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Iran Lawmakers Proposes Eccentric Anti-U.S. Bill To Reclaim Oil Money


A group of Iranian lawmakers have proposed a 10-point plan aimed against the United States and Great Britain following the reimposing of U.S. sanctions last November and the heightened tension between Iran and Britain after the Grace 1 seizure by Gibraltar.

The Tehran Times quotes a member of the presiding board of the Iranian parliament as listing several of the points included in the plan, which sound quite eccentric.

One, for example, involves moves to “retake America and England’s revenues from Iranian oil after the 28 Mordad (1953) coup d’etat and also to redeem the rights of the victims of the coup.”

Another, according to the Tehran Times source, Ali Ashgar Yusofnejad, involved barring foreign media from countries that support the U.S. sanctions against Iran from access and setting up so-called “anti-arrogance research institutes.”

Yet another of the points in the plan consists in obliging “military forces to reveal America’s military and security information in West Asia within national interests.”

There is also a point about suing the U.S. movie and TV industry for “insulting the Iranian nation and history,” according to Yusofnejad.

Even if approved, the eccentric plan would hardly lead to any productive action, due to the nature of the moves envisaged in it. “Retaking revenues” generated by private companies from governments, to mention just one, would be a challenge even at the best of times in Iranian-U.S. and Iranian British relations, let alone right now. As to the idea to sue Hollywood for its portrayal of Iran, that sounds even more challenging.

The latest spike between Tehran and Washington came last week, after the Gibraltar authorities said they would release the Grace 1 tanker. The U.S. lashed out against the decision and threatened sanctions on anyone doing business with the vessel’s crew. The latest reports on this topic say Gibraltar had stuck to its decision to release the Grace 1.

By Irina Slav for Oilprice.com

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