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Biden and Xi Chart a New Path in U.S.-China Relations

Nov 22, 2023 at 08:16

To underscore its uniqueness, we have to go back to November 2022 for the last personal meeting between the leaders of the two most powerful countries at the…

Precious Metals Prices Stagnate Amid Global Uncertainties

Nov 22, 2023 at 08:13

Via Metal Miner The Global Precious Metals MMI (Monthly Metals Index) maintained a sideways trend once again, this…

Manufacturing in Major Economies Continues Downward Trend

Nov 22, 2023 at 08:10

Order books for manufacturing firms fell to their weakest level since early 2021, quashing hopes of a recovery in the sector. According to the Confederation of…

New Tungsten Oxide Coating Boosts Hydrogen Fuel Cell Life

Nov 22, 2023 at 08:04

Pohang University of Science & Technology engineers enhance hydrogen fuel cell durability via tungsten oxide coating that functions as a shield. The research has…

EU Gas Demand Remains Soft Amid Economic Slowdown

Nov 22, 2023 at 09:17

EU countries continue to minimize the use of natural gas for electricity production. According to Ember, electricity generation from gas-fired power plants in the nine months of 2023 decreased by…

Oil Inches Down On Inventory Build

Nov 22, 2023 at 09:48

Crude oil prices moved lower today, after the U.S. Energy Information Administration reported a sizeable inventory build of 8.7 million barrels for the week to November 17. This

Global Uranium Shortage Spurs Investment Frenzy

Nov 22, 2023 at 08:02

The price of yellowcake - uranium concentrate used in nuclear generation - has hit the highest level in more than 15 years, driven by soaring demand as a…

Oil Prices Plunge by 4% as OPEC+ Postpones Meeting

Nov 22, 2023 at 08:04

Oil prices plummeted by 4% on Wednesday after OPEC officially confirmed that the OPEC+ meeting scheduled for this weekend would be postponed to November 30. The U.S. benchmark, WTI…

War, Winter, and Supply Chain Challenges Threaten European Gas Price Stability

Nov 21, 2023 at 09:01

November in Europe is normally the start of heating season proper. Even with a prolonged summer and a soft start to the fall, by late November, winter temperatures drop, and…

The Dramatic Downfall of ESG Investing

Nov 21, 2023 at 08:53

Investors are withdrawing money from sustainable funds as the ESG enthusiasm of the past few years is waning amid high interest rates, poor returns, plunging renewable energy stocks, tightened SEC…

Russian And Chinese Focus Alights On Iraq’s Strategically Vital Akkas Project

Nov 21, 2023 at 16:29

Any major project connected to Iraq’s oil and gas sector has an incalculably greater significance than just extracting oil or gas. Situated in the heart of the Middle…

Spain and Portugal Spearhead Ambitious Green Hydrogen Plans

Nov 21, 2023 at 08:51

The Mediterranean has big dreams of becoming Europe’s clean energy powerhouse, but they have a long way to go before that goal becomes economically and logistically feasible. Between its plentiful…

Is Elon Musk’s Social Media Drama Hurting Tesla?

Nov 21, 2023 at 08:47

Last December, I wrote Why Tesla’s Market Share Is Set To Plunge In 2023. My logic was straightforward. After buying Twitter, Elon Musk…

Iran's Middle East Strategy: Arming Allies for Long-Term Conflict

Nov 21, 2023 at 08:43

Iran's strategy in the Middle East is essentially a take on an old proverb: Give your proxies and partners weapons and you can sustain their battles for a…

The Battle for America's Energy Future: Oil, Gas, and National Security

Nov 21, 2023 at 08:41

Fifty years ago this week, legislation authorizing construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline passed both houses of Congress and was signed into law by President Richard Nixon.  The whole…

LPG Demand Surge Triggers Price Hike in Kazakhstan

Nov 21, 2023 at 08:37

As motorists in Kazakhstan grow increasingly partial to running their cars on liquified petroleum gas, or LPG, officials are warning that shortages of the fuel will inevitably lead…

Copper Prices Inch Higher on Shifting Sentiment

Nov 21, 2023 at 08:35

Copper prices have started to gradually nudge higher on the expectation that demand from China will pick up in the future. Copper prices nudged up one…

Oil Markets on Edge Ahead of Critical OPEC+ Meeting

Nov 21, 2023 at 09:37

Oil markets are now fully focused on the upcoming OPEC+ meeting, with reports that the group may deepen cuts being counteracted by an apparent lack of unity amongst OPEC members…

Trillion Dollar Bailout: What Xi Really Wants From Biden

Nov 21, 2023 at 08:52

Communist Party of China (CCP) General Secretary Xi Jinping is now starkly aware that he is facing the end of his rule, and has turned to US Pres. Joe Biden…

What Will the Future Hold for Oil Refiners?

Nov 20, 2023 at 13:09

The downstream industry has been drawing increasing attention lately, with forecasters essentially warning refiners to brace up for dropping fuel demand and a new focus on petrochemicals as the main…

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