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Time To Buy The Oil Dip: Goldman Sachs

Matt Smith


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Matt Smith

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    The gloves are off in Vienna and OPEC members are trading verbal blows about what they will or won't do in relation to production cuts.…

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    We have a week which starts with cartel controversy, and concludes with Nonfarm Friday. Somewhere inbetwixt, we get the small matter of an OPEC meeting…

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      Happy Thanksgiving Eve! A fairly neutral EIA report - tilted a wee bit bullish for crude, bearish for the products - has been a…

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    As OPEC optimism continues to grow, and as the dollar eases lower, crude is moving higher today in this holiday-shortened week (woot woot!). Hark, here…

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    As the U.S. dollar climbs higher and higher (and higher), the crude complex is getting blown over by the gale-force headwinds it is providing. We…

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    After a strong sell-off in recent days, option expiry combines with OPEC cut expectations to emphatically rally prices on this third Tuesday in November. Hark,…

  • Oil Prices Tumble As Dollar Reaches One Year High

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    As the U.S. dollar pushes on to the highest level in a year, crude is correspondingly getting crushed today. While some may suspect the oil…

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    Happy Friday! What a tumultuous week it has been (the first day seemed like a week, and the second day seemed like five days). The…

  • Oil Prices Slip On Bearish IEA Report

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    It is national forget-me-not day, something it is impossible to do with OPEC amid an onslaught of monthly oil reports. Today's bearish-tilted monthly report from…

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    Given the election is dominating much of the movement in markets today, and given the timely release of OPEC's World Oil Outlook, today's post digs…

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    Prices are trying to clamber higher today amid promises from OPEC that a production cut is on the cards, while battling against the gale-force headwinds…

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    Published 03 November 2016 | viewed 26,863 times

    Yesterday’s weekly EIA inventory report showed a 14.4 million-barrel build to oil inventories, the largest since weekly records began in 1982. Here at ClipperData, we…

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