• 3 minutes Boris Johnson taken decision about 5G Huawei ban by delay (fait accompli method)
  • 6 minutes This Battery Uses Up CO2 to Create Energy
  • 10 minutes Phase One trade deal, for China it is all about technology war
  • 12 minutes Trump has changed into a World Leader
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  • 10 hours Environmentalists demand oil and gas companies *IN THE USA AND CANADA* reduce emissions to address climate change
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  • 1 day Angela Merkel take notice. Russia cut off Belarus oil supply because they would not do as Russia demanded
  • 21 hours Anti-Macron Protesters Cut Power Lines, Oil Refineries Already Joined Transport Workers as France Anti-Macron Strikes Hit France Hard
  • 1 day China's Economy and Subsequent Energy Demand To Decelerate Sharply Through 2024
The Hottest Energy Conflict Right Now

The Hottest Energy Conflict Right Now

Belarus has just bought two…

China Finds Oil In Asia’s Deepest Onshore Well

China Finds Oil In Asia’s Deepest Onshore Well

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC)…

California Takes Drastic Step Towards Reducing Emissions


California state agencies will stop buying gas-powered vehicles from a number of carmakers after the latter joined the White House in their opposition to the state’s new, stricter emissions rules.

UPI reports that the ban will be effective immediately and it will affect the local sales of makes including Toyota, GM, and Fiat Chrysler to state agencies. However, the ban is not complete: it will make an exception for public safety vehicles.

“The state is finally making the smart move away from internal combustion engine sedans,” California Governor Gavin Newsom told CalMatters in a statement. “Carmakers that have chosen to be on the wrong side of history will be on the losing end of California’s buying power.”

California is the single largest car market in the United States, but it is also the most environmentally conscious. Newsom has led a true crusade against the fossil fuel industry and emissions, which in September culminated in an executive order to advance the state’s environmental agenda, which includes generating 100-percent clean energy by 2045 and adding five million emission-free vehicles on California roads by 2030.

But the state also wanted to set its own emission limits as part of its efforts to become the greenest of them all, and this put it at even greater odds than it was already with the White House. Following the executive order by Newsom, Trump revoked California’s right to set its own emission limits, which led to the expected outcry, which was joined by another 22 states as well, which together filed a lawsuit against the U.S. president.

Meanwhile, most carmakers declared their support for the Trump ban with a filing to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. In it, the carmakers said the ban on individual state emission limits provided “vehicle manufacturers with the certainty that states cannot interfere with federal fuel economy standards.”

By Irina Slav for Oilprice.com

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  • Ronald Stein on November 19 2019 said:
    California lawmakers are reluctant to lay the hammer down on the automobile industry and force them to be transparent in the supply chain for those rechargeable batteries, with two laws already on the books for Transparency in the Supply Chain, California’s SB657 and the Federal HR4842’

    Governor Newsom just went on record supporting the non-existing transparency of human rights abuses, and environmental atrocities associated with mining for the exotic minerals that power the EV’s.

    The key minerals used in today’s batteries are cobalt of which more than 60% is sourced from one country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and lithium of which more than 50% is sourced from the Lithium Triangle in South America, which covers parts of Argentina, Bolivia and Chile. Today 20% of cobalt is mined by hand. Amnesty International has documented children and adults mining cobalt in narrow man-made tunnels, at risk of fatal accidents and serious lung disease.

    The mere extraction of the exotic minerals cobalt and lithium used in the batteries of EV’s present social challenges, human rights abuse challenges, and environmental challenges.
  • Kay Uwe Boehm on November 19 2019 said:
    Electric cars are not without emissions if electricity made with emissions and only for a lithium production limited nr. in 2017 43 000t for theoretical 4.3 mio. tesla s from 100 mio./a new cars in world and much energy needed for making lithium and driving 600kg battery pack always around latest news was bolivia increase +15 000t not coming and reserves most not real because lithium concentration low etc.

    Better solar panels in california new solar thermal solution sucking hot air with centrifugal compressor there hot and dense cooled with CO2 for turbine at end 2. cf compressor cooling all with CO2 backflow thermal isolated only electricity no heat out then air expanded over turbo cold aircon and water condensed for desert, india etc. electricity also for CNG out of CO2+H2
    also makable as biogas from slurry etc

    Cold fusion is possible accelerating heavy nucleoses with ring accelerator into D2O causing punsh D-D fusion not by thermal swinging of D-T in plasma.

    Efficiency of CNG engine increasable using 60% heat with CO2 tesla turbine.

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