina Slav
  • 6 days The Federal Reserve and Money...Aspects which are not widely known
Felicity Bradstock

Contributor since: 27 Apr 2018

Felicity Bradstock

Felicity Bradstock is a freelance writer specialising in Energy and Finance. She has a Master’s in International Development from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Latest articles from Felicity

  • New Tech Is Accelerating The Wind Energy Revolution

    Published 20 April 2022 | viewed 8,355 times

    Wind energy production is steadily increasing, with several innovative projects being established around the world. While some countries continue to invest in traditional wind developments…

  • Are Big Tech’s Climate Pledges Too Ambitious?

    Published 17 April 2022 | viewed 1,556 times

    Google aims to have carbon-free data centers by 2030, but are these grandiose corporate carbon-cutting policies by major corporations all they’re made out to be?…

  • “Invisible Energy Highways” Could Usher In A New Era Of Shared Power

    Published 16 April 2022 | viewed 13,145 times

    Undersea electricity cables could become increasingly common as governments drive their energy strategies towards renewables. As countries develop their wind and solar power industries, there…

  • Africa’s Most Controversial Oil Pipeline Is Hanging In The Balance

    Published 14 April 2022 | viewed 4,655 times

    After years in the works, the fight over the East Africa oil pipeline continues. Environmentalists and local communities have long been battling against the proposed…

  • Emerging Oil Producers Could Get A Boost As The West Pivots Away From Russia

    Published 14 April 2022 | viewed 4,092 times

    New oil regions that have attracted the attention of oil majors looking for greater longevity in their operations and cheap, low-carbon oil prospects could receive…

  • The Biggest Hurdle In Nuclear Power Adoption

    Published 11 April 2022 | viewed 11,916 times

    As countries look for alternative energy production for greater energy security, concerns remain around the disposal of nuclear waste as governments establish new nuclear energy…

  • The World Desperately Needs To Get Energy Costs Under Control

    Published 11 April 2022 | viewed 6,492 times

    Despite continually rising energy prices, the affordability of energy costs for consumers is being widely overlooked. The current state of energy, with severe oil and…

  • The Energy Transition Will Transform Geopolitics

    Published 09 April 2022 | viewed 6,116 times

    The development of the renewable energy sector will bring a vast array of new energy sources being created across different world markets. Traditional oil-rich countries…

  • Is It Time To Revisit The Keystone XL Pipeline?

    Published 06 April 2022 | viewed 11,428 times

    With countries around the world experiencing increasing energy insecurity following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, many are looking for ways to increase their oil and…

  • Exxon’s $8 Billion Bet On Brazil Is Paying Off

    Published 01 April 2022 | viewed 8,253 times

    Despite Exxon’s recent exploration hurdle, Brazil has big plans for its oil industry as it hopes to increase its production levels significantly throughout 2022. With…

  • Russian Oil Is Too Cheap To Resist For China And India

    Published 31 March 2022 | viewed 31,155 times

    Since Russia invaded Ukraine in late February, several countries have introduced sanctions on the country, restricting trade and stopping Russian energy imports. This has led…

  • Japan Looks To Become A Leader In Asia’s Green Energy Push

    Published 31 March 2022 | viewed 2,760 times

    Japan has recently announced big plans to invest in renewables and bring back nuclear power - the first big move on nuclear since the Fukushima…

  • Get Ready To Pay More For Your Next Flight

    Published 31 March 2022 | viewed 5,753 times

    Flight prices are set to soar as jet fuel gets more and more expensive. Rising oil prices not only affect energy costs but also travel…

  • Why We Shouldn’t Ridicule Oil Demand Reduction

    Published 29 March 2022 | viewed 5,298 times

    The IEA recently released ‘A 10-Point Plan to Cut Oil Use’, but just how realistic is this plan? With the hope that state governments will…

  • Digitalization Is A Necessity, Not A Choice, For The Oil And Gas Industry

    Published 24 March 2022 | viewed 4,355 times

    As oil and gas operations were disrupted significantly by the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, it became evident that greater digitalization was vital…

  • Canada Looks To Fill The Global Oil Supply Gap

    Published 23 March 2022 | viewed 28,240 times

    With fears of severe oil shortages if Russia’s exports are further restricted, world leaders are looking elsewhere for their crude supplies. But with many governments…

  • A New Era Has Dawned For Nuclear Power

    Published 23 March 2022 | viewed 12,112 times

    The IAEA has already increased projections for nuclear growth this year, but will the need for greater energy diversity and security in response to the…

  • Will Hydrogen Power The Trains Of The Future?

    Published 23 March 2022 | viewed 5,591 times

    With governments putting pressure on transport companies to introduce cleaner modes of travel, several companies are looking to hydrogen as the future of green transportation.…

  • The Fossil Fuel Renaissance

    Published 20 March 2022 | viewed 26,558 times

    Renewables aren’t the only energy source on the up in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as countries are now looking to fossil fuels…

  • Investment In Tidal Energy Is Growing

    Published 20 March 2022 | viewed 13,896 times

    Following the pandemic, interest and investment in tidal and wave energy projects went above and beyond pre-pandemic levels. With governments looking to diversify their renewable…

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