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Joao Peixe

Joao Peixe

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CO2 Breakthrough? New Gas Apparently Eliminates All Carbon Emissions

CO2 Breakthrough? New Gas Apparently Eliminates All Carbon Emissions

HydroInfra Technologies, based in Sweden, claims to have developed the answer to greenhouse gases and fossil fuel emissions, stating that their Hydro Nano Gas (HNG) “instantly neutralises carbon fuel pollution emissions.”

Following years of research and development the company believes it has created a safe, cost effective way to reduce all carbon emissions to zero, and is now looking to bring its technology to market, having already signed a joint venture to convert ships to use HNG.

HydroInfra Technologies
will concentrate their efforts on marketing HNG to international shipping companies, and coal or oil-burning power plants around the world, stating that inserting HNG into the exhaust system has been proven to completely reduce pollution emissions to zero.

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How HNG Works
How HNG Works. (HydroInfra Technologies)

Shipping companies that operate in EU and Baltic waters are very interested in the technology as they look for ways to keep their vessels on the water following recent, strict emissions legislation.

Daniel Behr of HydroInfra Technologies explained that “given the massive amount of fossil fuel pollution emissions by power plants, shipping and other industry sectors, HNG provides a real solution and is already being hailed as one of the most effective and exciting green technologies the world has yet seen.”

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The Swedish company is also in talks with various governments who are extremely excited by the possibility that HNG could help them drastically reduce their emissions, and easily meet all targets previously set. Space Daily reports that in the US alone there are more than 1,200 power plants that are scheduled to be closed down as a result of the high emissions, but HNG could avoid this necessity.

HydroInfra Technologies was created when Sven Erik, a leading engineer at Volvo met Professor Yuan Tseh Lee at a Noble Prize ceremony, in which Professor Lee had been awarded a Nobel Prize for his research into the reactions between hydrogen atoms and diatomic alkali. Inspired by Pressor Lee’s discoveries, Sven crated his company to explore practical applications for reducing air and water pollution. The result was Hydro Nano Gas.

By. Joao Peixe of Oilprice.com

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  • Ben on August 01 2013 said:
    Wow, what a scam. The linked page is absolute nonsense.

    "HNG is packed with ‘Exotic Hydrogen’

    Exotic Hydrogen is a recent scientific discovery.

    HNG carries an abundance of Exotic Hydrogen and Oxygen.

    On a Molecular level, HNG is a specific ratio mix of Hydrogen and Oxygen.

    The unique qualities of HNG show that the placement of its’ charged electrons turns HNG into an abundant source of exotic Hydrogen."
  • Michael on August 01 2013 said:
    Why does it have to be a scam, do you know why this would not work, are you some sort of hydrogen expert?
    This is your opinion based on what exactly, your vast knowledge of...
  • Jimmy on August 02 2013 said:
    Hydrogen expert here to confirm it's a scam.
  • NevadaTom on August 03 2013 said:
    Check out the results page for CO-2,

    The CO-2 did not go away. It is still there. Scam!
  • ChuckD3 on August 03 2013 said:
    Let's think for a minute... burning hydrocarbon fuels combines carbon and hydrogen with atmospheric oxygen, producing CO2 and H2O (and a variety of "herbs and spices": mercury, radium, sulfur, nitrogen oxides, etc.). Nothing you can add to the process will make that carbon disappear; it can only be combined into less dangerous molecules. Combining CO2 with hydrogen ("exotic" or domestic) might be do-able, but just leaves you with hydrocarbon (incomplete combustion). If this is NOT a scam, tell us what form the carbon ends up in, which is less dangerous than CO2.
  • Michael on August 03 2013 said:
    Aaah yeah ok hydrogen expert??!! I have seen this technology demonstrated in action live, so some hydrogen expert you must be if you haven't even bothered to research this.
  • evodevo on August 04 2013 said:
    Unless these two "Nobel Prize winners" have discovered a way to get around the laws of thermodynamics, it's a scam. The carbon has to go SOMEWHERE, and whether it's attached to H or to O, it still has to be processed somehow. They don't explain ANY of it. If you are a "true believer", I also have a perpetual motion machine and a "fuel-saving" gadget you can attach to your auto gas line to sell ya.
  • Rusty1 on August 04 2013 said:
    Sounds like another perpetual motion machine.
  • Michael on August 05 2013 said:
    Instead of bagging it right off the bat, and coming up with your own hair-brained reason as to why its a scam, why dont you contact them with your questions. This technology is not some figment of an imagination it is real and being demonstrated to power companies in the US as we speak.
  • Jason on August 05 2013 said:
    Read all the documents, dont just sign off half way through, the CO2 is removed in the second stage of scrubbing, its a multi stage process.
  • Bill on August 06 2013 said:
    The technology is being tested as we speak, on ships owned by Globalco, one of the largest shipping companies in the world. It is interesting how executives of one of the world's largest corporations could be "scammed" like this.

    Maybe, just maybe, the naysayers don't know everything there is to know.
  • Guest on August 11 2013 said:
    Who knows what else they have up their sleeve. very Interesting. could explain the huge interest, in just a short space of time. Wait for it, wait for it, The insults, to follow. Don't bother. Jim some expert you are. lol
  • Mike on August 11 2013 said:
    Unfortunately this miraculous hydrogen has been around for a while. See Blacklight Power. Claims are constantly being made for a unique form of hydrogen. Folks, there are only two forms of hydrogen ... with an electron in the S shell and without, which is a proton. That's it. Don't fall for any of this.
  • SomeGuy on August 11 2013 said:
    Not a "hydrogen expert", but I am familiar enough with chemistry and thermodynamics to know when I'm being fed BS. "Exotic hydrogen"? Hydrogen is the simplest atom - one proton, one electron, and two isotopes with one and two neutrons - Deuterium and Tritium, respectively. All three types have well-understood chemical behavior, and they're the first complete atoms to have been completely mathematically described. All other isotopes have half-lives in the range of 10^-22 seconds and under and don't occur outside of collider physics.

    The verbiage of the website reads like it's aimed either at fourth graders or at people with only minimal scientific literacy - people who have heard enough sci-fi talk to to recognize some technical terms and names, but not enough to understand or think critically about the "information" being conveyed.

    Biggest alarm from the website:
    "The unique qualities of HNG show that the placement of its’ charged electrons turns HNG into an abundant source of exotic Hydrogen."

    Producing large amounts of hydrogen, ANY kinds of hydrogen, is the holy-grail of green energy. If they could do this, then the last thing they would do is use it for cutting down pollution in normal combustion - if they could produce hydrogen efficiently from water, then no hydrocarbon fuel sources are necessary at all. Hydrogen fuel cells, the "hydrogen economy" - they're based on eliminating traditional combustion, not on "cleaning" it.

    If this company claims to be brilliant enough to produce efficient hydrogen, yet stupid enough to overlook the simplest application of abundant free hydrogen, then they either have RainMan working for Forrest Gump, or they're scamming.

    This isn't a minor red flag - this is Nigerian Prince territory.
  • Chase on August 11 2013 said:
    As this article is currently written, it's a scam. As the product is currently being sold by HydroInfra Technologies, it's a scam. Let me tell you why.

    First, some background about me. I used to work for an environmental engineering company and part of my job was working on permitting regarding pollutants from combustion of natural gas and diesel. Some of these clients ran large facilities that required large compressors to be run on either natural gas or diesel and their emissions were regulated. I needed to know enough about how things work and while I was by no means an expert in how compressors work, I did know enough about it that certain things didn't fit when I visited their website.

    Second, some basic rule of thumb background about COx and NOx. Assuming that you're talking about the same fuel and air, the lower the temperature of the flame, the less complete the combustion is. That causes more CO and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and less CO2 to be created. It also creates less NOx to be created. The higher the temperature of the flame, you create less CO and VOCs and create more CO2 and NOx. Depending on the engine, you may be able to adjust the amount of NOx/CO2 and CO/VOC by adjusting the fuel:air ratio to adjust the temperature of the flame. There is no hard and fast rule about which pollutant you need to regulate the most for. It all depends on the situation and what the worst pollutant is in your area. If NOx was the worst pollutant in the area, you reduce the temperature of the flame to create less NOx or vice versa. Of the four pollutants, VOCs and NOx are the worst because in the presence of sunlight, they combine to create ozone and haze. In other words, damned if you do, damned if you don't.

    Regarding the pictures on their website showing the 100% diesel creating a lot of soot, that can be recreated by totally messing with the fuel:air ratio to create very incomplete combustion so don't be misled by that.

    I looked at the documentation on their website and a few things struck me as extremely odd. First, they claimed that the sulfur disappeared. Later on, they admit that what they meant was the SO2 production was reduced by 99% and that the sulfur was bound to ethylene. That's a red flag because ethylene is a VOC which indicates less complete combustion. Then, they claim that they increased the amount of CO2. In fact, 33% more CO2. Carbon can't be destroyed. The only way to get more CO2 is by creating less CO and VOCs. They reduced the amount of CO by 100% but they still have VOCs to bind the sulfur to. They have somehow preserved ethylene for the sulfur to bind to but they completely combust all CO to CO2.

    They indicated that the flame temperature is higher, which creates more NOx and that is reflected in the test data they provided. In other words, instead of adjusting the pollutant one way or the other, they've created a situation where you maximize BOTH ends of the pollutant spectrum (more VOCs and NOx) and create a lot more ozone and haze.

    None of this made any sense until I figured out two things. One, how they were controlling all the sulfur and extra VOCs. They were using a wet scrubber which is nothing more than percolating the exhaust gases through a tank of water to capture the soot, particulates, and VOCs. They have made a manageable problem a LOT worse by now requiring you to first provide clean water and then somehow clean up a tank full of contaminated water. In addition, they have to keep the pH of the water up, otherwise, the sulfur that's bound to the ethylene will create sulfuric acid. If you dump that water into a river, you're going to kill the fish. If the wet scrubber doesn't capture the ethylene with the sulfur, you've still emitted the sulfur.

    The other thing is why there was so much VOCs being preserved while the CO was being completely combusted. It's because of the extra Hydrogen, the magical "exotic" hydrogen that they introduce into the system. That's providing more hydrogen to re-form with the incomplete combustion of diesel to create ethylene, among other VOCs.

    To summarize, you've made it worse and it's a scam. You're better off skipping the "exotic" hydrogen and using a wet scrubber if you wanted to maintain a tank full of toxic water.
  • Michael on August 12 2013 said:
    And your credentials are? Probably insignificant compared to Nobel prize winners...
    You sound like you know what you are talking about but your complete skepticism is astounding. How about you contact them with your spiel and get answers rather coming to your arrogant closed minded conclusion.
  • Bill on August 17 2013 said:
    Because Michael, they are idealogues who love the fight so much that they don't want anything to come along and end it.
  • Brian on August 29 2013 said:
    Does the wet phase mean that all the airborne contaminants are somehow capture in water or precipitated out? I was looking for a full description of the process. I think you can capture the CO2 if you get it under the right pressure, temperature and mix in some saline water, but what is this cost? http://www.netl.doe.gov/publications/proceedings/04/carbon-seq/077.pdf
  • Mal on August 31 2013 said:
    @Chase, lets just hope for your sake that you are right, otherwise you have just proven that your a waste of space for your company.
  • ray on September 03 2013 said:
    the address for the company is a hotel in Stockholmsvagen on 18133 Lidingo street, Sweden. Googled the address (no phone #)and found a large hotel as the home base for the wiring of funds. Seem right to all?
  • Carlos Jimenez on September 17 2013 said:
    Only black smoke disappears, but still generates CO2, SOx, NOx or....

    What residue is left in the scrubber and how often you have to remove the residue?

    So, Are there coal, oxígen, sulfur and nitrogen dissociated in the scrubber?
  • Elizabeth Jane on September 23 2013 said:
    Mike, Blacklight Power has received six independent scientific validations from Phd scientists from places like MIT and California Institute of Technology who say that BLP is producing more energy than is going in to their process.

    Their process produces Hydrinos, an exotic form of Hydrogen, as well. This form of hydrogen is produced when the electron falls to a lower energy state than is predicted by the standard model of the atom, releasing 200 times as much energy as burning hydrogen produces.

    Check their website.

    Maybe it is something like that? I would like more information from HydroInfra Technologies on what this exotic form of hydrogen is and how it removes carbon, The system is in the process of being implemented - SOMEHOW it works. That somehow will obviously surprise everyone. But I can't believe that with two Nobel prize winning scientists and actual implementation by a major corporation that this is merely a scam. A scam like that would be impossible to pull off in practice, in my opinion.
  • Bill on September 23 2013 said:
    Very well explained. The point is, whether anyone believes it at the moment, they are in the process of signing contracts with some very big players in various industries as we speak. Obviously, the naysayers aren't going to believe this, but some of us know that this is a fact. As Elizabeth Jane stated, it does work. As far as the comment pertaining to why they don't just pursue the holy grail of hydrogen energy, can you imagine knocking on the door of Exxon Mobil, the world's largest company, and telling them, "guess what? You can go home now. You're out of business." That isn't likely to happen. A huge infrastructure doesn't get replaced overnight. Sometimes, it is better to sell shovels to the gold diggers, than to dig the gold yourself, at least over the near term.
  • prosperus on September 19 2014 said:
    JV China Deal completed and many more in the pipe line!

    I am SOOO glad I'm in on the ground floor with this opportunity, as an investor/shareholder! After years of waiting, and dealing with the naysayers, I'm feeling completely vindicated and overjoyed!!
  • andrew on November 11 2014 said:
    Yep watch the naysayers disappear and not say anything or deny categorically saying this cant happen when in fact it is about to bhe deployed around the world in the next 12 months. They will say 'oh but i didnt realise this or that was done in a specific way, but the laws of thermodynamics say... but i thought we knew everything about chemistry...'
  • Claes in Sweden on December 10 2014 said:
    HydroInfra Technologies is ONLY driven to have as many INVESTORS as possible laying up cash.

    The thing is that it is boost by high pressure water like you where boost the fuel in car-engines.

    At a certain speed the oncoming "water-shower" boost the slow flame to react in speed.

    I have been there, seen this with my own Eyes and there is absolutely nothing in this Company that is true!

    Sven-Erik Prytz is a person that scamed over 20 milj euro from different companies for 20 years ago and trying to do so again with HYDROINFRA TECHNOLOGIES.

    It is a fact that a scam needs something that everyone needs and want to be true but when they say "Think about our future Children" then it piss me off.

    I declared that i gave them 1 million euro if they proved to Clean a water example from the east sea while i was in charged of the water example the whole time and never left it out of my sight.

    They couldn`t perform because the cleaning process was interupted by things that was broken or delayed or what ever stupid reson BUT if i gave HYDROINFRA TECHNOLOGIES the 1 million euro they could fix all problems with the cleaning of the sea water oxygen problem.

    NO THANKS, you can take your scam-projekt and shove it up your --..!!

  • David on January 07 2015 said:
    @Claes in Sweden, I am thinking of investing in this company. Are you willing to validate what you said because if true that would affect my decision?
  • Priscilla on January 18 2015 said:
    @David, it seems Claes in Sweden is not responding to your request. As an investor in this company myself, I can confirm that a lot more is going on with this project than they have been able to put out there at the moment. Shareholders have access to a back office where regular information can be found. If you decide to invest contact me first at priscilla dot gen at virgin dot net for a bit more information before you invest.
  • Claes in Sweden on April 05 2015 said:
    Well, to give David an answer that will save him to loose money is something like this:

    If you here and read about this HNG or hydro nano gas that been proven to clean poisen from a factory, car or ship then why is this still in the stage where the "managment" have to get Investors to this gas when it allready exists?

    Is there anyone thats been testing the pollution before and during the cleaning
    process of ex, a car or just an Engine?

    Is this to good to be true? YES, but time is right to scam the heck out of everybody.

    The people behind this are psyopath`s with no remorse, empathy or comen sens.
    It`s a goal to casch in the most Money they can get from other people or companies BUT then they plan to go in to the stockmarket with the biggest scam
    in the history that a Company in Sweden done.

    I`ve been part of this for a short while and worked with both Sven-Erik Prytz ("inventor" of the water/air-shower thats called HNG) and Stefan Mogel (boardmember).

    Nothing that this guys tell you is true, absolutely nothing.

    David, its your choice but if you invest so take one minut to kiss your Money goodbye.

    Priscilla, you allredy did kiss your Money goodbye./

    Claes in Sweden
  • C on April 30 2015 said:
    Claes, you sound bitter as hell.

    Where did you work with Sven and Stefan previously? A flame cannot be boosted by high pressure water, im not sure you are anything more than a bitter ex investor. And i seriously doubt you have taken the time to go and see their product.
  • Soothsayer on July 03 2015 said:
    There are several stories in Swedish about Hydroinfra founder Sven Prytz' colourful history of fanciful ventures spanning three decades, with many comments from former investors, accountants etc. Just Google.
  • Pitz on July 30 2015 said:
    WOW.. It's sound too good to be true... I want to invest.. can anyone help me

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