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    ConocoPhillips being Sued for Improper Use of Storage Tanks at over 500 Gas Stations

    California Attorney General Kamala Harris is suing ConocoPhillips and its spinoff, Phillips 66, over underground tanks used to store gasoline at more than 500 gas stations in the state.

    Harris alleges the companies have tampered with or disabled leak detection devices and failed to properly inspect and maintain the tanks since November 2006. She also accuses them of improperly disposing of hazardous wastes associated with the tanks.

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    One of the accusations made against ConoccoPhillips was that they improperly disposed of hazardous wastes associated with the tanks.

    I always thought that only petrol or diesel would be stored in tanks at a gas station, and that the tanks only empty as people pump the fuel out into their vehicles. So where does the hazardous waste come from?