• 4 minutes Why Trump Is Right to Re-Open the Economy
  • 7 minutes Did Trump start the oil price war?
  • 11 minutes Covid-19 logarithmic growth
  • 15 minutes Charts of COVID-19 Fatality Rate by Age and Sex
  • 18 minutes China Takes Axe To Alternative Energy Funding, Slashing Subsidies For Solar And Wind
  • 9 mins KSA taking Missiles from ?
  • 3 hours There are 4 major mfg of hydroxychloroquine in the world. China, Germany, India and Israel. Germany and India are hoarding production and blocked exports to the United States. China not shipping any , don't know their policy.
  • 8 mins How to Create a Pandemic
  • 43 mins Trump eyes massive expulsion of suspected Chinese spies
  • 56 mins A New Solar-Panel Plant Could Have Capacity to Meet Half of Global Demand
  • 3 hours TRUMP pushing Hydroxychloroquine + Zpak therapy forward despite FDA conservative approach. As he reasons, "What have we got to lose ?"
  • 10 mins Today 127 new cases in US, 99 in China, 778 in Italy
  • 6 hours Where's the storage?
  • 9 hours >>The falling of the Persian Gulf oil empires is near <<
  • 2 hours America’s Corona Tsar, Andrew Fauci, Concedes Covid-19 May Be Just a Bad Flu With a Fatality Rate of 0.1%
  • 3 hours Western Canadian Select selling for $6.48 bbl. Enbridge charges between $7 to $9 bbl to ship to the GOM refineries.
  • 8 hours Oxford Epidemiologist: Here’s Why That Covid-19 Doomsday Model Is Likely Way Off
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Donald Trump Sees No Danger For Environment In Keystone XL Pipeline

No leaks, no spills, no impact on climate change.

The Keystone XL pipeline would have “no impact” on the environment if it were approved and built, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said on Tuesday. For that reason, the billionaire said he would approve the controversial project “immediately” if elected president.

The proposed Keystone XL pipeline is a 1,179-mile extension to the Keystone Pipeline System, and it would bring tar sands crude oil from Canada down to refineries on the Gulf coast. The project has been stalled for years, as President Obama has been reluctant to approve it partially due to environmental concerns. Related: Investing In Uranium? This News Will Shock You.

Though there’s been fierce debate over how large the proposed pipeline’s environmental impact would be, it’s rare to hear someone say Keystone XL would have no environmental impact at all. Even the U.S. State Department said that, while there would not be a major impact on climate change, the pipeline would likely experience spills in the course of its lifetime.

The risk of an oil spill from Keystone XL is particularly concerning to environmentalists because of the type of oil involved. Tar sands oil is more difficult to clean up than conventional crude because, when it spills into water, it does not float. Instead, it gradually sinks, making normal cleanup techniques and equipment of little use. This is partially what made the 2010 Enbridge oil spill so difficult to clean up. Related: Commodity Markets In Distress As Oil Rout Continues

Environmentalists also decry tar sands oil extraction because of its carbon intensity. The extraction process causes more greenhouse gas emissions than other types of oil. This is likely not an issue for Donald Trump, however, as he does not think greenhouses gases cause climate change.

Trump has also personally invested in the company seeking to build Keystone XL. According to his mandatory financial disclosures, he holds at least $250,000 in TransCanada Pipelines. His stock holdings also include numerous other fossil fuel companies that could benefit from the pipeline’s approval and subsequent construction.

By Emily Atkin via Thinkprogress

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  • GHarrell on August 21 2015 said:
    Its refreshing to have someone who can look at the facts and not color it with their own agenda. The pure satellite data shows the earth has actually cooled for at least the last 12 years. This is going to be a tough 2 years as the liberal elite try to push through their freedom robbing agenda. They will get sloppy and nasty as the facts turn against them. The perfect example would be a recent quote from our President " Global Warming is a far more dangerous threat to America than ISIS" How stupid is that?
  • robnbc on August 22 2015 said:
    Actually NASA, the world meteorological society, and ALL climate scientists report AGW climate change. It is sad the republic presidential candidates have to suck up to the climate denialists. Our grandchildren will suffer from inaction on fossil fuel restriction and the US is becoming irrelevant to alternate energy development that China and the rest of the world is mastering. Sad that the best the right can come up with is a loud mouthed, faux reality TV host that panders to the worst in America.
  • morty on August 22 2015 said:
    GHarrel - how stupid are you?
    Not colour it with their own agenda? read the report...Trump had INVESTED in Trans Canada and other oil companies. He doesn't care about anything else other than making a profit.
    Oh, and 96% of world scientists admit global warming is real.
    The earth is NOT cooling. Maybe you got that from the 4% of scientists that are payed off by oil and gas companies.
  • GHarrel on August 24 2015 said:
    Who do you think pays the other 96% of the scientist? It's a proven fact they have been cooking the climate change books. Your grandchildren will suffer more from not having a country that provides them the freedom to realize the fruits of their labor than the effects of global warming.
  • Tim on August 26 2015 said:
    Obama's withholding of pipeline approval is a disgusting act of economic war against our closest neighbor and ally...this traitor to our country and to our allies does NOT reflect how very much we USA citizens care about the Canadian people. Please forgive us.

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