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Josh Owens

Contributor since: 20 Dec 2016

Josh Owens

Josh Owens is the Content Director at Oilprice.com. An International Relations and Politics graduate from the University of Edinburgh, Josh specialized in Middle East and U.S. relations. He has written and curated oil, gas and renewable energy content for oilprice.com for the last four years.

Latest articles from Josh

  • Oil Bulls Are Back Despite New COVID Lockdowns

    Published 15 December 2020 | viewed 4,097 times

    Oil prices continue to rise as the distribution of vaccines boosts optimism, with oil bulls appearing to ignore new lockdowns across EuropeChart of the Week - …

  • Oil Prices Drop On OPEC+ Uncertainty

    Published 01 December 2020 | viewed 22,692 times

    Oil prices fell on Tuesday morning as OPEC+ failed to reach an agreement regarding production cuts in 2021, with the three most influential members all…

  • The World’s First Trial Of Green Hydrogen Heating

    Published 30 November 2020 | viewed 4,991 times

    The UK and Scottish authorities are funding the world’s first trial of a 100 percent green hydrogen generation, storage, and distribution network to heat 300…

  • A Rare Piece Of Positive Oil Pipeline News For Canada

    Published 24 November 2020 | viewed 17,308 times

    Enbridge is moving closer to potentially beginning construction in the United States on the replacement of Line 3. This replacement is designed to carry increased…

  • Oil Bulls Drive Prices Higher On Vaccine Success

    Published 24 November 2020 | viewed 7,673 times

    Bullish sentiment has once again taken over oil markets as news of a third highly-effective coronavirus vaccine drives hopes of a global demand recovery in…

  • Canada’s Oil And Gas Sector Sees Record Job Losses

    Published 23 November 2020 | viewed 11,175 times

    A total of 37 percent of oil and gas companies in Canada resorted to permanent layoffs due to the pandemic-driven oil price and oil demand…

  • The IMO Will Ban Heavy Fuel Oil Use In The Arctic

    Published 22 November 2020 | viewed 2,537 times

    The International Maritime Organization (IMO) approved on Friday a ban on the use of heavy fuel oil for ships in the Arctic, but environmental organizations…

  • Asian Crude Demand Gives Oil Markets Hope

    Published 19 November 2020 | viewed 3,903 times

    While oil demand in Europe and the United States continues to disappoint, refiners in Asia are racing to procure crude from around the world, giving…

  • Oil Optimism Returns On Fresh Vaccine News

    Published 10 November 2020 | viewed 5,475 times

    Oil prices reacted positively to the news of a Pfizer vaccine that is reportedly 90% effective for the coronavirus.Chart of the Week-        Energy-related…

  • Why Oil Markets Aren’t Focused On The Election

    Published 03 November 2020 | viewed 4,182 times

    As the world tunes in to the U.S. election, oil markets are actually more interested in COVID developments and OPEC+ promises Chart of the Week- …

  • Exxon Fails To Raise Dividend For The First Time In 38 Years

    Published 29 October 2020 | viewed 4,576 times

    ExxonMobil is keeping its quarterly fourth-quarter dividend flat at $0.87 per share - the first time in 38 years that the company has failed to…

  • Oil Demand In Doubt As COVID Cases Climb

    Published 27 October 2020 | viewed 4,111 times

    The price of WTI is once again below $40 as new COVID cases drive demand lower and Libya threatens to bring a new wave of…

  • Oil Prices Aren’t Going Anywhere Until The Election

    Published 20 October 2020 | viewed 6,407 times

    Chart of the Week-    Natural gas accounted for 39% of U.S electricity generation in 2019, with nameplate capacity accounting for 43% of the total. -  …

  • Oil Holds Its Breath As Presidential Election Approaches

    Published 13 October 2020 | viewed 4,985 times

    Oil prices appear to be waiting for the presidential election before making any major moves, with prices falling due to rising Libyan oil production before…

  • The World’s First Fully Driverless Vehicle Ready To Hit The Roads

    Published 10 October 2020 | viewed 49,703 times

    Waymo just announced its plans to deploy vehicles without backup safety drivers, making a major milestone in a sector that has witnessed many ups and…

  • Norway’s Oil & Gas Strikes Could Take 25% Of Production Offline

    Published 08 October 2020 | viewed 16,241 times

    If the ongoing strike of oil workers in Norway extends for another week without a resolution, nearly 25 percent of Norway’s oil and gas production…

  • Oil Rallies On Stimulus Hopes

    Published 06 October 2020 | viewed 4,884 times

    Oil prices climbed higher at the start of the week due to an oil strike in Norway, stimulus talks in the U.S. congress and a…

  • Yet Another Shale Producer Files For Bankruptcy

    Published 01 October 2020 | viewed 26,014 times

    Eagle Ford producer Lonestar Resources filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11 this week, becoming the latest casualty in the string of bankruptcies in the…

  • Texas Taxpayers Face $117 Billion Bill For Orphaned Oil Wells

    Published 01 October 2020 | viewed 7,731 times

    The state of Texas and its taxpayers could be on the hook for paying up to US$117 billion for the cleaning-up of abandoned wells as…

  • Oil Prices Fall As COVID Infections Spike

    Published 29 September 2020 | viewed 5,360 times

    Oil prices fell on Tuesday as sentiment shifted due to an increasing amount of uncertainty surrounding the second wave of COVID-19Chart of the Week-   …

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