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Rystad Energy

Contributor since: 14 Feb 2018

Rystad Energy

Rystad Energy is an independent oil and gas consulting services and business intelligence data firm offering global databases, strategy consulting and research products.

Rystad Energy’s headquarters are located in Oslo, Norway. Further presence has been established in London, New York, Houston, Stavanger, Moscow, Rio de Janeiro, Singapore, Bangalore, Tokyo and Dubai.

Latest articles from Rystad Energy

  • Oil Industry Spending To Drop By $100 Billion This Year

    Published 30 March 2020 | viewed 13,007 times

    Global capital expenditure (capex) for exploration and production firms (E&Ps) is expected to drop by up to $100 billion this year, about 17% versus 2019…

  • The Oil Glut Is About To Get Even Worse

    Published 26 March 2020 | viewed 42,085 times

    With only a week to go before OPEC+ countries start flooding the world’s total oil production with an estimated extra 2.5 million barrels per day…

  • Canada Braces For Oil Cuts As Storage Nears Limit

    Published 23 March 2020 | viewed 72,869 times

    The Covid-19 virus and the ongoing oil price war have created such a large global supply surplus that Western Canada’s oil production will need to…

  • Foreign Coal Producers Get Boost From Coronavirus

    Published 21 March 2020 | viewed 47,314 times

    The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken energy markets to the core this year, creating incredible volatility for fuel prices. The one energy source that hasn’t blinked…

  • Tanker Rates Explode As Markets Brace For Record Oil Glut

    Published 20 March 2020 | viewed 35,068 times

    The largest oil supply surplus the world has ever seen in a single quarter is about to hit the global market from April, creating an…

  • European Gas Demand Growth To Crash On 'Lockdown' Fears

    Published 19 March 2020 | viewed 9,573 times

    European gas demand in 2020 is likely to drop by 0.7 percent compared to our pre-coronavirus forecast, according to Rystad Energy’s most likely scenario. Growth…

  • The First Casualty Of Tanking Oil Prices

    Published 09 March 2020 | viewed 82,718 times

    In the wake of one of history’s largest oil price declines in a single day, a Rystad Energy impact analysis shows that US drilled but…

  • Oil Price Forecasts Take A Turn For The Worst

    Published 27 February 2020 | viewed 48,013 times

    As China’s coronavirus epidemic continues to expand and more countries are affected, the slowdown in global oil and gas consumption this year will hit suppliers…

  • Indonesia’s Oil Output Expected To Fall In 2020

    Published 20 February 2020 | viewed 9,525 times

    Indonesia’s production of both oil and gas will most likely fall in 2020, a Rystad Energy analysis shows, despite the country’s official projections of a…

  • Global Oil Inventories Set To Soar As OPEC Fails To Take Action

    Published 13 February 2020 | viewed 20,005 times

    The coronavirus outbreak in China will curb global oil demand growth by at least a quarter this year, and the production cuts of 600,000 barrels…

  • Why China Shuns U.S. LNG Despite Trade Deal

    Published 12 February 2020 | viewed 26,353 times

    An ongoing two-year long trade war between the US and China that has impacted the exports of both countries seemed to be closer to a…

  • Global Oil Demand Growth Is Evaporating

    Published 11 February 2020 | viewed 19,127 times

    The coronavirus epidemic in China has triggered restrictions in the country’s public transport and air travel, both at a domestic and an international level, reducing…

  • Guyana’s Economic Growth Jumps As Oil Production Soars

    Published 05 February 2020 | viewed 26,098 times

    The economic fortunes of Guyana, with a population of only around 800,000, are poised for a major transformation after its first-ever oil development commenced production…

  • Is Iraq Too Risky For Oil Majors?

    Published 16 January 2020 | viewed 12,743 times

    The US and Iran seem to be have stepped back from the brink of armed conflict, at least for now, but many oil and gas…

  • Is This The Start Of A New Offshore Oil & Gas Boom?

    Published 14 January 2020 | viewed 35,506 times

    In retrospect, 2019 was another strong year for offshore exploration and production companies. Free cash flow remained strong and telltale signs have emerged that we…

  • Oil Prices Are Set To Slide Even Further

    Published 12 January 2020 | viewed 83,822 times

    Oil prices have had a tumultuous week since the US launched a drone attack in Baghdad, killing Iranian General Qassem Soleimani. With tensions peaking after…

  • Operating Costs In Oil & Gas Are Falling Globally And This Country Is Leading

    Published 09 January 2020 | viewed 33,504 times

    Operational production costs in the oil and gas industry have fallen across the globe, with the United Kingdom emerging as a cost-cutting powerhouse among global…

  • Global Oil And Gas Discoveries Hit Four-Year High

    Published 09 January 2020 | viewed 15,166 times

    The world’s oil and gas explorers powered ahead and discovered 12.2 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) in 2019, the highest volume since 2015, according…

  • This Exploration Blind Spot Offers Great Promise

    Published 10 December 2019 | viewed 6,568 times

    Based on currently available geophysical data, the Lebanese government estimates that the offshore oil and gas frontier areas in the East Mediterranean may hold around…

  • Oil Could Fall To $40 If OPEC+ Fails To Deepen Cuts

    Published 03 December 2019 | viewed 54,969 times

    Barring additional oil production cuts by OPEC in 2020, Rystad Energy forecasts a substantial build of global crude stocks and a corresponding drop in oil…

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