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Matt Smith


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Matt Smith

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Latest articles from Matt

  • Oil Prices Pull Higher As Refiners Soak Up Soaring Crude Imports

    Published 26 April 2017 | viewed 13,043 times

    In today's game of rock-paper-scissors from the weekly EIA inventory report, crude inputs were propelled higher (like a rock), blunting the impact of super-strong imports…

  • Oil Prices Crash Below $50 On Oversupply Fears

    Published 21 April 2017 | viewed 14,452 times

    Crude is heading lower again, rounding out a downbeat week, as the expectation of an OPEC production cut extension is more than outweighed by an…

  • Offshore Crude Backlog Haunts Oil Price Recovery

    Published 20 April 2017 | viewed 16,215 times

    Oil is trying to recover after yesterday's shellacking, but oversupply fears still remain. As rumors and murmurs circulate about an extension to the OPEC production…

  • Oil Prices Edge Lower As Imports Keep Inventories Buoyed

    Published 19 April 2017 | viewed 15,708 times

    After a lesser draw than expected to crude inventories, oil is selling off on this third Wednesday in April. As strong imports from the Middle…

  • Soaring U.S. Output Keeps Crude Subdued

    Published 18 April 2017 | viewed 9,193 times

    Oil is on the defensive again, retracing from resistance in recent days amid bearish U.S.-centric data of rampant production increases. Despite the Good Friday holiday,…

  • Oil Prices Inch Higher Ahead Of Inventory Data

    Published 11 April 2017 | viewed 20,084 times

    Today is national submarine day, and oil prices are trying not to submerge after a recent sustained rally. Today we get the opening gambit from…

  • Oil Prices Rise Ahead Of Rig Count Data

    Published 07 April 2017 | viewed 16,899 times

    After oil prices spiked higher overnight amid a U.S. airstrike on Syria, an underwhelming monthly employment report this morning has helped to unravel most of…

  • Oil Heads Higher As Iran And Saudi Arabia Draw On Reserves

    Published 06 April 2017 | viewed 26,059 times

    Oil is ticking higher today, as speculators continue to bet on the prospect of the market tightening. As Nonfarm payrolls beckon tomorrow, hark, here are…

  • Oil Erases Gains After Inventory Head-Fake

    Published 05 April 2017 | viewed 16,227 times

    The crude complex is feeling charitable today, giving away most of its overnight gains, as last night's bullish API report head-faked the market. As Nonfarm…

  • The First Sign Of Tighter Oil Markets Is Finally Here

    Published 03 April 2017 | viewed 28,438 times

    WTI and Brent crude start Q2 in the fifty dollardom, as the market continues to grapple with market rebalancing and OPEC compliance. As the market…

  • Oil Prices Spike As Traders Anticipate Bullish Inventory Data

    Published 28 March 2017 | viewed 18,649 times

    Two-hundred and nineteen years to the day after the washing machine was patented, oil prices are continuing to spin around support at the $48 level.…

  • Fruitless OPEC Meeting Sees Oil Prices Edge Lower

    Published 27 March 2017 | viewed 16,763 times

    Oil prices are subdued to start the week, as the weekend's compliance meeting has done little to allay oversupply fears. As WTI continues to trek…

  • Oil Prices Continue To Face Pressure From Brimming Inventories

    Published 22 March 2017 | viewed 9,124 times

    Crude is heading lower today after a solid build to crude inventories from the weekly EIA inventory report. As U.S. inventories climb to a new…

  • Oil Prices Fall As Markets Lose Faith In OPEC Output Cut Extension

    Published 21 March 2017 | viewed 14,880 times

    Crude prices are coming under selling pressure once again, as oversupply concerns dwarf OPEC production cut expectations. As equity markets join oil prices in charging…

  • Oil Prices Wait And Watch For OPEC’s Next Move

    Published 17 March 2017 | viewed 18,314 times

    It is quadruple witching day in the markets today, and accordingly, oil prices are scared stiff, hardly budging. Despite it being St. Patrick's Day, prices…

  • Oil Wobbles As OPEC Deal Comes Under Scrutiny

    Published 16 March 2017 | viewed 8,592 times

    Oil has got the wobbles after yesterday's rally, giving up gains as the dollar bounces from its lows. As OPEC compliance comes under scrutiny once…

  • What Really Caused The EIA Oil Draw?

    Published 15 March 2017 | viewed 23,608 times

    Crude prices are rebounding today, bouncing off the trampoline of price support at $48 for WTI and $50 for Brent. A surprise draw to U.S.…

  • EIA And OPEC Send Oil Prices Tumbling

    Published 14 March 2017 | viewed 18,623 times

    The double whammy of yesterday's EIA drilling productivity report - showing rampantly rising shale production next month - combined with a bearish OPEC monthly oil…

  • Oil Steadies Itself Ahead Of Big Week

    Published 13 March 2017 | viewed 15,874 times

    And it's shaping up to be another fun week in the crude complex, with OPEC releasing its monthly oil market report on Tuesday, swiftly followed…

  • Oil Prices Under Pressure From Record Breaking Inventories

    Published 08 March 2017 | viewed 29,035 times

    As U.S. crude inventories jump to a further record high, prices are chugging lower once again. A backdrop of strong economic data is also helping…

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