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China-Taiwan Conflict Raises Concerns for Semiconductors and Gold

Jun 04, 2024 at 07:29

Via SchiffGold.com, American-made weapons will soon be bound for Taiwan, American lawmakers are telling Taiwanese President Lai Ching-te, sending shockwaves…

Chinese Money Managers Eye Middle East Oil Wealth

Jun 04, 2024 at 09:37

China’s sovereign wealth fund and a number of banks and hedge funds have boosted their presence in the Middle East, aiming to get a larger slice of the oil-wealth pie…

Can Turkmenistan's Energy Exports Buy Influence in Beijing?

Jun 04, 2024 at 07:27

Turkmenistan occupies a unique position in Central Asia as the lone state in the region enjoying a trade surplus with China. Nevertheless, Beijing’s diplomatic signals suggest that Turkmenistan…

Oil Prices Fall as Bearish Sentiment Builds

Jun 04, 2024 at 05:58

Oil prices are under pressure as bearish sentiment builds due to OPEC+ underwhelming the market with its commitment to extend its voluntary cuts to Q3 2024 and its base cuts…

How Skyscrapers Could Be Our Answer to Energy Storage

Jun 03, 2024 at 16:12

The U.S. battery storage sector has been growing rapidly since 2021, with storage capacity projected to increase by almost 90% by the end of 2024. According to the U.S.…

The AI Boom Has Sparked M&A Opportunities in the Clean Energy Space

Jun 03, 2024 at 09:08

Artificial intelligence is the talk of the town. Fans are promoting it as a way to achieve a swifter energy. Skeptics are pointing out its massive electricity demand. And some…

China Secures Key Strategic Iraqi Gas Field

Jun 03, 2024 at 07:42

The awarding last week of the exploration and production (E&P) contract for Iraq’s second biggest gas field to a Chinese consortium comprising two of its relatively unknown firms rounds off…

Colombia's Oil Industry Stuck in Death Spiral

Jun 03, 2024 at 07:15

In a controversial move, Colombia’s leftist President, Gustavo Petro, banned awarding new hydrocarbon exploration contracts. He also sought to ban hydraulic fracturing in the conflict-riven country, which is economically…

Global Investment Surges in Green Ammonia Research and Development

Jun 03, 2024 at 07:06

Green ammonia is gaining in popularity as an alternative renewable energy source that can be used in fertilisers, as well as potentially for industry and shipping. An increase in the…

Europe's Net-Zero Ambitions Face Reality Check

Jun 03, 2024 at 06:52

The European Union (EU) is set to fall far behind its ambitious energy transition targets for renewable energy, clean technology capacity and domestic supply chain investments, according to…

Toxic Biosolids Threaten U.S. Farmland and Livestock

Jun 03, 2024 at 06:43

Many years ago a civil engineer explained to me the wisdom of taking solid biological residues from sewage treatment plants—dubbed biosolids—and using them on farm fields and garden…

Biden Administration Approves Limited Ukrainian Strikes in Russia

Jun 03, 2024 at 06:34

The shift is limited in scope, allowing Ukrainian forces to use short-range missiles from HIMARS launchers, or artillery, to hit command-and-control posts, arms depots, and other military targets…

Oil Prices Shed Over 3% As Market Digests OPEC+ Move

Jun 03, 2024 at 11:16

Brent crude was trading down well over 3% on Monday, marking the first time the global benchmark has been below $80 since February, with the U.S. crude benchmark down over…

U.S. Shale Mergers Could Bring Steadier Oil Prices

Jun 03, 2024 at 08:14

The merger mania in the U.S. shale industry has set the stage for steadier oil prices, analysts say. As producers become bigger, they focus on shareholder returns and wouldn't be…

Oil and Gas Wastewater in Appalachia Holds Key to U.S. Lithium Supply

Jun 03, 2024 at 06:30

America's transition to a decarbonized economy demands massive base metals and rare Earth minerals. Currently, China dominates the rare Earth mineral market. However, initiatives are already underway by the US…

Extreme Weather and Red Sea Crisis Trigger Commodities Rally

Jun 03, 2024 at 00:43

After three years of extreme volatility, many experts predicted that commodities prices would broadly stabilize in 2024. However, adverse weather conditions, escalating geopolitical tensions and soaring shipping costs are turning…

BHP-Anglo Debacle Shines Spotlight on Copper Scarcity

May 31, 2024 at 11:03

This week saw BHP’s last attempt to acquire fellow miner Anglo American fail. The negotiations had lasted six weeks, the offer prices were hiked twice, and yet the deal broke…

AI's Rapid Growth Threatens Big Tech's Clean Energy Efforts

May 31, 2024 at 08:11

Intelligent, responsive, and flexible computing systems are essential for meeting global climate goals, as they can help optimize energy production and consumption.As the world keeps consuming more and more energy,…

South Australia Turns to Solar Energy for Economic Survival

May 31, 2024 at 08:07

Despite its longstanding reliance on coal, Australia is steadily transitioning away from fossil fuels to greener alternatives. The government has made ambitious pledges to close the country’s coal mines and…

The Ukraine War Has Transformed Global Grain Trade

May 31, 2024 at 08:02

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the temporary blockage of its Black Sea ports have redirected the flow of grain from "the world's breadbasket". One of the world’s…

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