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Matt Smith

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  • Oil Prices Rise As OPEC Put Its Foot On The Brakes

    Published 26 January 2017 | viewed 27,055 times

    As production cut hopes are stoked once again, crude is pushing higher on this fourth day of the fourth week of January. While prices ultimately…

  • Crude Holds Steady After Significant Gasoline Build

    Published 25 January 2017 | viewed 6,656 times

    Today's EIA report has left oil prices flat-footed, as crude inventories were in line with consensus, while a(nother) gargantuan build to gasoline stocks has not…

  • Oil Prices Fall In Spite Of Consensus At OPEC Monitoring Meeting

    Published 23 January 2017 | viewed 11,852 times

    Crude is starting the week by charging lower, as supportive rhetoric from OPEC over the weekend has done little to allay fears of ongoing strong…

  • Oil Prices Rip Higher On Inauguration Day

    Published 20 January 2017 | viewed 10,778 times

    Crude is ripping higher into the weekend, as the ebb and flow of OPEC production cut expectations swing towards the bulls once more (the drop…

  • Oil Crashes Towards $50 Handle On Bearish EIA Data

    Published 19 January 2017 | viewed 8,339 times

    Oil is finding some support thus far today off the back of the IEA's monthly oil market report, which pointed to a tightening market amid…

  • Oil Slides On Shale Fears, Strong Dollar

    Published 18 January 2017 | viewed 7,160 times

    Ticker: Fun and games for the next few days have been kicked off by the release of the monthly OPEC report, with a monthly IEA…

  • Oil Prices Boosted By Struggling U.S. Dollar

    Published 17 January 2017 | viewed 12,812 times

    With the U.S. dollar being dealt a most solid dose of the whoop-bang-wallops (WBWs), crude prices cannot help but be propelled higher today. The great…

  • Oil Could Rise Further On Stronger Asian Crude Demand

    Published 16 January 2017 | viewed 16,020 times

    With markets closed today to witness Martin Luther King Jr. Day, prices are not surprisingly rather subdued amid quiet electronic trading. Nonetheless, fun and games…

  • Oil Oversupply Fears Return

    Published 10 January 2017 | viewed 13,703 times

    Crude prices are once again on the defensive today as oversupply fears swirl. As the market waits with bated breath for the manifestation - or…

  • Oil Edges Higher As Core OPEC Members Initiate Cuts

    Published 06 January 2017 | viewed 7,968 times

    Happy Nonfarm Friday! It is the first Friday of the year, hence we get our first monthly dose of official U.S. unemployment data. Job creation…

  • The End Of The Rally? Oil Reverses, Natural Gas Trounced

    Published 03 January 2017 | viewed 19,254 times

    After rallying like a mad thing to start the day (month, and year...), crude prices have reversed course, weighed down by a stronger dollar. Natural…

  • Oil Rises On Weaker Dollar, Stronger U.S. Economic Growth

    Published 22 December 2016 | viewed 13,611 times

    Amid a better-than-expected U.S. GDP print and a slightly softer dollar, oil prices are on the rise today. Gasoline, however, is on the move lower…

  • Rising U.S. Oil Imports See Oil Prices Fall

    Published 21 December 2016 | viewed 12,887 times

    Oil prices are little changed, as a build to crude inventories in today's weekly inventory report has been offset by solid draws to the products.…

  • Caught Red-Handed? Iraq Is Talking Down Its Oil Exports

    Published 20 December 2016 | viewed 12,555 times

    Even though crude prices may be subdued amid thin trading over the holiday period, there is always a thing (or five) going on in the…

  • Oil Seesaws As Markets Wait For OPEC Cuts To Materialize

    Published 19 December 2016 | viewed 8,576 times

    As we shuffle into two weeks of lower trading volume over the holiday period, and as we await next month's production cuts to start showing…

  • Soaring Dollar Drags Oil Lower

    Published 15 December 2016 | viewed 10,238 times

    Yesterday's decision by the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates has inadvertently put concrete boots on the crude complex, sending it lower amid a soaring…

  • Why It Makes Economic Sense For The Saudis To Cut

    Published 14 December 2016 | viewed 11,854 times

    Oil prices are lower today, as focus shifts from optimism of the market balancing in the future, back to current oversupply. With today's U.S. inventory…

  • The Buying Continues As Non-OPEC Producers Cut Output

    Published 12 December 2016 | viewed 7,115 times

    And crude is full of the festive spirit, merrily skipping higher today in response to the result of the weekend's OPEC / NOPEC meeting. As…

  • Oil Rises As Saudis Move To Implement Output Cuts

    Published 09 December 2016 | viewed 19,528 times

    Oil prices remain bid up into the weekend, as the market adopts the first part of the motto 'buy the rumor, sell the fact' ahead…

  • Crude Rises Ahead Of Non-OPEC Meeting

    Published 08 December 2016 | viewed 16,090 times

    The mood of crude has flipped again, with optimism rising ahead of the NOPEC meeting at the weekend. Even though doubts persist, for today, oil…

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