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Felicity Bradstock

Contributor since: 27 Apr 2018

Felicity Bradstock

Felicity Bradstock is a freelance writer specialising in Energy and Finance. She has a Master’s in International Development from the University of Birmingham, UK.

Latest articles from Felicity

  • Oil Majors Are Driving A Wind Energy Revolution

    Published 13 February 2021 | viewed 12,095 times

    Thanks to zero-carbon promises, wind farms are expected to overtake the number of oil rigs in British waters by 2030.  Oil majors are diversifying their…

  • Australia’s Fuel Security Crisis Is Growing Increasingly Dire

    Published 11 February 2021 | viewed 7,815 times

    Australia’s fuel security is becoming an increasingly imminent challenge for the country as another refinery closes in Melbourne. With the country’s already high import bill…

  • Underground Hydropower Could Be Britain’s Ultimate Renewable Power Source

    Published 10 February 2021 | viewed 8,638 times

    The U.K.’s hilly landscape could provide the perfect storage solution for hydropower generated underground. Instead of using mountains and dams to store hydropower energy, hundreds…

  • Is A Career In Oil Still A Safe Bet?

    Published 07 February 2021 | viewed 19,209 times

    A whole generation of students is now wondering what to do when they graduate following a year of bankruptcies and redundancies across the oil and…

  • UAE’s Energy Ambitions Extend Far Beyond Oil

    Published 06 February 2021 | viewed 8,909 times

    If 2020 taught us anything it was the need for self-sustainability and the drive for cleaner energy moving into the next decade, as oil demand…

  • Another Oil Giant Joins The Blockchain Bandwagon

    Published 03 February 2021 | viewed 17,847 times

    As oil majors rally from last year’s dip in demand and price, most are looking for new technologies to ensure the safety of their future.…

  • Will Electricity Or E-Fuel Power The Cars Of The Future?

    Published 31 January 2021 | viewed 9,474 times

    As companies and governments across the globe search for alternative fuel options, as part of long-term green energy plans, e-fuels are being trialed by major…

  • The Impact Of Abandoned Oil Wells On The Environment

    Published 30 January 2021 | viewed 8,741 times

    As dozens of countries across the globe focus on reducing emissions and improving environmental practices, recent studies show that abandoned oil and gas wells could…

  • Libya Prepares To Ramp Up Oil Production

    Published 27 January 2021 | viewed 2,932 times

    After years of turbulence, Libya’s oil industry is finally starting to bounce back, with the production increase that started in December showing no signs of…

  • An Oil Boom Hidden Within One Of America’s Biggest Cities

    Published 25 January 2021 | viewed 39,280 times

    When you think of giant oil fields you probably conjure up an image of vast areas of land or sea suitable for digging. However, Los…

  • Oil Majors Are Eyeing A Suriname Offshore Boom

    Published 21 January 2021 | viewed 8,534 times

    Majors are eying Suriname as the next big oil player. With recent success in neighbouring Guyana, Suriname offers hope for low-cost oil exploration and production…

  • Big Oil Is Buying Into The Solar Boom

    Published 20 January 2021 | viewed 8,846 times

    After a difficult year in the oil world, Total is planning to invest in heavily India’s solar sector going into the next decade.  The French…

  • Can China Make Myanmar A Major Oil Nation?

    Published 16 January 2021 | viewed 7,944 times

    Two countries linked by an energy source, China and Myanmar have become closer partners over the last few years due to their connection via an…

  • Europe’s Largest Oil Producer Bets Big On Deep-Sea Mining

    Published 13 January 2021 | viewed 9,498 times

    In a shift away from fossil fuels, Norway is planning to deep dive for metals as part of its plan for a greener future.  Having…

  • Big Oil Is An Unsung Hero In The Fight Against COVID

    Published 12 January 2021 | viewed 5,668 times

    While the oil and gas industries experienced a difficult year in 2020, with decreased demand and a severe drop in prices, energy suppliers have continued…

  • Can Tech Save The Oil Industry?

    Published 10 January 2021 | viewed 10,242 times

    As the outlook for oil is uncertain for 2021, following a turbulent 2020, companies look toward new technologies and innovation to drive the industry forward. …

  • The Real Crisis For Oil Is Yet To Come

    Published 07 January 2021 | viewed 21,169 times

    Italian energy major, Eni, described 2020 as a “year of war”, regarding the energy crisis experienced in the face of a global pandemic. But it…

  • Will Asia Actually Fuel A Comeback In Coal?

    Published 05 January 2021 | viewed 8,614 times

    As 2020 meant a slowdown in coal production and use, experts and governments were confident that the industry would pick up again as pandemic restrictions…

  • Cambodia Prepares To Produce Its First Oil

    Published 02 January 2021 | viewed 23,195 times

    As Asian oil demand looks set to increase over the next decade, Cambodia is taking advantage of the opportunity with its first crude oil production. …

  • Merger Mania Is Transforming Canada’s Oil Scene

    Published 31 December 2020 | viewed 16,913 times

    Canada’s oil landscape looks encouraging for 2021 as Whitecap Resources Inc. acquires two oil and gas companies in addition to mergers between other energy companies,…

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