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Gulf Oil Producer Oman Is Quickly Running Out Of Options

Jul 01, 2020 at 17:21

Even before the latest Saudi-instigated oil war crashed oil prices, Oman had a budget breakeven price per barrel of Brent of over US$85, with a senior legal source in Abu…

$40 Oil Isn’t Enough To Prevent A Wave Of Shale Bankruptcies

Jul 01, 2020 at 17:01

The coronavirus pandemic and the oil price collapse are accelerating the pace of bankruptcy filings in the U.S. shale patch this year. The number of filings had already started to…

Covid-19 Is Crushing This African Oil Exporter

Jul 01, 2020 at 14:14

Stuck midway in reforming its energy sector by chopping down unnecessary assets and optimizing the national NOC’s role vis-à-vis the government, Angola has endured a lot of strain in the…

Russia And China Face-Off For Nuclear Dominance In Africa

Jul 01, 2020 at 14:14

Russian nuclear power is one continent closer to taking over the world. This week the Rwandan parliament approved a plan for the Russian state-owned nuclear conglomerate Rosatom to…

Oil Glut At Sea Starts To Shrink

Jul 01, 2020 at 12:51

The huge volumes of oil held at sea have started to shrink and are expected to continue declining into the second half of this year, thanks to recovering demand and…

Why Power Companies Can’t Ditch Coal Just Yet

Jul 01, 2020 at 12:45

We’ve always had difficulty understanding why US electric companies have not simply closed down old, smaller and least efficient coal-fired power plants quickly. From a simple bargaining perspective we thought…

3 Oil Stocks With Good Upside And 3 To Avoid

Jul 01, 2020 at 11:47

The valuations of energy stocks have declined at one of their fastest clips this year thanks to a stubborn supply overhang, a price war, and massive demand destruction due to…

Venezuela’s Oil Production Continues To Plummet

Jul 01, 2020 at 10:59

Venezuela’s crude oil production tumbled by nearly 200,000 bpd in June compared to May, to just 422,400 bpd on June 28, as Venezuela struggles to place its oil on the…

Oil Rallies On Bullish EIA Inventory Data

Jul 01, 2020 at 09:43

Crude oil inventories in the United States shed 7.2 million barrels in the week to June 26, the Energy Information Administration 

Saudi Arabia Eyes Total Dominance In Oil And Gas

Jun 30, 2020 at 17:14

Saudi Arabia’s Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz claimed last week that the Kingdom will be the world’s biggest hydrocarbon producer “even” in 2050. “I can assure that Saudi Arabia will not…

Supermajors Are Flocking To This Booming Oil Frontier

Jun 30, 2020 at 17:00

Exxon is moving to rapidly expand its exploration footprint in this little-known venue, French Total SA is spudding its first well here, small-cap Eco Atlantic - of offshore Guyana fame…

Big Oil’s Nightmare Is Coming True

Jun 30, 2020 at 16:45

Royal Dutch Shell said that it could cut the value of its oil and gas assets by as much as $22 billion, as…

Turning California’s Biggest Liability Into A Biofuel Boom

Jun 30, 2020 at 16:03

In California, there is a debate heating up over whether dead trees should be cleared and burned for biofuel before they burn where they are in yet another…

Lithium Prices Are Set To Rally

Jun 30, 2020 at 15:00

Lithium used to be a frequent headline-hogger when the EV revolution first began, with all sorts of analysts expecting the metal’s price to skyrocket as the world wanted…

Oil Markets On Edge As Second Wave Hits

Jun 30, 2020 at 12:28

Oil is in the midst of a tug-of-war, with accelerating COVID-19 transmissions and a recovery in demand pulling prices in all directions. (Click to…

Aramco CEO Says The Worst Is Over For Oil

Jun 30, 2020 at 12:27

The worst in the oil market is over, Amin Nasser, president and CEO of the world’s biggest oil company, Saudi Aramco, says, adding that he is “very optimistic” for the…

Why The World’s Central Banks Aren’t Fully Sold On Renewables

Jun 30, 2020 at 11:07

With the global economy reeling, millions of jobs permanently destroyed, and more than half a million people dead, it’s hard to find anything positive…

Alberta Lays Out Plan To Recover From Oil Price Collapse

Jun 30, 2020 at 10:27

Alberta's Conservative government is taking steps to jumpstart an economic recovery with a blueprint it released yesterday, which involves billions in infrastructure investment and a tax cut, among other measures. Under…

Libya's Oil Blockade Could Soon Come To An End

Jun 30, 2020 at 09:57

The leaders of groups affiliated with the Libyan National Army have offered to lift a blockade on oil export terminals that started in January and has so far cost the…

Shell Warns Of Massive $22 Billion Write Down After Oil Crash

Jun 30, 2020 at 09:08

Royal Dutch Shell warned on Tuesday it could take as much as a $22-billion post-tax impairment charge for Q2, becoming the latest oil major warning of a massive write-down…

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